Cardiff Theosophical Society

206 Newport Road,

Cardiff, Wales, UK, CF24 - 1DL.



When travelling west, you will find Cardiff Theosophical Society between

the Stacey Road Bus Stop and the traffic lights at the Albany Road junction.

Carry on to the first left at Priest Road and first left again into

Stacey Road and another 100 yards to park at the side of the building.

Permit Parking is in operation on Stacey Road but there are usually plenty

of unrestricted spaces in the evenings and at weekends.


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Cardiff Theosophical Society is located on the south side of Newport Road between the bus stop at the end of Stacey Road (which is blocked off) and the traffic lights for the Albany Road turning. We have a large blue and white sign at the front of the building.




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Here are some directions for Cardiff Theosophical Society from Junction 30 on the M4.


M4 Cardiff from London,

Birmingham, Swansea, Bristol.



Leave the M4 at junction 30, then at roundabout take the 3rd exit onto the A4232 (signposted Pontprennau, Cardiff Gate, Retail Park)



Cardiff Gate Service Area



At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the A4232



At roundabout take the 2nd exit, then merge onto the A48



Shell Pentwyn Service Station  



Branch left, then merge onto the A4161



Branch left, then at roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the A4161 (signposted City Centre)



At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the A4161



At traffic signals continue forward

Several set of light passing Comet etc



Carry Straight on at Royal Oak Pub



Just before you get to us you will pass the Royal Oak pub on the left and we are at the next set of lights. You can't park on Newport Road and Stacey Road next to us is blocked off, so if you carry on to the first left turn after the Lodge (Priest Road) and then turn left again into Stacey Road, it should be quite easy to park.


Arrive at Cardiff Theosophical Society




The Severn Bridges


If you cross on the Old Severn Bridge M48, you will have to pay a toll in both directions.


If you cross on the New Severn Bridge M4 then you will pay a toll to get from England into Wales but getting out of Wales into England is free. Don’t ask!








It is usually quite easy to park at the bottom end of Stacey Road at the side of the Lodge in the evenings and at weekends. A permit system operates but you should be able to find an unrestricted space.


Alternatively it is usually easy to park along the streets on the north side of Newport Road and parking is generally unrestricted here.





We are on the main bus route from Cardiff City centre to St Mellons and Newport.

Ask for Albany Road/Newport Road Junction

Buses available 30 30D 44 45 49 40




We are just over a mile from Queen Street station (NOT Central Station). If you are fit you can probably walk it in less than 15 minutes.


For a bus - turn right on coming out Queen Street station and walk to Sainsbury's - Cross to Hypervalue - The Buses for Newport and St Mellons stop on the other side of the road outside the Dumfries Place multi storey car park.


Main Bus Station is next to The Central Railway Station


Buses available from both Dumfries Place and Central Station 30 30D 44 45 49 40

Ask for Albany Road/Newport Road Junction




Several members come by bike - You can store your bike safely inside the building during meetings.





Air Travel to Cardiff


Cardiff International Airport (CWL)


Cardiff International Airport is located at Rhoose, Nr. Barry, about 12 miles west of Cardiff City Centre.The airport, which is extensively equipped for large passenger and cargo aircraft, is accessed via A4232 from the City Centre, A4050 from Culverhouse Cross, then  A4266 and  B4265 to the west of Barry.


All routes to the airport are well signposted. Flight destinations include Amsterdam, Paris, Cork, Dublin, Manchester and Toronto by Scheduled airlines, and numerous destinations through Charter operators. Low Cost operator bmibaby operates to Spain, Italy, Switzerland and UK airports, with flights throughout the week to some destinations.


Fast Trains and Bus Services  X91 and 95 connect the airport with Cardiff Central Bus and Train stations, and Car Rental Hire is available at the airport. "Airport Taxis" are based at the main Arrivals Terminal.


Visit Cardiff International Airport (CWL) on   Phone (01446) 711 111 for fuller details. Flight Arrivals at Cardiff International can be accessed on UK TV Teletext and the CWL website.


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Cardiff Theosophical Society

206 Newport Road,

Cardiff, Wales, UK, CF24 -1DL



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Cardiff Theosophical Society meetings are informal

and there’s always a cup of tea afterwards





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The main criteria for the inclusion of

links on this site is that they have some

relationship (however tenuous) to Theosophy

and are lightweight, amusing or entertaining.

Topics include Quantum Theory and Socks,

Dick Dastardly and Legendary Blues Singers.



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It’s all “water under the bridge” but everything you do

makes an imprint on the Space-Time Continuum.


Theosophy and Reincarnation

A selection of articles on Reincarnation

by Theosophical writers

Provided in response to the large number

of enquiries we receive on this subject


Theosophical Glossary

prepared by W Q Judge


Theosophy in the UK


Within the British Isles, The Adyar Theosophical Society has Groups in;




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The Formation of a Solar System  The Evolution of Life


The Constitution of Man  After Death  Reincarnation


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Preface to the American Edition    Introduction


Occultism and its Adepts    The Theosophical Society


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Later Occult Phenomena    Appendix



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Theosophical Societies




Pages About Wales

General pages about Wales, Welsh History

and The History of Theosophy in Wales


Wales is a Principality within the United Kingdom

and has an eastern border with England.

The land area is just over 8,000 square miles.

Snowdon in North Wales is the highest mountain at 3,650 feet.

The coastline is almost 750 miles long.

 The population of Wales as at the 2001 census is 2,946,200.


Theosophy Wales


Theosophy UK