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The Secret Doctrine

Volume 3

Compilation of H P Blavatsky’s writings

Published after her death


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The Secret Doctrine by H P Blavatsky


The Secret Doctrine,Volume 3

by H.P.Blavatsky

Published in the late 1800's

As for what thou hearest others say who persuade the many that the soul when once freed from the

body neither suffers....evil nor is conscious,I know that thou art better grounded in the doctrines

received by us from our ancestors and in the sacred orgies of Dionysus than to believe them;for the

mystic symbols are well known to us who belong to the Brotherhood.


The problem of life is man.Magic,or rather Wisdom is the evolved knowledge of the potencies of man's

interior being which forces are divine emanations,as intuition is the perception of their origin and

initiation our induction into that knowledge ...We begin with instinct;the end is omniscience.


Page 1.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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One Key to all Sacred Books 3

Assumptions Have to be Proven 5

The Spirit of Plato's Teaching 7

Self-Contradiction of the Critic 9

The Character of Ammonius Saccas 11

Plato a Follower of Pythagoras 13

Preliminary Survey 1 14

The Protectors of China 1 15

The A.B.C.Of Magic 1 17

Magic As Old As Man 1 19

The Tree of Knowledge 1 21

Occultism Must Win the Day 1 23

Black Magic at Work 1 25

Black Magic and Hypnotism 1 27

The Philosophy Stands on Its Own Merits 1 29

Modern Criticism and the Ancients 2 30

All Honour to Genuine Scientists 2 31

What is a Myth?2 33

Chaldean Oracles 2 35

The Origin of Magic 3 36

The Books of Hermes 3 37

What is the Origin of Magic?3 39

Pherecydes of Syros 3 41

Cain Mathematical and Anthropomorphic 3 43

The Secrecy of Initiates 4 44

Exoteric and Esoteric Teachings 4 45

Origen on “Genesis ”4 47

The “Dark Sayings ”of the “Testaments ”4 49

The Greatest Crime Ever Perpetrated 4 51

Asiatic Religions Proclaim Their Esoterism Openly 4 53

The Wisdom-Religion 4 55

Some Reasons for Secrecy 5 56

Page 2.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL


The Key of Practical Theurgy 5 57

The Ladder of Being 5 59

Three Ways Open to the Adept 5 61

Man is God 5 63

Jesus Taught Reincarnation 5 65

The Dangers of Practical Magic 6 67

Names are Symbols 6 69

The Three Mothers 6 71

The Bible and Word 6 73

Moses and the Jews 6 75

Old Wine in New Bottles 7 76

Copies That Ante-Dated Originals 7 77

Which Were the Thieves?7 79

Character of the Bible 7 81

The Book of Enoch The Origin and the Foundation of

Christianity 8 82

The Book of Enoch and Christianity 8 83

Enoch Records The Races 8 85

The Book of Enoch Symbolical 8 87

Occultists Do Not Reject the Bible 8 89

Hermetic and Kabalistic Doctrines 9 91

The Kabalah and The Book of Enoch 9 93

Numbers and Measures 9 95

The Doctrine Belongs to All 9 97

Various Occult Systems of Interpretations -of Alphabets and

Numerals 10 98

Numbers and Magic 10 99

Gods and Numbers 10 101

The Universal Language 10 103

The Hexagon with the Central Point,or The Seventh Key 11 105

Occult Weapons 11 107

The Duty of the True Occultist Toward Religions 12 109

Christian and Non-Christian Adepts 12 111

Post-Christian Adepts and Their Doctrines 13 112

Page 3.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL


Unfair Criticism 13 113

The Two Eternal Principles 13 115

Simon and His Biographer Hippolytus 14 117

Uneven Balances 14 119

Stones as “Evidences.”14 121

St.Paul the Real Founder of Present Christianity 15 122

Abrogation of Law by Initiates 15 123

Paul Changed to Simon 15 125

Peter a Jewish Kabalist,Not an Initiate 16 126

The Seat of Peter 16 127

Appollonius of Tyana 17 129

The Mysterious Teacher 17 131

Apollonius Cannot Be Destroyed 17 133

De Mirville on Apollonius 17 135

Apollonius No Fiction 17 137

Facts Underlying Adept Biographies 18 138

Jesus and Apollonius 18 139

Biographies of Initiates 18 141

Similarity of Legends 18 143

Nature of Christ 18 145

A Serious Mistranslation 18 147

Secret Doctrine of Jesus 18 149

The Cross and Crucifix 18 151

The Story of Jesus 18 153

The Primitive Woman 18 155

Kabalistic Reading of Gospels 18 157

Universal Teachings 18 159

St.Cyprian of Antioch 19 160

Magic in Antioch 19 161

Sorcerer Become Saint 19 163

The Eastern Gupta Vidya &The Kabalah 20 164

A Mystery Within a Mystery 20 165

Authorship of the Zohar 20 167

Page 4.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL


Chaldaic and Hebrew 20 169

The First Men 20 171

Many Events Not Historical 20 173

The Real Hebrew Characters Lost 20 175

Hebrew Esotericism Not Primitive 20 177

The Concealed of all the Concealed 20 179

Three-in-one and Four 20 181

The Septenary Sephira 20 183

The Blind Leading the Blind 20 185

Hebrew Allegories 21 186

The Hebrew Bible does not Exist 21 187

Some Hebrews Were Initiates 21 189

The Seven Creative Gods 21 191

Seven Keys to all Allegories 21 193

Gerald Massey on the Seven Creators 21 195

The Father and Mother 21 197

The “Zohar ”on Creation and the Elohim 22 199

Angels as Builders 22 201

Who are the Elohim?22 203

Monad Duad and Triad 22 205

The Creative Gods 22 207

God the Host 22 209

What the Occultists and Kabalists Have to Say 23 211

The Mystery of the Sun 23 213

Modern Kabalists in Science and Occult Astronomy 24 215

The Place of Neptune 24 217

Self-Generation Ex-Niholo?24 219

Are There Angels in Stars?24 221

Eastern and Western Occultism 25 222

Primordial Matter 25 223

The Great Deep 25 225

The Chaos of Genesis 25 227

The Bible of Humanity 25 229

Page 5.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL


Chaos is Theos or Kosmos 25 231

One Hundred and Eight 25 233

The Idols and the Teraphim 26 234

Divining By Teraphim 26 235

Jehovah and Teraphim 26 237

Idol of the Moon 26 239

Egyptian Magic 27 241

Evidence of Papyri 27 243

Symbols and Their Reading 27 245

Rebirth and Transmigration 27 247

The Egyptian Khous 27 249

Obsession in Egypt 27 251

Two Rituals of Magic 27 253

Magical Statues 27 255

Romances -But True 27 257

The Origin of the Mysteries 28 258

An Instant in Heaven 28 259

Growth of Popular Beliefs 28 261

A True Priesthood 28 263

The Egyptian Priests 28 265

Revealing and Reveiling 28 267

Atlanteans Degenerating 28 269

The Trial of the Sun Initiate 29 270

Vishvakarma and Vikarttana 29 271

The Transmission of Light 29 273

Masonry and the Jesuits 29 275

The Mystery “Sun of Initiation ”30 277

The Sun as God 30 279

The Objects of the Mysteries 31 281

Mysteries and Theophany 31 283

The Mysteries and Masonry 31 285

Traces of the Mysteries 32 287

Christos and Chrestos 32 289

The Symbolism of Narada 32 291

Page 6.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL


Egyptian Initiation 32 293

The Self-Sacrificing Victim 32 295

Orpheus 32 297

The Last of the Mysteries in Europe 33 298

Alesia and Bibractis 33 299

The Learning of Egypt 33 301

The Post-Christian Successors to the Mysteries 34 303

The Root Races 34 305

The “False Gnosis ”34 307

Teachers of Ammonius 34 309

Difficulties and Dangers 34 311

The Neo-Platonic School 34 313

Symbolism of Sun and Stars 35 315

The Circle Dance 35 317

Christian Astrolatry 35 319

Michael the Conqueror 35 321

The Christian Sun-God 35 323

Pagan Sidereal Worship or Astrology 36 325

The Planetary Angels 36 327

Celestial Wheels 36 329

The Promethean Mystery 36 331

The Souls of the Stars —Universal Heliolatry 37 332

Christian Star-Worship 37 333

A Singular Confession 37 335

Astrology and Astrolatry 38 337

The Defence of Astrology 38 339

Its Later Deterioration 38 341

Its Prominent Disciples 38 343

Cycles of Avatâras 39 345

An Unfulfilled Prophecy 39 347

Secret Cycles 39 349

Secret Cycles 40 350

The Naros 40 351

Page 7.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL


Age of the Vedas 40 353

Testimony of the Song Celestial 40 355

Mackey's Arguments 40 357

The Doctrine of Avatâras 41 361

All Avatâras Identical 41 363

Voluntary Incarnation 41 365

Cardinal De Cusa 41 367

The Seven Rays 41 369

Special Cases 41 371

The Higher Astral 41 373

The Seven Principles 42 374

The Mystery of Buddha 43 376

Shankarâchârya 43 377

The Buddha Cannot Reincarnate 43 379

A Fuller Explanation 43 381

Sacrifice 43 383

Shankarâchârya Still Living 43 385

“Reincarnations ”of Buddha 44 386

Vajradhara 44 387

Living Buddhas 44 389

An Obscure Passage 44 391

An Unpublished Discourse of Buddha 45 393

A Mistaken View 45 395

Nirvana-Moksha 46 396

The Ãkâsha 46 397

Matter is Ever Giving 46 399

Blind Faith Not Expected 46 401

What Annihilation Means 46 403

The Secret Books of “Lam-Rin ” and Dzyan 47 405

Amita Buddha Kwan-Shai-Yin and Kwan-Yin —What the

“Book of Dzyan ”and the Lamaseries of Tsong-Kha-Pa Say 48 407

Tsong-Kha-Pa —Lohans in China 49 409

The Lost Word 49 411

Page 8.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL


Tibetan Prophecies 49 413

A Few More Misconceptions Corrected 50 414

Misrepresentations of Buddhism 50 415

A Mysterious Land 50 417

Absurd Conclusions 50 419

Materialistic Orientalists 50 421

Introduction of Buddhism into Tibet 50 423

The 'Doctrine of the Eye'and The 'Doctrine of the Heart'or the

'Heart's Seal'51 424

Swedenborg Claims 51 425

The God 'Who'51 427

More Misrepresentations 51 429

Âryâsanga 51 431

Note 52 434

A Warning 52 435

The Jewel of the Lotus 52 437

The Pythagorean Tetrad 52 439

Seven Correspondential Contents 52 441

Correspondence Between Races and Man 52 443

Man and The Logos 52 445

Cosmic Spiritual and Physical Centres 52 447

Woman and Alchemy 52 449

Sound and Colour 52 451

The Days of the Week 52 453

An Explanation 52 455

Astrology and Lunar Weeks 52 457

Seeing Sounds and Hearing Colours 52 459

Planetary and Human Bodies 52 461

Planets and Faculties 52 463

Simon Magnus the Magician 52 465

Series of Æons 52 467

The Triple Æon 52 469

Magic and Miracles 52 471

Magic a Divine Science 52 473

Page 9.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL


The Seven Hierarchies 52 475

Origins 52 477

Colours and Principles 52 479

The Primordial Seven 52 481

The Hierarchies and Man 52 483

Wisdom and Truth 52 485

Occult Secrecy 52 487

The Light and Dark Sides of Nature 52 489

Nature's Finer Forces 52 491

The “Seven Principles ”52 493

The Auric Egg 52 495

Five or Seven Tattvas 52 497

The Tattvas 52 499

Esoteric and Tântra Tables of the Tattvas 52 501

Hatha and Râja Yoga 52 503

The Awakening of the Seventh Sense 52 505

The Master Chakras 52 507

The Human Harp 52 509

The Duality in Manas 52 511

The Living and the Dead 52 513

Gaining Immortality 52 515

Light and Life 52 517

The Two Egos 52 519

Death of the Soul 52 521

Reincarnation of Lower Soul 52 523

The Dweller on the Threshold 52 525

The Word 52 527

The Divine Witness 52 529

Appendix 52 530

A Mantra Operative 52 531

Colour and Spiritual Sound 52 533

Musical Table 52 535

Notes on Some Oral Teachings 52 537

The Dweller on the Threshold 52 539

Page 10.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL


Fear and Hatred 52 541

Triangle and Quaternary 52 543

Prâna and Antahkarana 52 545

Sacred Centres of Body 52 547

Ãkâsha Nature's Sounding-Board 52 549

Kosmic Consciousness 52 551

Divisions of the Astral Plane 52 553

Kosmic Planes 52 555

Differentiation 52 557

Men and Pitris 52 559

Power of Imagination 52 561

Why Cycles Return 52 563

Talas and Lokas 52 565

States of Consciousness 52 567

Man and Lokas 52 569

Yogîs in Svarloka 52 571

Consciousness and Self-Consciousness 52 573

Scales of Consciousness 52 575

Vibrations and Impressions 52 577

The Crucifixion of the Christos 52 579

Rising Above the Brain 52 581

Christ and Apollonius 52 583

The Beginnings 52 585

Karmic Effects 52 587

Fire is Kriyâshakti 52 589

Responsibility and the Ego 52 591

Functions of the Astral Body 52 593

Page 11.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

--------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL


The task of preparing this volume for the press has been a difficult and anxious one and it is necessary

to state clearly what has been done.The papers given to me by H.P.B.were quite unarranged and had

no obvious order;I have therefore taken each paper as a separate Section and have arranged them as

sequentially as possible.With the exception of the correction of grammatical errors and the elimination of

obviously un-English idioms,the papers are as H.P.B.left them save as otherwise marked.In a few

cases I have filled in a gap but any such addition is enclosed within square brackets,so as to be

distinguished from the text.In "The Mystery of Buddha"a further difficulty arose;some of the Sections

had been written four or five times over each version containing some sentences that were not in the

others;I have pieced these versions together taking the fullest as basis,and inserting therein everything

added in any other versions.It is,however with some hesitation that I have included these Sections in

the Secret Doctrine .Together with some most suggestive thought they contain very numerous errors of

fact and many statements based on exoteric writings,not on esoteric knowledge.They were given into

my hands to publish as part of the Third Volume of the Secret Doctrine,and I therefore do not feel

justified in coming between the author and the public,either by altering the statements,to make them

consistent with fact or by suppressing the Sections.She says she is acting entirely on her own authority

and it will be obvious to any instructed reader that she makes -possibly deliberately -many statements

so confused that they are mere blinds,and other statements -probably inadvertently -that are nothing

more than the exoteric misunderstandings of esoteric truths.The reader must here as everywhere use

his own judgment but feeling bound to publish these Sections,I cannot let them go to the public without

a warning that much in them is certainly erroneous.Doubtless,had the author herself issued this book,

she would have entirely rewritten the whole of this division;as it was it seemed best to give all she had

said in the different copies,and to leave it in its rather unfinished state for students will best like to have

what she said as she said it even though they may have to study it more closely than would have been

the case had she remained to finish her work.

The quotations made have been as far as possible found and correct references given;in this most

laborious work a whole band of earnest and painstaking students,under the guidance of Mrs.Cooper-

Oakley have been my willing assistants.Without their aid it would not have been possible to give the

references,as often a whole book had to be searched through in order to find a paragraph of a few lines.

This volume completes the papers left by H.P.B.with the exception of a few scattered articles that yet

remain and that will be published in her own magazine L cifer.Her pupils are well aware that few will be

found in the present generation to do justice to the occult knowledge of H.P.B.and to her magnificent

sweep of thoughts but as she can wait to future generations for the justification of her greatness as a

teacher so can her pupils afford to wait for the justification of their trust.


Page 12.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

--------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL


(Page 1)"POWER belongs to him who knows;"this is a very old axiom.Knowledge -the first step to

which is the power of comprehending the truth of discerning the real from the false -is for those only

who have freed themselves from every prejudice and conquered their human conceit and selfishness,

are ready to accept every and any truth once it is demonstrated to them.Of such there are very few.The

majority judge of a work according to the respective prejudices of its critics,who are guided in their turn

by the popularity or unpopularity of the author rather than by its own faults or merits.Outside the

Theosophical circle therefore the present volume is certain to receive at the hands of the general public

a still colder welcome than its two predecessors have met with.In our day no statement can hope for a

fair trial or even hearing unless its arguments run on the line of legitimate and accepted enquiry

remaining strictly within the boundaries of official Science or orthodox Theology.

Our age is a paradoxical anomaly.It is preëminently materialistic and as preëminently pietistic.Our

literature our modern thought and progress,so called both run on these two parallel lines,so

incongruously dissimilar and yet both so popular and so very orthodox,each in its own way.He who

presumes to draw a third line as a hyphen of reconciliation between the two has to be fully prepared for

the worst.He will have his work mangled by reviewers,mocked by the sycophants of Science and

Church misquoted by his opponents,and rejected even by the pious lending libraries.The absurd

misconceptions,in so-called cultured circles of society of the ancient Wisdom-Religion (Bodhism)after

the admirably clear and scientifically-presented explanations in Esoteric B ddhism are a good proof in

point.They might have served as a caution even to those Theosophists who hardened in an almost life-

long struggle in the service of their Cause are neither timid with their pen nor in the least appalled by

dogmatic (Page 2)assumption and scientific authority.Yet do what Theosophical writers may neither

Materialism nor doctrinal pietism will ever give their Philosophy a fair hearing.Their doctrines will be

systematically rejected and their theories denied a place even in the ranks of those scientific ephemera

the ever-shifting "working hypotheses"of our day.To the advocate of the "animalistic"theory our

cosmogenetical and anthropogenetical teachings are "fairy-tales"at best.For to those who would shirk

any moral responsibility it seems certainly more convenient to accept descent from a common simian

ancestor and see a brother in a dumb tailless baboon than to acknowledge the fatherhood of the Pitris,

the "Sons of God "and to have to recognise as a brother a starveling from the slums.

"Hold back!"shout in their turn the pietists."You will never make of respectable church-going Christians

Esoteric Buddhists!"

Nor are we in truth in any way anxious to attempt the metamorphosis.But this cannot nor shall it

prevent Theosophists from saying what they have to say especially to those who in opposing to our

doctrine Modern Science do so not for her own fair sake but only to ensure the success of their private

hobbies and personal glorification.If we cannot prove many of our points,no more can they;yet we may

show how instead of giving historical and scientific facts -for the edification of those who knowing less

than they look to Scientists to do their thinking and form their opinions -the efforts of most of our

scholars seem solely directed to killing ancient facts,or distorting them into props to support their own

special views.This will be done in no spirit of malice or even criticism as the writer readily admits that

most of those she finds fault with stand immeasurably higher in learning than herself.But great

scholarship does not preclude bias and prejudice nor is it a safeguard against self-conceit but rather the

Page 13.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

--------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL

reverse.Moreover it is but in the legitimate defence of our own statements,i.e.the vindication of Ancient

Wisdom and its great truths,that we mean to take our "great authorities"to task.

Indeed unless the precaution of answering beforehand certain objections to the fundamental

propositions in the present work be adopted -objections which are certain to be made on the authority of

this,that or another scholar concerning the Esoteric character of all the archaic and ancient works on

Philosophy -our statements will be once more contradicted and even discredited.One of the main points

in this Volume is to indicate in the works of the old Aryan Greek and

One Key to all Sacred Books -(Page 3)other Philosophers of note as well as in all the world-scriptures,

the presence of a strong Esoteric allegory and symbolism.Another of the objects is to prove that the key

of interpretation as furnished by the Eastern Hindu-Buddhistic canon of Occultism -fitting as well the

Christian Gospels as it does archaic Egyptian Greek,Chaldean Persian and even Hebrew -Mosaic

Books -must have been one common to all the nations,however divergent may have been their

respective methods and exoteric "blinds."These claims are vehemently denied by some of the foremost

scholars of our day.In his Edinburgh Lectures,Prof.Max Muller discarded this fundamental statement of

the Theosophists by pointing to the Hindu Shastras and Pandits,who know nothing of such Esotericism.

[ The majority of the Pandits know nothing of the Esoteric Philosophy now because they have lost the

key to it;yet not one of these if honest would deny that the Upanishads and especially the P ranas are

allegorical and symbolical:nor that there still remain in India a few great scholars who could if they

would give them the key to such interpretations.Nor do they reject the actual existence of Mahâtmâs -

initiated Yogis and Adepts -even in this age of Kali Yuga.] The learned Sanskrit scholar stated in so

many words that there was no hidden meaning no Esoteric element or "blinds,"either in the P rânas or

the Upanishads .Considering that the word "Upanishad"means,when translated the "Secret Doctrine."

the assertion is,to say the least extraordinary.Sir M.Monier Williams again holds the same view with

regard to Buddhism.To hear him is to regard Gautama the Buddha as an enemy of every pretence to

Esoteric teachings.He himself never taught them!All such "pretences"to Occult learning and "magic

powers"are due to the later Arhats,the subsequent followers of the "Light of Asia"!Prof.B.Jowett again

as contemptuously passes the sponge over the "absurd"interpretations of Plato's Timae s and the

Mosaic Books by the Neoplatonists.There is not a breath of the Oriental (Gnostic)spirit of Mysticism in

Plato's Dialog es the Regius Professor of Greek tells us,nor any approach to Science either.Finally to

cap the climax,Prof.Sayce the Assyriologist although he does not deny the actual presence in the

Assyrian tablets and cuneiform literature of a hidden meaning -

"Many of the sacred texts written as to be intelligible only to the initiated"-

yet insists that the "keys and glosses"thereof are now in the hands of the Assyriologists.The modern

scholars,he affirms,have in their possession clues to the interpretation of the Esoteric Records.

"Which even the initiated priests [of Chaldaea ] did not possess."

(Page 4)Thus,in the scholarly appreciation of our modern Orientalists and Professors,Science was in its

infancy in the days of the Egyptian and Chaldean Astronomers.Pânini the greatest Grammarian in the

world was unacquainted with the art of writing.So was the Lord Buddha and everyone else in India until

300 B.C.The grossest ignorance reigned in the days of the Indian Rishis,and even in those of Thales,

Pythagoras,and Plato.Theosophists must indeed be superstitious ignoramuses to speak as they do in

Page 14.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

--------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL

the face of such learned evidence to the contrary!

Truly it looks as if since the world's creation there has been but one age of real knowledge on earth -

the present age.In the misty twilight in the grey dawn of history stand the pale shadows of the old

Sages of world renown.They were hopelessly groping for the correct meaning of their own Mysteries,the

spirit whereof has departed without revealing itself to the Hierophants,and has remained latent in space

until the advent of the initiates of Modern Science and Research.The noontide brightness of knowledge

has only now arrived at the "Know-All "who basking in the dazzling sun of induction busies himself with

his Penelopeian task of "working hypotheses,"and loudly asserts his rights to universal knowledge.Can

anyone wonder then that according to present views the learning of the ancient Philosopher and even

sometimes that of his direct successors in the past centuries,has ever been useless to the world and

valueless to himself?For as explained repeatedly in so many words,while the Rishis and the Sages of

old have walked far over the arid fields of myth and superstition the mediaeval Scholar and even the

average eighteenth century Scientist have always been more or less cramped by their "supernatural"

religion and beliefs.True it is generally conceded that some ancient and also mediaeval Scholars,such

as Pythagoras,Plato Paracelsus,and Roger Bacon followed by a host of glorious names,had indeed

left not a few landmarks over precious mines of Philosophy and unexpected lodes of Physical Science.

But then the actual excavation of these the smelting of the gold and silver and the cutting of the

precious jewels they contain are all due to the patient labours of the modern man of Science.And it is

not to be the unparalleled genius of the latter that the ignorant and hitherto-deluded world owes a correct

knowledge of the real nature of the Kosmos,of the true origin of the universe and man as revealed in the

automatic and mechanical theories of the Physicists in accordance with strictly scientific Philosophy?

Assumptions Have to be Proven -(Page 5)Before our cultured era Science was but a name

Philosophy a delusion and a snare.According to the modest claims of contemporary authority on genuine

Science and Philosophy the Tree of Knowledge has only now sprung from the dead weeds of

superstition as a beautiful butterfly emerges from an ugly grub.We have therefore nothing for which to

thank our forefathers.The Ancients have at best prepared and fertilised the soil;it is the Moderns who

have planted the seeds of knowledge and reared the lovely plants called blank negation and sterile


Such however is not the view taken by Theosophists.They repeat what was stated twenty years ago.It

is not sufficient to speak of the "untenable conceptions of an uncultured past"(Tyndall):of the "parler

enfantin "of the Vaidic poets (Max Muller);of the "absurdities"of the Neoplatonists (Jowett);and of the

ignorance of the Chaldaeo-Assyrian initiated Priests with regard to their own symbols,when compared

with the knowledge thereon of the British Orientalist (Sayce).Such assumptions have to be proven by

something more solid than the mere word of these scholars.For no amount of boastful arrogance can

hide the intellectual quarries out of which the representations of so many modern Philosophers and

Scholars have been carved.How many of the most distinguished European Scientists have derived

honour and credit for the mere dressing-up of the ideas of these old Philosophers,whom they are ever

ready to disparage is left to an impartial posterity to say.Thus it does seem not altogether untrue as

stated in Isis Unveiled to say of certain Orientalists and Scholars of dead languages,that they will allow

their boundless conceit and self-opinionatedness to run away with their logic and reasoning powers

rather than concede to the ancient Philosophers the knowledge of anything the modern do not know.

As part of this work treats of the Initiates and the secret knowledge imparted during the Mysteries,the

Page 15.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

--------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL

statements of those who in spite of the fact that Plato was an Initiate maintain that no hidden Mysticism

is to be discovered in his works,have to be first examined.Too many of the present scholars,Greek and

Sanskrit are but too apt to forego facts in favour of their own preconceived theories based on personal

prejudice.They conveniently forget at every opportunity not only the numerous changes in language

but also that the allegorical style in the writings of old Philosophers and the secretiveness of the Mystics

had their raison d'être ;that both the pre-Christian and the post-Christian (Page 6)classical writers -the

great majority at all events -were under the sacred obligation never to divulge the solemn secrets

communicated to them in the sanctuaries;and that this alone is sufficient to sadly mislead their

translators and profane critics.But these critics will admit nothing of the kind as will presently be seen.

For over twenty-two centuries everyone who has read Plato has been aware that like most of the other

Greek Philosophers of note he had been initiated;that therefore being tied down by the Sodalian Oath

he could speak of certain things only in veiled allegories.His reverence for the Mysteries is unbounded;

he openly confesses that he writes "enigmatically "and we see him take the greatest precautions to

conceal the true meaning of his words.Every time the subject touches the greater secrets of Oriental

Wisdom -the cosmogony of the universe or the ideal preexisting world -Plato shrouds his Philosophy in

the profoundest darkness.His Timaeus is so confused that no one but an Initiate can understand the

hidden meaning As already said in Isis Unveiled:

The speculations of Plato in the Banq et on the creation or rather the evolution of primordial men and

the essay on cosmogony in the Timaeus,must be taken allegorically if we accept them at all.It is this

hidden Pythagorean meaning in Timae s Cratyl s and Parmenides and a few other triologies and

dialogues,that the Neoplatonists ventured to expound as far as the theurgical vow of secresy would

allow them.The Pythagoran doctrine that God is the Universal Mind diffused through all things,and the

dogma of the soul's immortality are the leading features in these apparently incongruous teachings.His

piety and the great veneration he felt for the Mysteries are sufficient warrant that Plato would not allow

his indiscretion to get the better of that deep sense of responsibility which is felt by every Adept.

"Constantly perfecting himself in perfect Mysteries a man in them alone becomes truly perfect "says he

in the Phaedrus .

He took no pains to conceal his displeasure that the Mysteries had become less secret than formerly.

Instead of profaning them by putting them within the reach of the multitude he would have guarded them

with jealous care against all but the most earnest and worthy of his disciples.[ This assertion is clearly

corroborated by Plato himself who writes:"You say that in my former discourse I have not sufficiently

explained to you the nature of the First.I purposely spoke enigmatically that in case the tablet should

have happened with any accident either by sea or land a person without some previous knowledge of

the subject might not be able to understand its contents."(Plato.Ep.II.312 Cory.Ancient Fragments.

p.304 ] While mentioning the Gods on every page his monotheism is unquestionable for the whole

thread of his discourse indicates that by the term "God"he means a class of beings lower in the scale

than Deities,and but one grade higher than men.Even Josephus perceived and acknowledged this fact

despite the natural prejudice of his race.

The Spirit of Plato's Teaching -(Page 7)In his famous onslaught upon Apion this historian says;"Those

however among the Greeks who philosophized in accordance with truth were not ignorant of anything ..

.nor did they fail to perceive the chilling superficialities of the mythical allegories,on which account they

justly despised them....By which thing Plato being moved says it is not necessary to admit any one of

Page 16.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL

the other poets into ‘the Commonwealth 'and he dismisses Homer blandly after having crowned him and

pouring unguent upon him in order that indeed he should not destroy by his myths the orthodox belief in

respecting one God."[ Isis Unveiled i.287 288.]

And this is the "God"of every Philosopher God infinite and impersonal.All this and much more which

there is no room here to quote leads one to the undeniable certitude that (a )as all the Sciences and

Philosophies were in the hands of the temple Hierophants Plato as initiated by them must have known

them;and (b),that logical inference alone is amply sufficient to justify anyone in regarding Plato's writings

as allegories and "dark sayings,"veiling truths which he had no right to divulge.

This established how comes it that one of the best Greek scholars in England Prof.Jowett the modern

translator of Plato's works seeks to demonstrate that none of the Dialogues -including even the

Timae s -have any element of Oriental Mysticism about them?Those who can discern the true spirit of

Plato's Philosophy will hardly be convinced by the arguments which the Master of Balliol College lays

before his readers."Obscure and repulsive"to him,the Timae s may certainly be;but it is as certain that

this obscurity does not arise as the Professor tells his public,"in the infancy of physical science "but

rather in its days of secresy;not "out of the confusion of theological mathematical and physiological

notions,"or "out of the desire to conceive the whole of Nature without any adequate knowledge of the

parts."[ The Dialog es of Plato translated by B.Jowett.Regius Professor of Greek at the University of

Oxford 111 5z3.]For Mathematics and Geometry were the backbone of Occult cosmogony hence of

"Theology "and the physiological notions of the ancient Sages are being daily verified by Science in our

age;at least to those who know to read and understand ancient Esoteric works.The "knowledge of the

parts"avails us little if this knowledge only leads us the more to ignorance of the Whole or the "nature

and the reason of the Universal "as Plato called Deity and causes us to blunder most egregiously

because of our boasted inductive methods.

(Page 8)Plato may have been "incapable of induction or generalization in the modern sense";[ Op.cit.

p.561 ] he may have been ignorant also of the circulation of the blood which we are told "was

absolutely unknown to him,"[ Op.cit.p.591 ]but then there is naught to disprove that he knew what

blood is -and this is more than any Physiologist or Biologist can claim nowadays.

Though a wider and far more generous margin for knowledge is allowed the "physical philosopher"by

Prof.Jowett than by nearly any other modern commentator and critic,nevertheless,his criticism so

considerably outweighs his laudation that it may be as well to quote his own words,to show clearly his

bias.Thus he says:

To bring sense under the control of reason;to find some way through the labyrinth or chaos of

appearances,either the highway or mathematics,or more devious paths suggested by the

analogy of man with the world and of the world with man;to see that all things have a cause

and are tending towards an end -this is the spirit of the ancient physical philosopher.[This

definition places (unwittingly of course),the ancient "physical philosopher"many cubits higher

than his modern "physical"confrère since the ltima th le of the latter is to lead mankind to

believe that neither universe nor man have any cause at all -not an intelligent one at all

events -and that they have sprung into existence owing to blind chance and a senseless

whirling of atoms.Which of the two hypotheses is the more rational and logical is left to the

Page 17.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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impartial reader to decide.] But we neither appreciate the conditions of knowledge to which he

was subjected nor have the ideas which fastened upon his imagination the same hold upon

us.For he is hovering between matter and mind;he is under the dominion of abstractions;his

impressions are taken almost at random from the outside of nature;he sees the light but not

the objects which are revealed by the light;and he brings into juxtaposition things which to us

appear wide as the poles asunder because he finds nothing between them.

The last proposition but one must evidently be distasteful to the modern "physical philosopher "who sees

the "objects"before him but fails to see the light of the Universal Mind which reveals them i.e .who

proceeds in a diametrically opposite way.Therefore the learned Professor comes to the conclusion that

the ancient Philosopher whom he now judges from Plato's Timae s must have acted in a decidedly

unphilosophical and even irrational way.For:

He passes abruptly from persons to ideas and numbers,and from ideas and numbers to

persons;[ Italics are mine.Every tyro in Eastern Philosophy every Kabalist will see the

reason for such an association of persons with ideas,numbers,and geometrical figures.For

number says Philolaus,"is the dominant and self-produced bond of the eternal continuance of

things."Alone the modern scholar remains blind to the grand truth ] he confuses subject and

object first and final causes,and in dreaming of geometrical figures is lost in a flux of sense.

Self-Contradiction of the Critic -(Page 9)[ Here again the ancient Philosopher seems to be ahead of

the modern.For he only "confuses ...first and final causes"(which confusion is denied by those who

know the spirit of the ancient scholarship),whereas his modern successor is confessedly and absolutely

ignorant of both.Mr.Tyndall shows Science "powerless"to solve a single one of the final problems of

Nature and "disciplined [read modern materialistic ] ,imagination retiring in bewilderment from the

contemplation of the problems "of the world of matter.He even doubts whether the men of present

Science possess "the intellectual elements which would enable them to grapple with the ultimate

structural energies of Nature."But for Plato and his disciples,the lower types were but the concrete

images of the higher abstract ones:the higher abstract ones:the immortal Soul has an arithmetical as

the body has a geometrical beginning.This beginning as the reflection of the great universal archaeus

(Anima Mundi ),is self-moving and from the centre diffuses itself over the whole body of the Macrocosm.]

And now an effort of mind is required on our parts in order to nderstand his do ble lang age or to

apprehend the twilight character of the knowledge and the genius of ancient philosophers which under

such conditions [?] seems by a divine power in many instances to have anticipated the truth.[ Op.cit.

page 523 .]

Whether "such conditions"imply those of ignorance and mental stolidity in "the genius of ancient

philosophers"or something else we do not know.But what we do know is that the meaning of the

sentences we have italicized is perfectly clear.Whether the Regius Professor of Greek believes or

disbelieves in a hidden sense of geometrical figures and of the Esoteric "jargon "he nevertheless admits

the presence of a "double language"in the writings of these Philosophers.Thence he admits a hidden

meaning which must have had an interpretation.Why then does he flatly contradict his own statement

on the very next page?And why should he deny to the Timae s -that preëminently Pythagorean (mystic)

Dialogue -any Occult meaning and take such pains to convince his readers that

Page 18.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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The influence which the Timaeus has exercised upon posterity is partly due to a


The following quotation from his Introduction is in direct contradiction with the paragraph which precedes

it as above quoted:

In the supposed depths of this dialogue the Neo-Platonists found hidden meanings and

connections with the Jewish and Christian Scriptures,and out of them they dictated doctrines

quite at variance with the spirit of Plato.Believing that he was inspired by the Holy Ghost or

had received his wisdom from Moses,[ Nowhere are the Neoplatonists guilty of such an

absurdity.The learned Professor of Greek must have been thinking of two spurious works

attributed by Eusebius and St.Jerome to Ammonius Saccas,who wrote nothing:or must have

confused the Neoplatonists with Philo Judaeus.But then Philo lived over 130 years before the

birth of the founder of Neoplatonism.He belonged to the School of Aristobulus the Jew who

lived under Ptolemy Philometer (150 years B.C),and is credited with having inaugurated the

movement which tended to prove that Plato and even the Peripatetic Philosophy were derived

from the "revealed"Mosaic Books.Valckenaer tries to show that the author of the

Commentaries on the Books of Moses was not Aristobulus,the sycophant of Ptolemy.But

whatever he was he was not a Neoplatonist but lived before or during the days of Philo

Judaeus -since the latter seems to know his works and follow his methods.](Page 10)they

seemed to find in his writings the Christian Trinity the Word the Church ...and the Neo-

Platonists had a method of interpretation which could elicit any meaning out of any words.

They were really incapable of distinguishing between the opinions of one philosopher and

another or between the serious thoughts of Plato and his passing fancies.[Only Clemens

Alexandrinus,a Christian Neoplatonist and a very fantastic writer.]...[But ] there is no danger

of the modern commentators on the Timae s falling into the absurdity of the Neo-Platonists.

No danger whatever of course for the simple reason that the modern commentators have never had the

key to Occult interpretations.And before another word is said in defence of Plato and the Neoplatonists,

the learned master of Balliol College ought to be respectfully asked:What does,or can he know of the

Esoteric canon of interpretation?By the term "canon"is here meant that key which was communicated

orally from "mouth to ear"by the Master to the disciple or by the Hierophant to the candidate for

initiation;this from time immemorial throughout a long series of ages,during which the inner -not public -

Mysteries were the most sacred institution of every land.Without such a key no correct interpretation of

either the Dialog es of Plato nor of any Scripture from the Vedas to Homer from the Zend Avesta to the

Mosaic Books,is possible.How then can the Rev.Dr.Jowett know that the interpretations made by the

Neoplatonists of the various sacred books of the nations were "absurdities"?Where again has he found

an opportunity of studying these "interpretations"?History shows that all such works were destroyed by

the Christian Church Fathers and their fanatical catechumens,wherever they were found.To say that

such men as Ammonius,a genius and a saint whose learning and holy life earned for him the title of

Theodidaktos ("God-taught"),such men as Plotinus,Porphyry and Proclus,were "incapable of

distinguishing between the opinions of one philosopher and another or between the serious thoughts of

Plato and his fancies,"is to assume an untenable position for a Scholar.It amounts to saying that (a)

scores of the most famous Philosophers,the greatest Scholars and Sages of Greece and of the Roman

Empire were dull fools,and (b)that all the other commentators,lovers of Greek Philosophy some of

them the acutest intellects of the age -who do not agree with Dr.Jowett -are also fools and no better

than those whom they admire.The patronising tone of the last above-quoted passage is modulated with

the most naive conceit remarkable even in our age of self-glorification and mutual admiration cliques.

Page 19.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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The Character of Ammonius Saccas -(Page 11)We have to compare the Professor's views with those

of some other scholars.

Says Prof.Alexander Wilder of New York,one of the best Platonists of the day speaking of Ammonius,

the founder of the Neoplatonic School:

His deep spiritual intuition his extensive learning his familiarity with the Christian Fathers,

Pantaenus,Clement and Athenagoras,and with the most erudite philosophers of the time all

fitted him for the labour which he performed so thoroughly.[The labour of reconciling the

different systems of religion.] He was successful in drawing to his views the greatest scholars

and public men of the Roman Empire who had little taste for wasting time in dialectic pursuits

or superstitious observances.The results of his ministration are perceptible at the present day

in every country of the Christian world;every prominent system of doctrine now bearing the

marks of his plastic hand.Every ancient philosophy has had its votaries among the moderns;

and even Judaism ...has taken upon itself changes which were suggested by the "God-

taught"Alexandrian ...He was a man of rare learning and endowments,of blameless life and

amiable disposition.His almost superhuman ken and many excellencies won for him the title

of Theodidaktos;but he followed the modest example of Pythagoras,and only assumed the

title of Philalethian or lover of truth.[ New Platonism and Alchemy by Alex.Wilder M.D.pp.


It would be happy for truth and fact were our modern scholars to follow as modestly in the steps of their

great predecessors.But not they -Philalethians!

Moreover we know that:

Like Orpheus,Pythagoras,Confucius,Socrates,and Jesus himself [ It is well-known that

though born of Christian parents,Ammonius had renounced the tenets of the Church -

Eusebius and Jerome notwithstanding.Porphyry the disciple of Plotinus,who had lived with

Ammonius for eleven years together and who had no interest in stating an untruth positively

declares that he had renounced Christianity entirely.On the other hand we know that

Ammonius believed in the bright Gods,Protectors,and that the Neoplatonic Philosophy was

as "pagan"as it was mystical.But Eusebius,the most unscrupulous forger and falsifier of old

texts and St.Jerome an out-and-out fanatic,who had both an interest in denying the fact

contradict Porphyry.We prefer to believe the latter who has left to posterity an unblemished

name and a great reputation for honesty .] Ammonius committed nothing to writing.[ Two

works are falsely attributed to Ammonius.One now lost called De Consensu Moysis et Jes

is mentioned by the same "trustworthy"Eusebius,the Bishop of Caesaraea and the friend of

the Christian Emperor Constantine who died however a heathen.All that is known of this

pseudo-work is that Jerome bestows great praise upon it (Vir.Ill st .55:and Euseb.H.E ..

vi.19).The other spurious production is called the Diatesseron (or the "Harmony of the

Gospels").This is partially extant.But then again it exists only in the Latin version of Victor

Bishop of Capua (sixth century),who attributed it himself to Tatian and as wrongly probably

as later scholars attributed the Diatesseron to Ammonius.Therefore no great reliance can be

placed upon it nor on its "esoteric"interpretation of the Gospels.Is it this work we wonder

which led Prof.Jowett to regard the Neoplatonic interpretations as "absurdities"?] Instead

Page 20.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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he ...communicated his most (Page 12)important doctrines to persons duly instructed and

disciplined imposing on them the obligations of secresy as was done before him by Zoroaster

and Pythagoras,and in the Mysteries.Except a few treatises of his disciples we have only the

declarations of his adversaries from which to ascertain what he actually taught.[Op.cit .p.7.]

It is from the biased statements of such "adversaries."probably that the learned Oxford translator of

Plato's Dialogues came to the conclusion that:

That which was truly great and truly characteristic of him [Plato ] his effort to realise and

connect abstractions,was not nderstood by them [the Neoplatonists ] at all [?].

He states,contemptuously enough for the ancient methods of intellectual analysis,that:

In the present day ancient philosopher is to be interpreted from himself and by the

contemporary history of thought.[ Op.cit .iii 524 .]

This is like saying that the ancient Greek canon of proportion (if ever found),and the Athena Promachus

of Phidias,have to be interpreted in the present day from the contemporary history of architecture and

sculpture from the Albert Hall and Memorial Monument and the hideous Madonnas in crinolines

sprinkled over the fair face of Italy.Prof.Jowett remarks that "mysticism is not criticism."No;but neither

is criticism always fair and sound judgement.

La critiq e est aisée,mais l'art est difficile.

And such "art"our critic of the Neoplatonists -his Greek scholarship notwithstanding -lacks from a to z .

Nor has he very evidently the key to the true spirit of the Mysticism of Pythagoras and Plato since he

denies even in the Timae s an element of Oriental Mysticism and seeks to show Greek Philosophy

reacting upon the East forgetting that the truth is the exact reverse;that it is "the deeper and more

pervading spirit of Orientalism"that had -through Pythagoras and his own initiation into the Mysteries -

penetrated into the very depths of Plato's soul.

But Dr.Jowett does not see this.Nor is he prepared to admit that anything good or rational -in

accordance with the "contemporary history of thought"-could ever come out of that Nazareth of the

Pagan Mysteries;nor even that there is anything to interpret of a hidden nature in the Timae s or any

other Dialogue.For him,

The so-called mysticism of Plato is purely Greek,arising out of his imperfect knowledge

[ "Imperfect knowledge"of what?That Plato was ignorant of many of the modern ‘working

hypotheses"-as ignorant as our immediate posterity is sure to be of the said hypotheses

when they in their turn after exploding join the "great majority"-is perhaps a blessing in

disguise .] and high aspirations,and is the growth of an age in which philosophy is not wholly

separated from poetry and mythology.[ Op.cit .p.524 .]

Page 21.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Plato a Follower of Pythagoras -(Page 13)Among several other equally erroneous propositions,it is

especially the assumptions (a)that Plato was entirely free from any element of Eastern Philosophy in his

writings,and (b)that every modern scholar without being a Mystic and a Kabalist himself can pretend to

judge of ancient Esotericism -which we mean to combat.To do this we have to produce more

authoritative statements than our own would be and bring the evidence of other scholars as great as Dr.

Jowett if not greater specialists in their subjects,moreover to bear on and destroy the arguments of the

Oxford Regius Professor of Greek.

That Plato was undeniably an ardent admirer and follower of Pythagoras no one will deny.And it is

equally undeniable as Matter has it that Plato had inherited on the one hand his doctrines,and on the

other had drawn his wisdom from the same sources as the Samian Philosopher.[ I'Histoire Critiq e d

Gnosticisme by M.J.Matter Professor of the Royal Academy of Strasburg."It is in Pythagoras and Plato

that we find in Greece the first elements of [Oriental ] Gnosticism."he says.(Vol.i.pp.48 and 50.)] And

the doctrines of Pythagoras are Oriental to the backbone and even Brâhmanical;for this great

Philosopher ever pointed to the far East as the source whence he derived his information and his

Philosophy and Colebrooke shows that Plato makes the same profession in his Epistles,and says that

he has taken his teachings "from ancient and sacred doctrines."[Asiat.Trans .i.579.] Furthermore the

ideas of both Pythagoras and Plato coincide too well with the systems of India and with Zoroastrianism to

admit any doubt of their origin by anyone who has some acquaintance with these systems.Again:

Pantaenus,Athenagoras,and Clement were thoroughly instructed in the Platonic philosophy

and comprehended its essential unity with the Oriental systems.[ New Platonism and

Alchemy .p.4.]

The history of Pantaenus and his contemporaries may give the key to the Platonic,and at the same time

Oriental elements that predominate so strikingly in the Gospels over the Jewish Scriptures.

Page 22.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Preliminary Survey

(Page 14)INITIATES who have acquired powers and transcendental knowledge can be traced back to the

Fourth Root Race from our own age.As the multiplicity of the subjects to be dealt with prohibits the

introduction of such a historical chapter which however historical in fact and truth would be rejected a

priori as blasphemy and fable by both Church and Science -we shall only touch on the subject.Science

strikes out at its own sweet will and fancy dozens of names of ancient heroes,simply because there is

too great an element of myth in their histories;the Church insists that biblical patriarchs shall be regarded

as historical personages,and terms her seven "Star-angels"the "historical channels and agents of the

Creator."Both are right since each finds a strong party to side with it.Mankind is at best a sorry herd of

Panurgian sheep following blindly the leader that happens to suit it at the moment.Mankind -the

majority at any rate -hates to think for itself.It resents as an insult the humblest invitation to step for a

moment outside the old well-beaten tracks,and judging for itself to enter into a new path in some fresh

direction.Give it an unfamiliar problem to solve and if its mathematicians,not liking its looks,refuse to

deal with it the crowd unfamiliar with mathematics,will stare at the unknown quantity and getting

hopelessly entangled in sundry x 's and y 's,will turn round trying to rend to pieces the uninvited disturber

of its intellectual Nirvana.This may perhaps,account for the ease and extraordinary success enjoyed by

the Roman Church in her conversions of nominal Protestants and Free-thinkers,whose name is legion

but who have never gone to the trouble of thinking for themselves on these most important and

tremendous problems of man's inner nature.

And yet if the evidence of facts,the records preserved in History and the uninterrupted anathemas of

the Church against "Black Magic"and Magicians of the accursed race of Cain are not to be heeded our

efforts will prove very puny indeed.When for nearly two millenniums a body of men has never ceased to

lift its voice against Black Magic,the inference ought to be irrefutable that if Black Magic exists as a real

fact there must be somewhere its counterpart -White Magic.

The Protectors of China -(Page 15)False silver coins could have no existence if there were no genuine

silver money.Nature is dual in whatever she attempts,and this ecclesiastical persecution ought alone to

have opened the eyes of the public long ago.However much travellers may be ready to pervert every

fact with regard to abnormal powers with which certain men are gifted in "heathen"countries;however

eager they may be to put false constructions on such facts,and -to use an old proverb -"to call white

swan black goose "and to kill it yet the evidence of even Roman Catholic missionaries ought to be taken

into consideration once they swear in a body to certain facts.Nor is it because they choose to see

Satanic agency in manifestations of a certain kind that their evidence as to the existence of such powers

can be disregarded.For what do they say of China?Those missionaries who have lived in the country for

long years,and have seriously studied every fact and belief that may prove an obstacle to their success

in making conversions,and who have become familiar with every exoteric rite of both the official religion

and sectarian creeds -all swear to the existence of a certain body of men whom no one can reach but

the Emperor and a select body of high officials.A few years ago before the war in Tonkin the archbishop

in Pekin on the report of some hundreds of missionaries and Christians,wrote to Rome the identical

story that had been reported twenty-five years before and had been widely circulated in clerical papers.

They had fathomed it was said the mystery of certain official deputations,sent at times of danger by the

Emperor and ruling powers to their Sheu and Kiuay as they are called among the people.These Sheu

and Kiuay they explained were the Genii of the mountains,endowed with the most miraculous powers.

Page 23.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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They are regarded as the protectors of China by the "ignorant"masses;as the incarnation of Satanic

power by the good and "learned"missionaries.

The Sheu and Kiuay are men belonging to another state of being to that of the ordinary man

or to the state they enjoyed while they were clad in their bodies.They are disembodied spirits,

ghosts and larvae living nevertheless,in objective form on earth and dwelling in the

fastnesses of mountains,inaccessible to all but those whom they permit to visit them.[ This

fact and others may be found in Chinese Missionary Reports and in a work by Monseigneur

Delaplace a Bishop in China."Annales de la Propagation de la Foi ".]

(Page 16)In Tibet certain ascetics are also called Lha Spirits by those with whom they do not choose to

communicate.The Sheu and Kiuay who enjoy the highest consideration of the Emperor and

Philosophers,and of Confucianists who believe in no "Spirits "are simply Lohans -Adepts who live in the

greatest solitude in their unknown retreats.

But both Chinese exclusiveness and Nature seem to have allied themselves against European curiosity

and -as it is sincerely regarded in Tibet -desecration.Marco Polo the famous traveller was perhaps the

European who ventured farthest into the interior of these countries.What was said of him in 1876 may

now be repeated.

The district of the Gobi wilderness,and in fact the whole area of Independent Tartary and

Tibet is carefully guarded against foreign intrusion.Those who are permitted to traverse it are

under the particular care and pilotage of certain agents of the chief authority and are in duty

bound to convey no intelligence respecting places and persons to the outside world.But for

this restriction many might contribute to these pages accounts of exploration adventure and

discovery that would be read with interest.The time will come sooner or later when the

dreadful sand of the desert will yield up its long-buried secrets,and then there will indeed be

unlooked-for mortifications for our modern vanity.

"The people of Pashai "[ The regions somewhere about Udyana and Kashmir as the

translator and editor of Marco Polo (Colonel Yule)believes (i.x75).] says Marco Polo the

daring traveller of the thirteenth century "are great adepts in sorceries and the diabolic arts."

And his learned editor adds:"This Paschai or Udyana was the native country of Padma

Sambhava one of the chief apostles of Lamaism i.e .of Tibetan Buddhism and a great

master of enchantments.The doctrines of Sakya as they prevailed in Udyana in old times

were probably strongly tinged with Sivaitic magic,and the Tibetans still regard the locality as

the classic ground of sorcery and witchcraft."

The "old times"are just like the "modern times";nothing is changed as to magical practices

except that they have become still more esoteric and arcane and that the caution of the

adepts increases in proportion to the traveller's curiosity.Hiouen-Thsang says of the

inhabitants:"The men ...are fond of study but pursue it with no ardour.The science of

magical form lae has become a reg lar professional b siness with them."[Voyage des

Pèlerins Bouddhistes.Vol.1..Histoire de la Vie de Hio en-Thsang etc.traduit du chinois en

francais,par Stanislas Julien .]We will not contract the venerable Chinese pilgrim on this point

and are willing to admit that in the seventh century some people made "a professional

Page 24.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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business:of magic,so also do some people now but certainly not the true adepts.

Moreoever in that century Buddhism had hardly penetrated into Tibet and its races were

steeped in the sorceries of the Bhon -the pre-lamaic religion.It is not Hiouen-Thsang the

pious,courageous man who risked his life a hundred times to have the bliss of perceiving

Buddh's shadown in the cave of Peshwur who would have accused the good lamas and

monkish thaumaturgists of "making a professional business"of showing it to travellers.

The A.B.C.Of Magic -

(Page 17)The injunction of Gautama contained in his answer to King Prasenajit his protector

who called on him to perform miracles,must have been ever-present to the mind of Hiouen-

Thsang."Great king "said Gautama "I do not teach the law to my pupils,telling them ‘Go ye

saints and before the eyes of the Brahmans and householders perform by means of your

supernatural powers miracles greater than any man can perform.'I tell them when I teach

them the law ‘Live ye saints,hiding yo r good works,and showing yo r sins .'"

Struck with the accounts of magical exhibitions witnessed and recorded by travellers of every

age who had visited Tartary and Tibet Colonel Yule comes to the conclusion that the natives

must have had "at their command the whole encyclopaedia of modern Spiritualists."Duhalde

mentions among their sorceries the art of producing by their invocations the figures of Laotseu

[ Lao-tse the Chinese philosopher.] and their divinities in the air and of making a pencil write

answers to q estions witho t anybody to ching it ."[T he Book of Ser Marco Polo i.3x8.]

The former invocations pertain to the religious mysteries of their sanctuaries;if done

otherwise or for the sake of gain they are considered sorcery necromancy and strictly

forbidden.The latter art that of making a pencil write without contact was known and

practised in China and other countries before the Christian era.It is the A B C of magic in

those countries.

When Hiouen-Thsang desired to adore the shadow of Buddha it was not to "professional

magicians"that he resorted but to the power of his own soul-invocation;the power of prayer

faith and contemplation.All was dark and dreary near the cavern in which the miracle was

alleged to sometimes take place.Hiouen-Thsang entered and began his devotions.He made

one hundred salutations,but neither saw nor heard anything.Then thinking himself too sinful

he cried bitterly and despaired.But as he was about to give up all hope he perceived on the

eastern wall a feeble light but it disappeared.He renewed his prayers,full of hope this time

and again he saw the light which flashed and disappeared again.After this he made a solemn

vow:he would not leave the cave till he had the rapture to at last see the shadow of the

"Venerable of the Age."He had to wait longer after this,for only after two hundred prayers was

the dark cave suddenly "bathed in light and the shadow of Buddha of a brilliant white colour

rose majestically on the wall as when the clouds suddenly open and all at once display the

marvellous image of the ‘Mountain of Light.'A dazzling splendour lighted up the features of the

divine countenance.Hiouen-Thsang was lost in contemplation and wonder and would not turn

his eyes away from the sublime and incomparable object."Hiouen-Thsang adds in his own

diary See-yu-kee,that it is only when man prays with sincere faith and if he has received

from above a hidden impression that he sees the shadow clearly but he cannot enjoy the

sight for any length of time (Max Muller B ddhist Pilgrims.)

Page 25.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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From one end to the other the country is full of mystics,religious philosophers,Buddhist saints

and magicians.Belief in a spiritual world full of invisible beings who on certain occasions,

appear to mortals objectively is universal."According (Page 18)to the belief of the nations of

Central Asia "remarks I.J.Schmidt "the earth and its interior as well as the encompassing

atmosphere are filled with spiritual beings,which exercise an influence partly beneficent

partly malignant on the whole of organic and inorganic nature....Especially are deserts and

other wild and uninhabited tracts,or regions in which the influences of nature are displayed on

a gigantic and terrible scale regarded as the chief abode or rendez-vo s of evil spirits.And

hence the steppes of Turan and in particular the great sand desert of the Gobi have been

looked on as the dwelling place of malignant beings,from the days of hoary antiquity."

The treasures exhumed by Dr.Schliemann at Mycenae have awakened popular cupidity and

the eyes of adventurous speculators are being turned toward the localities where the wealth of

ancient peoples is supposed to be buried in crypt or cave or beneath sand or alluvial deposit.

Around no other locality not even Peru hang so many traditions as around the Gobi Desert.In

independent Tartary this howling waste of shifting sand was once if report speaks correctly

the seat of one of the richest empires the world ever saw.Beneath the surface is said to lie

such wealth in gold jewels,statuary arms,utensils,and all that indicates civilization luxury

and fine arts as no existing capital of Christendom can show today.The Gobi sand moves

regularly from east to west before terrific gales that blow continually.Occasionally some of the

hidden treasures are uncovered but not a native dare touch them,for the whole district is

under the ban of a mighty spell.Death would be the penalty.Bahti -hideous,but faithful

gnomes -guard the hidden treasures of this prehistoric people awaiting the day when the

revolution of cyclic periods shall again cause their story to be known for the instruction of

mankind.[ Isis Unveiled i.599-601 603 598.]

The above is purposely quoted from Isis Unveiled to refresh the reader's memory.One of the cyclic

periods has just been passed and we may not have to wait to the end of Maha Kalpa to have revealed

something of the history of the mysterious desert in spite of the Bahti and even the Rakshasas of India

not less "hideous."No tales or fictions were given in our earlier volumes,their chaotic state

notwithstanding to which chaos the writer entirely free from vanity confesses publicly and with many


It is now generally admitted that from time immemorial the distant East India especially was the land of

knowledge and of every kind of learning.Yet there is none to whom the origin of all her Arts and Sciences

has been so much denied as to the land of the primitive Aryas.From Architecture down to the Zodiac,

every Science worthy of the name was imported by the Greeks,the mysterious Yavanas -agreeably with

the decision of the Orientalists!Therefore it is but logical that even the knowledge of Occult Science

should be refused to India since of its general practice in that country less is known than in the case of

any other ancient people.

Magic As Old As Man -(Page 19)It is so simply because:

With the Hindus it was,and is,more esoteric,if possible than it was even among the Egyptian

priests.So sacred was it deemed that its existence was only half admitted and it was only

practised in public emergencies.It was more than a religio s matter,for it was [and is still ]

Page 26.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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considered divine .The Egyptian hierophants,notwithstanding the practice of a stern and pure

morality could not be compared for one moment with the ascetical Gymnosophists,either in

holiness of life or miraculous powers developed in them by the supernatural abjuration of

everything earthly.By those who knew them well they were held in still greater reverence than

the magians of Chaldaea."Denying themselves the simplest comforts of life they dwelt in

woods,and led the life of the most secluded hermits,"[ Ammianus Marcellinus,xxiii.6 .] while

their Egyptian brothers at least congregated together.Notwithstanding the slur thrown on all

who practised magic and divination history has proclaimed them as possessing the greatest

secrets in medical knowledge and unsurpassed skill in its practice.Numerous are the volumes

preserved in Hindu Mathams,in which are recorded the proofs of their learning.To attempt to

say whether these Gymnosophists were the real founders of magic in India or whether they

only practised what has passed to them as an inheritance from the earliest Rishis [The Rishis

-the first group of seven in number lived in days preceding the Vedic period.They are now

known as Sages and held in reverence like demigods.But they may now be shown as

something more than merely mortal Philosophers.There are other groups of ten twelve and

even twenty-one in number.Haug shows that they occupy in the Brahmanical religion a

position answering to that of the twelve sons of Jacob in the Jewish Bible The Brahmans claim

to descend directly from the Rishis.] -the seven primeval sages -would be regarded as mere

speculation by exact scholars.[ Isis Unveiled i.90 .]

Nevertheless,this must be attempted.In Isis Unveiled all that could be stated about Magic was set down

in the guise of hints;and thus,owing to the great amount of material scattered over two large volumes,

much of its importance was lost upon the reader while it still more failed to draw his attention on account

of the faulty arrangement.But hints may now grow into explanations.One can never repeat it too often -

Magic is as old as man .It cannot any longer be called charlantry or hallucination when its lesser

branches -such as mesmerism now miscalled "hypnotism ""thought reading ""action by suggestion "

and what not else only to avoid calling it by its right and legitimate name -are being so seriously

investigated by the most famous Biologists and Physiologists of both Europe and America.Magic is

indissolubly blended with Religion of every country and is (Page 20)inseparable from its origin.It is as

impossible for History to name the time when it was not as that of the epoch when it sprang into

existence unless the doctrines preserved by the Initiates are taken into consideration.Nor can Science

ever solve the problem of the origin of man if it rejects the evidence of the oldest records in the world

and refuses from the hand of the legitimate Guardians of the mysteries of Nature the key to Universal

Symbology.Whenever a writer has tried to connect the first foundation of Magic with a particular country

or some historical event or character further research has shown his hypothesis to be groundless.There

is a most lamentable contradiction among the Symbologists on this point.Some would have it that Odin

the Scandinavian priest and monarch originated the practice of Magic some 70 years B.C..although it is

spoken of repeatedly in the Bible.But as it was proven that the mysterious rites of the priestesses Valas

(Voilers)were greatly anterior to Odin's age [See Munter "On the most Ancient Religions of the North

before Odin.'Mémoires de la Société des Antiquaires de France.ii.230.] then Zoroaster came in for an

attempt on the ground that he was the founder of Magian rites;but Ammianus Marcellinus,Pliny and

Arnobius,with other ancient Historians,have shown that Zoroaster was but a reformer of Magic as

practised by the Chaldaeans and Egyptians,and not at all its founder.[ Ammianus Marcellinus,xxvi.6.]

Who then of those who have consistently turned their faces away from Occultism and even Spiritualism

as being "unphilosophical"and therefore unworthy of scientific thought has a right to say that he has

studied the ancients;or that if he has studied them,he has understood all they have said?Only those

Page 27.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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who claim to be wiser than their generation who think that they know all that the Ancients knew and

thus,knowing far more today fancy that they are entitled to laugh at their ancient simple-mindedness

and superstition;those who imagine they have discovered a great secret by declaring the ancient royal

sarcophagus,now empty of its King Initiate to be a "corn-bin "and the Pyramid that contained it a

granary perhaps a wine-cellar!["The date of the hundreds of pyramids in the Valley of the Nile is

impossible to fix by any of the rules of modern science:Herodotus informs us that each successive king

erected one to commemorate his reign and serve as his sepulchre.But Herodotus did not tell all

although he knew that the real purpose of the pyramid was very different from that which he assigns to it.

Were it not for his religious scruples,he might have added that externally it symbolized the creative

principle of Nature and illustrated also the principles of geometry mathematics,astrology and

astronomy .]

The Tree of Knowledge -(Page 21)Modern society on the authority of some men of Science calls Magic

charlatantry.But there are eight hundred millions on the face of the globe who believe in it to this day;

there are said to be twenty millions of perfectly sane and often very intelligent men and woman members

of that same society who believe in its phenomena under the name of Spiritualism.The whole ancient

world with its Scholars and Philosophers,its Sages and Prophets,believed in it.Where is the country in

which it was not practised?At what age was it banished even from our own country?In the New World

as in the Old Country (the latter far younger than the former),the Science of Sciences was known and

practised from the remotest antiquity.The Mexicans had their Initiates,their Priest-Hierophants and

Magicians,and their crypts of Initiation.Of the two statues exhumed in the Pacific States,one represents

a Mexican Adept in the posture prescribed for the Hindu ascetic,and the other an Aztec Priestess,in a

head-gear which might be taken from the head of an Indian Goddess;while the "Guatemalan Medal"

exhibits the "Tree of Knowledge"-with its hundreds of eyes and ears,symbolical of seeing and hearing -

encircled by the "Serpent of Wisdom"whispering into the ear of the sacred bird.)Bernard Diaz de

Castilla a follower of Cortez,gives some idea of the extraordinary refinement intelligence and

civilization and also of the magic arts of the people whom the Spaniards conquered by brute force.Their

pyramid are those of Egypt built according to the same secret canon of proportion as those of the

Pharaohs,and the Aztecs appear to have derived their civilization and religion in more than one way from

the same source as the Egyptians and before these the Indians.Among all these three peoples arcane

Natural Philosophy or Magic,was cultivated to the highest degree.

That it was natural not supernatural and that the Ancients so regarded it is shown by what Lucian says

of the "laughing Philosopher "Democritus,who he tells his readers,

Believed in no [miracles ] ...but applied himself to discover the method by which the

theurgists could produce them;in a word his philosophy brought him to the conclusion that

magic was entirely confined to the application and the imitation of the laws and the works of


[Internally it was a majestic fane in whose sombre recesses were performed the Mysteries,

and whose walls had often witnessed the initiation scenes of members of the royal family.The

porphyry sarcophagus,which Professor Piazzi Smith Astronomer Royal of Scotland

degrades into a corn-bin was the baptismal font upon emerging from which the neophyte

was ‘born again 'and became an adept.'(Isis Unveiled .i.518 519.)]

Page 28.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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(Page 22)Who then can still call the Magic of the Ancients "superstition"?

In this respect the opinion of Democritus is of the greatest importance to us,since the Magi left

by Xerxes,at Abdera were his instructors,and he had studied magic,moreover for a

considerable time with the Egyptian priests.[ "Democrit.Vit."] For nearly

ninety years of the one hundred and nine of his life this great philosopher had made

experiments,and noted them down in a book,which according to Petronius,[Satyric ix.3.]

treated of nat re -facts that he had verified himself.And we find him not only disbelieving in

and utterly rejecting miracles,but asserting that every one of those that were authenticated by

eye-witnesses,had and could have taken place for all even the most incredible were

produced according to the "hidden laws of nat re ."[ Pliny Hist.Nat .]...Add to this that

Greece the "later cradle of the arts and sciences,"and India cradle of religions,were and

one of them still is,devoted to its study and practice -and who shall venture to discredit its

dignity as a study and its profundity as a science?[Isis Unveiled I.512 .]

No true Theosophist will ever do so.For as a member of our great Oriental body he knows indubitably

that the Secret Doctrine of the East contains the Alpha and the Omega of Universal Science;that in its

obscure texts,under the luxuriant though perhaps too exuberant growth of allegorical Symbolism lie

concealed the corner and the key-stones of all ancient and modern knowledge.That Stone brought

down by the Divine Builder is now rejected by the too-human workman and this because in his lethal

materiality man has lost every recollection not only of his holy childhood but of his very adolescence

when he was one of the Builders himself;when "the morning stars sang together and the Sons of God

shouted for joy."after they had laid the measures for the foundations of the earth -to use the deeply

significant and poetical language of Job the Arabian Initiate.But those who are still able to make room in

their innermost selves for the Divine Ray and who accept therefore the data of the Secret Sciences in

good faith and humility they know well that it is in this Stone that remains buried the absolute in

Philosophy which is the key to all those dark problems of Life and Death some of which at any rate

may find an explanation in these volumes.

The writer is vividly alive to the tremendous difficulties that present themselves in the handling of such

abstruse questions,and to all the dangers of the task.Insulting as it is to human nature to brand truth

with the name of imposture nevertheless we see this done daily and accept it.

Occultism Must Win the Day -(Page 23)For every occult truth has to pass through such denial and its

supporters through martyrdom before it is finally accepted;though even then it remains but too often -

A crown

Golden in show yet but a wreath of thorns.

Truths that rest on Occult Mysteries will have for one reader who may appreciate them a thousand who

will brand them as impostures.This is only natural and the only means to avoid it would be for an

Occultist to pledge himself to the Pythagorean "vow of silence."and renew it every five years.Otherwise

cultured society -two-thirds of which think themselves in duty bound to believe that since the first

appearance of the first Adept one half of mankind practised deception and fraud on the other half -

cultured society will undeniably assert its hereditary and traditional right to stone the intruder.Those

benevolent critics,who most readily promulgate the now famous axiom of Carlyle with regard to his

Page 29.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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countrymen of being "mostly fools,"having taken preliminary care to include themselves safely in the

only fortunate exceptions to this rule will in this work gain strength and derive additional conviction of the

sad fact that the human race is simply composed of knaves and congenital idiots.But this matters very

little.The vindication of the Occultists and their Archaic Science is working itself slowly but steadily into

the very heart of society hourly daily and yearly in the shape of two monster branches,two stray off-

shoots of the trunk of Magic -Spiritualism and the Roman Church.Fact works its way very often through

fiction.Like an immense boa-constrictor Error in every shape encircles mankind trying to smother in

her deadly coils every aspiration towards truth and light.But Error is powerful only on the surface

prevented as she is by Occult Nature from going any deeper;for the same Occult Nature encircles the

whole globe in every direction leaving not even the darkest corner unvisited.And whether by

phenomenon or miracle by spirit-hook or bishop's crook,Occultism must win the day before the present

era reaches "Shani's (Saturn's)triple septenary"of the Western Cycle in Europe in other words -before

the end of the twenty-first century "A.D."

Truly the soil of the long by-gone past is not dead for it has only rested.The skeletons of the sacred

oaks of the ancient Druids may still send shoots from their dried-up boughs and be reborn to a new (Page

24)life like that handful of corn in the sarcophagus of a mummy 4.000 years old which when planted

sprouted grew and "gave a fine harvest."Why not?Truth is stranger than fiction.It may any day and

most unexpectedly vindicate its wisdom and demonstrate the conceit of our age by proving that the

Secret Brotherhood did not indeed die out with the Philalethians of the last Eclectic School that the

Gnosis flourishes still on earth and its votaries are many albeit unknown.All this be done by one or

more of the great Masters visiting Europe and exposing in their turn the alleged exposers and traducers

of Magic.Such secret Brotherhoods have been mentioned by several well-known authors,and are

spoken of in Mackenzie's Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia .The writer now in the face of the millions who

deny repeats boldly that which was said in Isis Unveiled.

If they [the Initiates ] have been regarded as mere fictions of the novelist that fact has only

helped the "brother-adepts"to keep their incognito the more easily....

The St.Germains and Cagliostros of this century having learned bitter lessons from the

vilifications and persecutions of the past pursue different tactics now-a-days.[Op.cit .ii.403 .]

These prophetic words were written in 1876 and verified in 1886.Nevertheless,we say again

There are numbers of these mystic Brotherhoods which have naught to do with "civilized"

countries;and it is in their unknown communities that are concealed the skeletons of the past.

These "adepts"could if they chose lay claim to strange ancestry and exhibit verifiable

documents that would explain many a mysterious page in both sacred and profane history.

[ This is precisely what some of them are preparing to do and many a "mysterious page"in

sacred and profane history are touched on in these pages.Whether or not their explanations

will be accepted -is another question .]Had the keys to the hieratic writings and the secret of

Egyptian and Hindu symbolism been known to the Christian Fathers,they would not have

allowed a single monument of old to stand unmutilated.[ Ibid.]

But there exists in the world another class of adepts,belonging to a brotherhood also and mightier than

any other of those known to the profane.Many among these are personally good and benevolent even

pure and holy occasionally as individuals.Pursuing collectively however and as a body a selfish one-

Page 30.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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sided object with relentless vigour and determination they have to be ranked with the adepts of the

Black Art.

Black Magic at Work -(Page 25)These are our modern Roman Catholic "fathers"and clergy.Most of the

hieratic writings and symbols have been deciphered by them since the Middle Ages.A hundred times

more learned in secret Symbology and the old Religions than our Orientalists will ever be the

personification of astuteness and cleverness,every such adept in the art holds the keys tightly in his

firmly clenched hand and will take care the secret shall not be easily divulged if he can help it.There are

more profoundly learned Kabalists in Rome and throughout Europe and America than is generally

suspected.Thus are the professedly public "brotherhoods"of "black"adepts more powerful and

dangerous for Protestant countries than any host of Eastern Occultists.People laugh at Magic!Men of

Science Physiologists and Biologists,deride the potency and even the belief in the existence of what is

called in vulgar parlance "Sorcery"and "Black Magic"?The Archaeologists have their Stonehenge in

England with its thousands of secrets,and its twin-brother Karnac of Brittany and yet there is not one of

them who even suspects what has been going on in its crypts and its mysterious nooks and corners,for

the last century.More than that they do not even know of the existence of such "magic halls"in their

Stonehenge where curious scenes are taking place whenever there is a new convert in view.Hundreds

of experiments have been and are being made daily at the Salpetriere and also by learned hypnotisers

at their private houses.It is now proved that certain sensitives -both men and women -when

commanded in trance by the practitioner who operates on them to do a certain thing -from drinking a

glass of water up to simulated murder -on recovering their normal state lose all remembrance of the

order inspired -"suggested"it is now called by Science.Nevertheless,at the appointed hour and

moment the subject though conscious and perfectly awake is compelled by an irresistible power within

himself to do that action which has been suggested to him by his mesmeriser;and that too whatever it

may be and whatever the period fixed by him who controls the subject that is to say holds the latter

under the power of his will as a snake holds a bird under its fascination and finally forces it to jump into

its open jaws.Worse than this:for the bird is conscious of the peril;it resists however helpless in its final

efforts,while the hypnotized subject does not rebel but seems to follow the suggestions and voice of its

own free-will and soul.Who of our European men of Science who believe in such scientific experiments

-and very (Page 26)few are they who still doubt them now-a-days,and who do not feel convinced of their

actual reality -who of them it is asked is ready to admit this as being Black Magic?Yet it is the gen ine

undeniable and actual fascination and sorcery of old.The Mulu Kurumbas of Nilgiri do not proceed

otherwise in their envo tements when they seek to destroy an enemy nor do the Dugpas of Sikkim and

Bhutan know of any more potential agent than their wil l.Only in them that will does not proceed by jumps

and starts but acts with certainty;it does not depend on the amount of receptivity or nervous

impressibility of the "subjects."Having chosen his victim and placed himself en rapport with them the

Dugpa's "fluid"is sure to find its way for his will is immeasurably more strongly developed than the will of

the European experimenter -the self-made untutored and nconscio s Sorcerer for the sake of Science

-who has no idea (or belief either)of the variety and potency of the world-old methods used to develop

this power by the conscio s sorcerer the "Black Magician"of the East and West.

And now the question is openly and squarely asked:Why should not the fanatical and zealous priest

thirsting to convert some selected rich and influential member of society use the same means to

accomplish his end as the French Physician and experimenter uses in his case with his subject?The

conscience of the Roman Catholic priest is most likely at peace.He works personally for no selfish

purpose but with the object of "saving a soul"from "eternal damnation."In his view if Magic there be in

it it is holy meritorious and divine Magic.Such is the power of blind faith.

Page 31.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Hence when we are assured by trustworthy and respectable persons of high social standing and

unimpeachable character that there are many well-organised societies among the Roman Catholic

priests which under the pretext and cover of Modern Spiritualism and mediumship hold séances for the

purposes of conversion by suggestion directly and at a distance -we answer:We know it.And when

moreover we are told that whenever those priest-hypnotists are desirous of acquiring an influence over

some individual or individuals,selected by them for conversion they retire to an underground place

allotted and consecrated by them for such purposes (viz .ceremonial Magic);and there forming a circle

throw their combined will-power in the direction of that individual and thus by repeating the process,gain

a complete control over their victim -we again answer:Very likely.

Black Magic and Hypnotism -(Page 27)In fact we know the practice to be so whether this kind of

ceremonial Magic and envoûtement is practised at Stonehenge or elsewhere.We know it we say

through personal experience;and also because several of the writer's best and most loved friends have

been unconsciously drawn into the Romish Church and under her "benign"protection by such means.

And therefore we can only laugh in pity at the ignorance and stubbornness of those deluded men of

Science and cultured experimentalists who while believing in the power of Dr.Charcot and his disciples

to "envoûté "their subjects find nothing better than a scornful smile whenever Black Magic and its

potency are mentioned before them.Eliphas Levi the Abbe-Kabalist died before Science and the

Faculté de Médecine of France had accepted hypnotism and influence par s ggestion among its

scientific experiments,but this is what he said twenty-five years go in his Dogme et Rit el de la Ha te

Magie,on "Les Envo tements et les Sorts ":

That which sorcerers and necromancers sought above all things in their evocations of the

Spirit of Evil was that magnetic potency which is the lawful property of the true Adept and

which they desired to obtain possession of for evil purposes....One of their chief aims was

the power of spells or of deleterious influences....That power may be compared to real

poisonings by a current of astral light.They exalt their will by means of ceremonies to the

degree of rendering it venomous at a distance....We have said in our "Dogma"what we

thought of magic spells,and how this power was exceedingly real and dangerous.The true

Magus throws a spell without ceremony and by his sole disapproval upon those with whose

conduct he is dissatisfied and whom he thinks it necessary to punish;[ This is incorrectly

expressed.The true Adept of the "Right Hand"never punishes anyone not even his bitterest

and most dangerous enemy:he simply leaves the latter to his Karma and Karma never fails to

do so sooner or later.] he casts a spell even by his pardon over those who do him injury and

the enemies of Initiates never long enjoy impunity for their wrong-doing.We have ourselves

seen proofs of this fatal law in numerous instances.The executioners of martyrs always perish

miserably;and the Adepts are the martyrs of intelligence.Providence [Karma ] seems to

despise those who despise them and puts to death those who would seek to prevent them

from living.The legend of the Wandering Jew is the popular poetry of this arcanum.A people

had sent a sage to crucifixion;that people had bidden him "Move on!"when he tried to rest for

one moment....well!That people will become subject henceforth to a similar condemnation;it

will become entirely proscribed and for long centuries it will be hidden "Move on!move on!"

finding neither rest nor pity.[Op.cit .ii.239.241 240.]

(Page 28)"Fables,"and "superstition "will be the answer.Be it so.Before the lethal breath of selfishness

and indifference every uncomfortable fact is transformed into meaningless fiction and every branch of

the once verdant Tree of Truth has become dried up and stripped of its primeval spiritual significance.

Page 32.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Our modern Symbologist is superlatively clever only at detecting phallic worship and sexual emblems

even where none were ever meant.But for the true student of Occult Lore White or Divine Magic could

no more exist in Nature without its counterpart Black Magic,than day without night whether these be of

twelve hours or of six months duration.For him everything in that Nature has an occult -a bright and a

night side to it.Pyramids and Druid's oaks,dolmens and Bo-trees,plant and mineral -everything was full

of deep significance and of sacred truths of wisdom when the Arch-Druid performed his magic cures and

incantations,and the Egyptian Hierophant evoked and guided Chemnu the "lovely spectre "the female

Frankenstein-creation of old raised for the torture and test of the soul-power of the candidate for

initiation simultaneously with the last agonising cry of his terrestrial human nature.True Magic has lost

its name and along with it its rights to recognition.But its practice is in daily use;and its progeny

"magnetic influence ""power of oratory ""irresistible fascination ""whole audiences subdued and held as

though under a spell "are terms recognised and used by all generally meaningless though they now are.

Its effects,however are more determined and definite among religious congregations such as the

Shakers,the Negro Methodists,and Salvationists,who call it "the action of the Holy Spirit"and "grace."

The real truth is that Magic is still in full sway amidst mankind however blind the latter to its silent

presence and influence on its members,however ignorant society may be and remain to its daily and

hourly beneficent and maleficent effects.The world is full of such unconscious magicians -in politics as

well as in daily life in the Church as in the strongholds of Free-Thought.Most of those magicians are

"sorcerers"unhappily not metaphorically but in sober reality by reason of their inherent selfishness,their

revengeful natures,their envy and malice.The true student of Magic,well aware of the truth looks on in

pity and if he be wise keeps silent.For every effort made by him to remove the universal cecity is only

repaid with ingratitude slander and often curses,which unable to reach him,will react on those who

wish him evil.Lies and calumny -the latter a teething lie adding actual bites to empty harmless

falsehoods -become his lot and thus the well-wisher is soon torn to pieces,as a reward for his

benevolent desire to enlighten.

The Philosophy Stands on Its Own Merits -(Page 29)Enough has been given it is believed to show

that the existence of a Secret Universal Doctrine besides its practical methods of Magic,is no wild

romance or fiction.The fact was known to the whole ancient world and the knowledge of it has survived

in the East in India especially.And if there be such a Science there must be naturally somewhere

professors of it or Adepts.In any case it matters little whether the Guardians of the Sacred Lore are

regarded as living actually existing men or are viewed as myths.It is their Philosophy that will have to

stand or fall upon its own merits,apart from and independent of any Adepts.For in the words of the wise

Gamaliel addressed by him to the Synedrion:"If this doctrine is false it will perish and fall of itself;but if

true then -it cannot be destroyed.

Page 33.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Modern Criticism and the Ancients

(Page 30)THE Secret Doctrine of the Aryan East is found repeated under Egyptian symbolism and

phraseology in the Book of Hermes.At or near the beginning of the present century all the books called

Hermetic were in the opinion of the average man of Science unworthy of serious attention.They were

set down and loudly proclaimed as simply a collection of tales,of fraudulent pretences and most absurd

claims.They "never existed before the Christian era "it was said:"they were all written with the triple

object of speculation deceiving and pious fraud;"they were all even the best of them silly apocrypha.[

See in this connection Pne matologie des Esprits by the Marquis de Mirville who devotes six enormous

volumes to show the absurdity of those who deny the reality of Satan and Magic,or the Occult Sciences -

the two being with him synonymous.] In this respect the nineteenth century proved a most worthy scion

of the eighteenth for in the age of Voltaire as well as in this century everything save what emanated

direct from the Royal Academy was false superstitious,foolish.Belief in the wisdom of the Ancients was

laughed to scorn perhaps more so even than it is now.The very thought of accepting as authentic the

works and vagaries of "a false Hermes,a false Orpheus,a false Zoroaster "of false Oracles,false Sibyls,

and a thrice false Mesmer and his absurd fluid was tabooed all along the line.Thus all that had its

genesis outside the learned and dogmatic precincts of Oxford and Cambridge [ We think we see the

sidereal phantom of the old Philosopher and Mystic -once of Cambridge University -Henry More

moving about in the astral mist over the old moss-covered roofs of the ancient town in which he wrote his

famous letter to Glanvil about "witches."The "soul"seems restless and indignant as on that day of May

1678 when the doctor complained so bitterly to the author of Sadd cism s Tri mphat s of Scot Adie

and Webster."Our new inspired saints "the soul is heard to mutter "sworn advocates of the witches....

who against all sense and reason ...Will have no Samuel but a confederate knave ...these in-blown

buffoons,puffed up with ...ignorance vanity and stupid infidelity!"(See "Letter to Glanvil "and Isis

Unveiled i 205 206)]or the Academy of France was denounced in those days as ‘unscientific,"and

"ridiculously absurd."This tendency has survived to the present day.

All Honour to Genuine Scientists -(Page 31)Nothing can be further from the intention of any true

Occultist -who stands possessed by virtue of his higher psychic development of instruments of

research far more penetrating in their power than any as yet in the hands of physical experimentalists -

than to look unsympathetically on the efforts that are being made in the area of physical enquiry.The

exertions and labours undertaken to solve as many as possible of the problems of Nature have always

been holy in his sight.The spirit in which Sir Isaac Newton remarked that at the end of all his

astronomical work he felt a mere child picking up shells beside the Ocean of Knowledge is one of

reverence for the boundlessness of Nature which Occult Philosophy itself cannot eclipse.And it may

freely be recognised that the attitude of mind which this famous simile describes is one which fairly

represents that of the great majority of gen ine Scientists in regard to all the phenomena of the physical

plane of Nature.In dealing with this they are often caution and moderation itself.They observe facts with

a patience that cannot be surpassed.They are slow to cast these into theories,with a prudence that

cannot be too highly commended.And subject to the limitations under which they serve Nature they are

beautifully accurate in the record of their observations.Moreover it may be conceded further that modern

Scientists are exceedingly improbable that any discovery will ever conflict with such or such a theory

now supported by such and such an aggregation of recorded facts.But even in reference to the broadest

generalizations -which pass into a dogmatic form only in brief popular text books of scientific knowledge

-the tone of "Science"itself if that abstraction may be held to be embodied in the persons of its most

distinguished representatives,is one of reserve and often of modesty.

Page 34.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Far therefore from being disposed to scoff at the errors into which the limitations of their methods may

betray men of Science the true Occultist will rather appreciate the pathos of a situation in which great

industry and thirst for truth are condemned to disappointment and often to confusion.

That which is to be deplored however in respect to Modern Science is in itself an evil manifestation of

the excessive caution which in its most favourable aspect protects Science from over-hasty conclusions:

(Page 32)namely the tardiness of Scientists to recognise that other instruments of research may be

applicable to the mysteries of Nature besides those of the physical plane and that it may consequently

be impossible to appreciate the phenomena of any one plane correctly without observing them as well

from the points of view afforded by others.In so far then as they wilfully shut their eyes to evidence which

ought to have shown them clearly that Nature is more complex than physical phenomena alone would

suggest that there are means by which the faculties of human perception can pass sometimes from one

plane to the other and that their energy is being misdirected while they turn it exclusively on the minutiae

of physical structure or force they are less entitled to sympathy than to blame.

One feels dwarfed and humbled in reading what M.Renan that learned modern "destroyer"of every

religious belief past present and future has to say of poor humanity and its powers of discernment.He


Mankind has but a very narrow mind;and the number of men capable of seizing acutely

(finement)the true analogy of things,is quite imperceptible.[ Ét des Religie ses .]

Upon comparing however this statement with another opinion expressed by the same author namely


The mind of the critic should yield to facts,hand and feet bound to be dragged by them

wherever they may lead him.[Ét des Historiq es .]

one feels relieved.When moreover these two philosophical statements are strengthened by a third

enunciation of the famous Academician which declares that:

To t parti pris a priori,doit etre banni de la science [Mémoire read at the Academie des

Inscriptions des Belles Lettres,in 1859 .]

there remains little to fear.Unfortunately M.Renan is the first to break this golden rule.

The evidence of Herodotus -called sarcastically no doubt the "Father of History "since in every

question upon which Modern Thought disagrees with him,his testimony goes for nought -the sober and

earnest assurances in the philosophical narratives of Plato and Thucydides,Polybius,and Plutarch and

even certain statements of Aristotle himself are invariably laid aside whenever they are involved in what

modern criticism is pleased to regard as myth.It is some time since Strauss proclaimed that:

Page 35.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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What is a Myth?-

(Page 33)The presence of a supernatural element or miracle in a narrative is an infallible sign

of the presence in it of a myth;

and such is the canon of criticism tacitly adopted by every modern critic.But what is a myth -ìõèïò-to

begin with?Are we not told distinctly by ancient writers that the word means tradition?Was not the Latin

term fab la a fable synonymous with something told as having happened in pre-historic times,and not

necessarily an invention.With such autocrats of criticism and despotic rulers as are most of the French

English and German Orientalists,there may then be no end of historical geographical ethnological

and philological surprises in store for the century to come.Travesties in Philosophy have become so

common of late that the public can be startled by nothing in this direction.It has already been stated by

one learned speculator that Homer was simply "a mythical personification of the épopée ";[ See Alfred

Maury's Histoire des Religions de la Grèce .i.248:and the speculations of Holzmann in Zeitschriftf r

Vergleichende Sprach forsch ng ann.1882 p.487.sq.] by another that Hippocrates,son of Esculapius,

"could only be a chimera";that the Asclepiades,their seven hundred years of duration notwithstanding

might after all prove simply a "fiction";that "the city of Troy (Dr.Schliemann to the contrary)existed only

on the maps."etc.Why should not the world be invited after this to regard every hitherto historical

character of days of old as a myth?Were not Alexander the Great needed by Philology as a sledge-

hammer wherewith to break the heads of Brahmanical chronological pretensions,he would have become

long ago simply "a symbol for annexation "or "a genius of conquest "as has been already suggested by

some French writer.

Blank denial is the only refuge left to the critics.It is the most secure asylum for some time to come in

which to shelter the last of the sceptics.For one who denies unconditionally the trouble of arguing is

unnecessary and he also thus avoids what is worse having to yield occasionally a point or two before

the irrefutable arguments and facts of his opponent.Creuzer the greatest of all the modern

Symbologists,the most learned among the masses of erudite German Mythologists,must have envied

the placid self-confidence of certain sceptics,when he found himself forced in a moment of desperate

perplexity to admit that:

We are compelled to return to the theories of trolls and genii as they were understood by the

ancients;[it is a doctrine ] without which it becomes absolutely impossible to explain to oneself

anything with regard to the Mysteries.[Creuzer's Introd ction des Mystères iii 456.]

of the Ancients,which Mysteries are undeniable.

(Page 34)Roman Catholics,who are guilty of precisely the same worship and to the very letter -having

borrowed it from the later Chaldaeans,the Lebanon Nabathaeans,and the baptized Sabaeans,[The

later Nabathaeans adhered to the same belief as the Nazarenes and the Sabaeans,honoured John the

Baptist and used Baptistm.(See Isis Unveiled ii.127:Munck,Palestine p.525;Dunlap Sid,the Son of

Man .etc.)]and not from the learned Astronomers and Initiates of the days of old -would now by

anathematizing it hide the source from which it came.Theology and Churchianism would fain trouble the

clear fountain that fed them from the first to prevent posterity from looking into it and thus seeing their

original prototype.The Occultists,however believe the time has come to give everyone his due.As to

our other opponents -the modern sceptic and the Epicurean the cynic and the Sadducee -they may find

an answer to their denials in our earlier volumes.As to many unjust aspersions on the ancient doctrines,

Page 36.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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the reason for them is given in these words in Isis Unveiled :

The thought of the present-day commentator and critic as to the ancient learning is limited to

and runs round the exoterism of the temples;his insight is either unwilling or unable to

penetrate into the solemn adyta of old where the hierophant instructed the neophyte to regard

the public worship in its true light.No ancient sage would have taught that man is the king of

creation and that the starry heaven and our mother earth were created for his sake.[i.535.]

When we find such works as Phallicism [ By Hargrave Jennings .] appearing in our day in print it is easy

to see that the day of concealment and travesty has passed away.Science in Philology Symbolism and

Comparative Religion has progressed too far to make wholesale denials any longer and the Church is

too wise and cautious not to be now making the best of the situation.Meanwhile the "rhombs of Hecate"

and the "wheels of Lucifer "[ See de Mirville's Pne matologie iii 267 et seq.] daily exhumed on the sites

of Babylonia can no longer be used as clear evidence of a Satan-worship since the same symbols are

shown in the ritual of the Latin Church.The latter is too learned to be ignorant of the fact that even the

later Chaldaeans,who had gradually fallen into dualism reducing all things to two primal Principles,

never worshipped Satan or idols,any more than did the Zoroastrians,who now lie under the same

accusation but that their Religion was as highly philosophical as any;their dual and exoteric Theosophy

became the heirloom of the Jews,who in their turn were forced to share it with the Christians.Parsis

are to this day charged with Heliolatry and yet in the Chaldean Oracles,under the "Magical and

Philosophical Precepts of Zoroaster"one finds the following:

Chaldean Oracles -(Page 35)

Direct not thy mind to the vast measures of the earth;

For the plant of truth is not upon ground.

Nor measure the measures of the sun collecting rules,

For he is carried by the eternal will of the Father not for your sake.

Dismiss the impetuous course of the moon;for she runs always by work of necessity.

The progression of the stars was not generated for your sake.

There was a vast difference between the true worship taught to those who showed themselves worthy

and the state religions.The Magians are accused of all kinds of superstition but this is what the same

Chaldaean Oracle says:

The wide aerial flight of birds is not true

Nor the dissections of the entrails of victims;they are all mere toys

The basis of mercenary fraud;flee from these

If you would open the sacred paradise of piety

Where virtue wisdom and equity are assembled.

[ Psellus,4:in Cory's Ancient Fragments.269.]

As we say in our former work:

Page 37.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Surely it is not those who warn people against "mercenary fraud"who can be accused of it;

and if they accomplished acts which seem miraculous,who can with fairness presume to deny

that it was done merely because they possessed a knowledge of natural philosophy and

psychological science to a degree unknown to our schools?[ Isis Unveiled,i 535 536.]

The above q oted stanzas are a rather strange teaching to come from those who are niversally

believed to have worshipped the s n,and moon,and the starry hosts,as Gods.The sublime prof ndity

of the Magian precepts being beyond the reach of modern materialistic tho ght,the Chaldean

Philosophers are acc sed of Sabaeanism and S n-worship,which was the religion only of the

ned cated masses.

Page 38.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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The Origin of Magic

(Page 36)THINGS of late have changed true enough.The field of investigation has widened;old religions

are a little better understood;and since that miserable day when the Committee of the French Academy

headed by Benjamin Franklin investigated Mesmer ’s phenomena only to proclaim them charlatanry and

clever knavery both heathen Philosophy and Mesmerism have acquired certain rights and privileges,

and are now viewed from quite a different standpoint.Is full justice rendered them however and are they

any better appreciated?We are afraid not.Human nature is the same now as when Pope said of the

force of prejudice that:

The difference is as great between

The optics seeing as the objects seen.

All manners take a tincture from our own

Or some discolour ’d through our passions shown

Or fancy ’s beam enlarges,multiplies,

Contracts,inverts,and gives ten thousand dyes.

Thus in the first decades of our century Hermetic Philosophy was regarded by both Churchmen and men

of Science from two quite opposite points of view.The former called it sinful and devilish;the latter

denied point-blank its authenticity notwithstanding the evidence brought forward by the most erudite men

of every age including our own.The learned Father Kircher for instance was not even noticed;and his

assertion that all the fragments known under titles of works by Mercury Trismegistus,Berosus,

Pherecydes of Syros,etc.were rolls that had escaped the fire which devoured 100 000 volumes of the

great Alexandrian Library -was simply laughed at.Nevertheless the educated classes of Europe knew

then as they do now that the famous Alexandrian Library the “marvel of the ages,” was founded by

Ptolemy Philadelphus;that numbers of its MSS had been carefully copied from hieratic texts and the

oldest parchments,Chaldaean Phoenician Persian etc;and that these transliterations and copies

amounted in their turn to another 100 000 rolls,as Josephus and Strabo assert.

The Books of Hermes -(Page 37)There is also the additional evidence of Clemens Alexandrinus,that

ought to be credited to some extent.[ The forty-two Sacred Books of the Egyptians mentioned by

Clement of Alexandria as having existed in his time were but a portion of the Books of Hermes.

Iamblichus,on the authority of the Egyptian priest Abammon attributes 1 200 of such books to Hermes,

and Manetho 36.000.But the testimony of Iamblichus as a Neoplatonist and Theurgist is of course

rejected by modern critics.Manetho who is held by Bunsen in the highest consideration as a “purely-

historical personage ” with whom “none of the later native historians can be compared ” (see Egypte,i.

97)suddenly becomes a Pseudo-Manetho as soon as the ideas propounded by him clash with the

scientific prejudices against Magic and the Occult knowledge claimed by the ancient priests.However

none of the Archaeologists doubt for a moment the almost incredible antiquity of the Hermetic books.

Champollion shows the greatest regard for their authenticity and truthfulness,corroborated as it is by

many of the oldest monuments.And Bunsen brings irrefutable proofs of their age.From his researches,

for instance we learn that there was a line of sixty-one kings before the days of Moses,who preceded

the Mosaic period by a clearly-traceable civilization of several thousand years.Thus we are warranted in

believing that the works of Hermes Trismegistus were extant many ages before the birth of the Jewish

law-giver.“Styli and inkstands were found on monuments of the fourth Dynasty the oldest in the world ”

Page 39.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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says Bunsen.If the eminent Egyptologist rejects the period of 48.863 years before Alexander to which

Diogenes Laertius carries back the records of the priests he is evidently more embarrassed with the ten

thousand of astronomical observations,and remarks that “if they were actual observations,they must

have extended over 10.000 years ” (p.44).“We learn however ” he adds,“from one of their own old

chronological works ...that the genuine Egyptian traditions concerning the mythological period treated

of myriads of years.” (Egypte,i 15:Isis Unveiled i.33)] Clemens testified to the existence of an

additional 30 000 volumes of the Books of Thoth placed in the library of the Tomb of Osymandias,over

the entrance of which were inscribed the words,“ A Cure for the Soul.”

Since then as all know entire texts of the “apocryphal ” works of the “false ” Pymander and the no less

“false ” Asclepias,have been found by Champollion in the most ancient monuments of Egypt.[ These

details are taken from Pne matologie,iii pp 204 205 ] As said in Isis Unveiled :

After having devoted their whole lives to the study of the records of the old Egyptian wisdom

both Champollion-Figeac and Champollion Junior publicly declared notwithstanding many

biased judgments hazarded by certain hasty and unwise critics,that the Books of Hermes

“truly contain a mass of Egyptian traditions which are constantly corroborated by the most

authentic records and monuments of Egypt of the hoariest antiquity.”[ Egypte,p.143 Isis


The merit of Champollion as an Egyptologist none will question and if he declare that everything

demonstrates the accuracy of the writings of the mysterious Hermes Trismegistus,and if the assertion

that their antiquity runs back into the night of time be corroborated by him in (Page 38)minutest details,

then indeed criticism ought to be fully satisfied.Says Champollion:

These inscriptions are only the faithful echo and expression of the most ancient verities.

Since these words were written some of the “apocryphal ”verses by the “mythical ”Orpheus have also

been found copied word for word in hieroglyphics,in certain inscriptions of the Fourth Dynasty

addressed to various Deities.Finally Creuzer discovered and immediately pointed out the very

significant fact that numerous passages found in Homer and Hesiod were undeniably borrowed by the

two great poets from the Orphic Hymns,thus proving the latter to be far older than the Iliad or the


And so gradually the ancient claims come to be vindicated and modern criticism has to submit to

evidence.Many are now the writers who confess that such a type of literature as the Hermetic works of

Egypt can never be dated too far back into the prehistoric ages.The texts of many of these ancient

works,that of Enoch included so loudly proclaimed “apocryphal ”at the beginning of this century are now

discovered and recognised in the most secret and sacred sanctuaries of Chaldaea India Phoenicia

Egypt and Central Asia.But even such proofs have failed to convince the bulk of our Materialists.The

reason for this is very simple and evident.All these texts -held in universal veneration in Antiquity found

in the secret libraries of all the great temples,studied (if not always mastered)by the greatest statesmen

classical writers,philosophers,kings and laymen as much as by renowned Sages -what were they?

Treatises on Magic and Occultism pure and simple;the now derided and tabooed Theosophy -hence

the ostracism.

Page 40.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

--------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL

Were people then so simple and credulous in the days of Pythagoras and Plato?Were the millions of

Babylonia and Egypt of India and Greece with their great Sages to lead them all fools,that during those

periods of great learning and civilization which preceded the year one of our era -the latter giving birth

but to the intellectual darkness of mediaeval fanaticism -so many otherwise great men should have

devoted their lives to a mere illusion a superstition called Magic?It would seem so had one to remain

content with the word and conclusions of modern Philosophy.

Every Art and Science however whatever its intrinsic merit has had its discoverer and practitioner and

subsequently its proficients to teach it.

What is the Origin of Magic?-(Page 39)What is the origin of the Occult Sciences,or Magic?Who were

its professors,and what is known of them whether in history or legend?Clemens Alexandrinus,one of

the most intelligent and learned of the early Christian Fathers,answers this question in his Stromateis.

That ex-pupil of the Neoplatonic School argues:

If there is instruction you must seek for the master.[ Strom .VI vii.The following paragraph

from the same chapter .]

And so he shows Cleanthes taught by Zeno Theophrastus by Aristotle Metrodorus by Epicurus,Plato by

Socrates,etc.And he adds that when he had looked further back to Pythagoras,Pherecydes,and

Thales,he had still to search for their masters.The same for the Egyptians,the Indians,the Babylonians,

and the Magi themselves.He would not cease questioning he says to learn who it was they all had for

their masters.And when he (Clemens)had traced down the enquiry to the very cradle of mankind to the

first generation of men he would reiterate once more his questioning and ask,“Who is their teacher?”

Surely he argues,their master could be “no one of men.” And even when we should have reached as

high as the Angels,the same query would have to be offered to them:“Who were their (meaning the

‘divine ’ and the ‘fallen ’ Angels)masters?’

The aim of the good father ’s long argument is of course to discover two distinct masters,one the

preceptor of biblical patriarchs,the other the teacher of the Gentiles.But the students of the Secret

Doctrine need go to no such trouble.Their professors are well aware who were the Masters of their

predecessors in Occult Sciences and Wisdom.

The two professors are finally traced out by Clemens,and are as was to be expected God and his

eternal and everlasting enemy and opponent the Devil;the subject of Clemens ’ enquiry relating to the

d al aspect of Hermetic Philosophy as cause and effect.Admitting the moral beauty of the virtues

preached in every Occult work with which he was acquainted Clemens desires to know the cause of the

apparent contradiction between the doctrine and the practice good and evil Magic,and he comes to the

conclusion that Magic has two origins -divine and diabolical.He perceives its bifurcation into two

channels,hence his deduction and inference.

We perceive it too without however necessarily designating such bifurcation diabolical for we judge the

“left-hand path ” as it (Page 40)issued from the hands of its founder.Otherwise judging also by the effects

of Clemens ’ own religion and walk in life of certain of its professors,since the death of their Master the

Page 41.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Occultists would have a right to come to somewhat the same conclusion as Clemens.They would have a

right to say that while Christ the Master of all true Christians,was in every way godly those who resorted

to the horrors of the Inquisition to the extermination and torture of heretics,Jews and Alchemists,the

Protestant Calvin who burnt Servetus and his persecuting Protestant successors,down to the whippers

and burners of witches in America must have had for their Master the Devil.But Occultists,not believing

in the Devil are precluded from retaliating in this way.

Clemens ’ testimony however is valuable in so far as it shows (1)the enormous number of works on

Occult Sciences in his day;and (2)the extraordinary powers acquired through those Sciences by certain


He devotes,for instance the whole of the sixth book of his Stromat eis to this research for the first two

“Masters ” or the true and the false Philosophy respectively both preserved as he says,in the Egyptian

sanctuaries.Very pertinently too he apostrophises the Greeks,asking them why they should not accept

the “miracles ” of Moses as such since they claim the very same privileges for their own Philosophers,

and he gives a number of instances.It is,as he says,Aeachus obtaining through his Occult powers a

marvellous rain;it is Aristaeus causing the winds to blow;Empedocles quieting the gale and forcing it to

cease etc.[ See Pne matologie,iii.207 Therefore Empedocles is called êùëõèáõåìïòthe “dominator of

the wind.”Strom.,VI.iii.]

The books of Mercurius Trismegistus most attracted his attention.[ Ibid.iv.] He is also warm in his praise

of Hystaspes (or Gushtasp),of the Sibylline books,and even of the right Astrology.

There have been in all ages use and abuse of Magic,as there are use and abuse of Mesmerism or

Hypnotism in our own.The ancient world had its Apollonii and its Pherecydae and intellectual people

could discriminate then as they can now.While no classical or pagan writer has ever found one word of

blame for Apollonius of Tyana for instance it is not so with regard to Pherecydes.Hesychius of Miletia

Philo of Byblos and Eusthathius charges the latter unstintingly with having built his Philosophy and

Science on demoniacal traditions -i.e.on Sorcery.

Pherecydes of Syros -(Page 41)Cicero declares that Pherecydes is,poti s divin s q am medicus,

rather a soothsayer than a physician ” and Diogenes Laertius gives a vast number of stories relating to

his predictions.One day Pherecydes prophesies the shipwreck of a vessel hundreds of miles away from

him;another time he predicts the capture of Lacedaemonians by the Arcadians;finally he foresees his

own wretched end.[Summarised from Pne matologie,iii.209.]

Bearing in mind the objections that will be made to the teachings of the Esoteric Doctrine as herein

propounded the writer is forced to meet some of them beforehand.

Such imputations as those brought by Clemens against the “heathen ” Adepts,only prove the presence of

clairvoyant powers and prevision in every age but are no evidence in favour of a Devil.They are

therefore of no value except to the Christians,for whom Satan is one of the chief pillars of the faith.

Baronius and De Mirville for instance find an unanswerable proof of Demonology in the belief in the co-

Page 42.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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eternity of Matter with Spirit!

De Mirville writes that Pherecydes

Postulates in principle the primordiality of Zeus or Ether and then on the same plane a

principle coeternal and coactive which he calls the fifth element or Ogenos.[ Loc.cit.]

He then points out that the meaning of Ogenos is given as that which shuts up which holds captive and

that is Hades,“or in a word hell.”

The synonyms are known to every schoolboy without the Marquis going to the trouble of explaining them

to the Academy;as to the deduction every Occultist will of course deny it and only smile at its folly.And

now we come to the theological conclusion.

The resumé of the views of the Latin Church -as given by authors of the same characters as the Marquis

de Mirville -amounts to this:that the Hermetic Books,their wisdom -fully admitted in Rome -

notwithstanding are “the heirloom left by Cain the accursed to mankind.” It is “generally admitted ” says

that modern memorialist of Satan in History:

That immediately after the Flood Cham and his descendants had propagated anew the

ancient teachings of the Cainites and of the surmerged Race.[Op.cit.,iii 208 ]

(Page 42)This proves at any rate that Magic,or Sorcery as he calls it is an antediluvian Art and thus

one point is gained.For as he says:-

The evidence of Berosius makes Ham identical with the first Zoroaster founder of Bactria the

first author of all the magic arts of Babylonia the Chemesen a or Cham [The English

speaking people who spell the name of Noah's disrespectful son “Ham ”have to be reminded

that the right spelling is “Kham ”or “Cham ”] the infamo s [ Black Magic,or Sorcery is the ev il

result obtain e d in any shape or way through the practice of Occult Arts:hence it has to be

judged only by its effects.The name of neither Ham nor Cain when pronounced has ever

killed any one;whereas,if we have to believe that same Clemens Alexandrinus who traces the

teacher of every Occultist outside of Christianity to the Devil the name of Jehovah

(pronounced Jevo and in a peculiar way)had the effect of killing a man at a distance.The

mysterious Schemham-phorasch was not always used for holy purposes by the Kabalists,

especially since the Sabbath or Saturday sacred to Saturn or the evil Shani became -with

the Jews -sacred to “Jehovah.”] of the faithful Noachians,finally the object of adoration for

Egypt which having received its name ÷çìåéá whence chemistry built in his honour a town

called Choemnis,or the “city of fire.” [Khoemnis,the pre-historic city may or may not have

been built by Noah's son but it was not his name that was given to the town but that of the

Mystery Goddess Khoemnu or Khoemnis (Greek form);the deity that was created by the

ardent fancy of the neophyte who was thus tantalised during his “twelve labours ”of probation

before his final initiation.Her male counterpart is Khem.The city of Choemnis or Khemmis

(today Akhmem)was the chief seat of the God Khem.The Greeks identifying Khem with Pan

Page 43.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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called this city “Panopolis.”] Ham adored it it is said whence the name Chammaim given to

the pyramids;which in their turn have been vulgarised into our modern noun “chimney.”[

Pne matologie,iii 210.This looks more like pious vengeance than philology.The picture

however seems incomplete as the author ought to have added to the “chimney ” a witch flying

out of it on a broomstick.]

This statement is entirely wrong.Egypt was the cradle of Chemistry and its birth-place -this is pretty well

known by this time.Only Kenrick and others show the root of the word to be chemi or chem,which is not

Chem or Ham but Khem,the Egyptian phallic God of the Mysteries.

But this is not all.De Mirville is bent upon finding a satanic origin even for the now innocent Tarot.

He goes on to say:

As to the means for the propagation of this evil Magic,tradition points it out in certain runic

characters traced on metallic plates [or leaves,des lames ] which have escaped destruction by

the Deluge [ How could they escape from the Deluge unless God so willed it?This is scarcely

logical.] This might have been regarded as legendary had not subsequent discoveries shown

it far from being so.Plates were found covered with curious and utterly undecipherable

characters,characters of undeniable antiquity to which the Chamites [Sorcerers,with the

author ] attribute the origin to their marvellous and terrible powers.[Loc.cit.,p.210 ]

The pious author may meanwhile be left to his own orthodox beliefs.

Cain Mathematical and Anthropomorphic -(Page 43)He at any rate seems quite sincere in his views.

Nevertheless,his able arguments will have to be sapped at their very foundation for it must be shown on

mathematical grounds who or rather what Cain and Ham really were.De Mirville is only the faithful son

of his Church interested in keeping Cain in his anthropomorphic character and in his present place in

“Holy Writ.” The student of Occultism on the other hand is solely interested in the truth.But the age has

to follow the natural course of evolution.

Page 44.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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The Secrecy of Initiates

(Page 44)THE false rendering of a number of parables and sayings of Jesus is not to be wondered at in

the least.From Orpheus,the first initiated Adept of whom history catches a glimpse in the mists of the

pre-Christian era down through Pythagoras,Confucius,Buddha Jesus,Apollonius of Tyana to

Ammonius Saccas,no Teacher or Initiate has ever committed to writing for public use.Each and all of

them have invariably recommended silence and secresy on certain facts and deeds,from Confucius,

who refused to explain publicly and satisfactorily what he meant by his “Great Extreme ” or to give the

key to the divination by “straws ” down to Jesus,who charged his disciples to tell no man that he was

Christ [ Matthew xvi.20.] (Chrestos),the “man of sorrows ” and trials,before his supreme and last

Initiation or that he had produced a “miracle ” of resurrection.[ Mark v.43 .] The Apostles had to

preserve silence so that the left hand should not know what the right hand did;in plainer words,that the

dangerous proficients in the Left Hand Science -the terrible enemies of the Right Hand Adepts,

especially before their supreme Initiation -should not profit by the publicity so as to harm both the healer

and the patient.And if the above is maintained to be simply an assumption then what may be the

meaning of these awful words:

Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of God;but unto them that are without

all these things are done in parables;that seeing they may see and not perceive;and hearing

they may hear and not understand;lest at any time they should be converted and their sins

should be forgiven them.[ Mark iv.11 .]

Exoteric and Esoteric Teachings -(Page 45)Unless interpreted in the sense of the law of silence and

Karma the utter selfishness and uncharitable spirit of this remark are but too evident.These words are

directly connected with the terrible dogma of predestination.Will the good and intelligent Christian cast

such a slur of cruel selfishness on his Saviour?[ It is not evident that the words:“lest at any time they

should be converted (or:“lest haply they should turn again ” -as in the revised version)and their sins be

forgiven them ” -do not at all mean to imply that Jesus feared that through repentance any outsider or

“them that are without ” should escape damnation as the literal dead-letter sense plainly shows -but

quite a different thing?Namely “lest any of the profane should by understanding his preaching

undisguised by parable get hold of some of the secret teachings and mysteries of Initiation -and even of

Occult powers?“Be converted ” is,in other words,to obtain a knowledge belonging exclusively to the

Initiated:“and their sins be forgiven them ” that is,their sins would fall upon the illegal revealer on those

who had helped the unworthy reap there where they have never laboured to sow and had given them,

thereby the means of escaping on this earth their deserved Karma which must thus re-act on the

revealer who instead of good did harm and failed.]

The work of propagating such truths in parables was left to the disciples of the high Initiates.It was their

duty to follow the key-note of the Secret Teaching without revealing its mysteries.This is shown in the

histories of all the great Adepts.Pythagoras divided his classes into hearers of exoteric and esoteric

lectures.The Magians received their instructions and were initiated in the far hidden caves of Bactria.

When Josephus declares that Abraham taught Mathematics he meant by it “Magic,” for in the

Pythagorean code Mathematics mean Esoteric Science or Gnosis.

Page 45.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Professor Wilder remarks:

The Essenes of Judea and Carmel made similar distinctions,dividing their adherents into

neophytes,brethren and the perfect ....Ammonius obligated his disciples by oath not to

divulge his higher doctrines,except to those who had been thoroughly instructed and

exercised [prepared for initiation ].[New Platonism and Alchemy,1869.pp.7.9.]

One of the most powerful reasons for the necessity of strict secresy is given by Jesus Himself if one may

credit Matthew.For there the Master is made to say plainly:

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs,neither cast ye your pearls before swine;lest they

trample them under their feet and turn again and rend you.[vii.6.]

Profoundly true and wise words.Many are those in our own age and even among us,who have been

forcibly reminded of them -often when too late.[ History is full of proofs of the same.Had not

Anaxagoras enunciated the great truth taught in the Mysteries,viz .that the sun was surely larger than

the Peloponnesus,he would not have been persecuted and nearly put to death by the fanatical mob.Had

that other rabble which was raised against Pythagoras understood what the mysterious Sage of Crotona

meant by giving out his remembrances of having been the “Son of Mercury ” -God of the Secret Wisdom

-he would not have been forced to fly for his life:nor would Socrates have been put to death had he

kept secret the revelations of his divine Daimon.He knew how little his century -save those initiated -

would understand his meaning had he given out all he knew of the moon.Thus he limited his statement

to an allegory which is now proven to have been more scientific than was hitherto believed.He

maintained that the moon was inhabited and that the lunar beings lived in profound vast and dark

valleys,our satellite being airless and without any atmosphere outside such profound valleys;this,

disregarding the revelation full of meaning for the few only must be so of necessity.If there is any

atmosphere on our bright Selene at all.The facts recorded is the secret annals of the Mysteries had to

remain veiled under penalty of death.]

(Page 46)Even Maimonides recommends silence with regard to the true meaning of the Bible texts.This

injunction destroys the usual affirmation that “Holy Writ ” is the only book in the world whose divine

oracles contain plain unvarnished truth.It may be so for the learned Kabalists;it is certainly quite the

reverse with regard to Christians.For this is what the learned Hebrew Philosopher says:

Whoever shall find out the true sense of the Book of Genesis ought to take care not to divulge

it.This is a maxim that all our sages repeat to us,and above all respecting the work of the six

days.If a person should discover the true meaning of it by himself or by the aid of another

then he ought to be silent or if he speaks he ought to speak of it obscurely in an enigmatical

manner as I do myself leaving the rest to be guessed by those who can understand me.

The Symbology and Esoterism of the Old Testament being thus confessed by one of the greatest Jewish

Philosophers,it is only natural to find Christian Fathers making the same confession with regard to the

New Testament and the Bible in general.Thus we find Clemens Alexandrinus and Origen admitting it as

plainly as words can do it.Clemens,who had been initiated into the Eleusinian Mysteries says,that:

Page 46.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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The doctrines there taught contained in them the end of all instructions as they were taken

from Moses and the prophets,

a slight perversion of facts pardonable in the good Father.The words admit after all that the Mysteries

of the Jews were identical with those of the Pagan Greeks,who took them from the Egyptians,who

borrowed them in their turn from the Chaldaeans,who got them from the Aryans,the Atlanteans and so

on -far beyond the days of that Race.The secret meaning of the Gospel is again openly confessed by

Clemens when he says that the Mysteries of the Faith are not to be divulged to all.

But since this tradition is not published alone for him who perceives the magnificence of the

word;it is requisite therefore to hide in a Mystery the wisdom spoken which the Son of God

taught.[ Stromateis,xii.]

Origen on “Genesis ” -(Page 47)Not less explicit is Origen with regard to the Bible and its symbolical

fables.He exclaims:

If we hold to the letter and must understand what stands written in the law after the manner of

the Jews and common people then I should blush to confess aloud that it is God who has

given these laws;then the laws of men appear more excellent and reasonable.[See Homilies

7.quoted in the So rce of Measures,p.307.]

And well he might have “blushed ” the sincere and honest Father of early Christianity in its days of

relative purity.But the Christians of this highly literary and civilised age of ours do not blush at all;they

swallow on the contrary the “light ” before the formation of the sun the Garden of Eden Jonah ’s whale

and all notwithstanding that the same Origen asks in a very natural fit of indignation:

What man of sense will agree with the statement that the first second and third days in which

the evening is named and the morning were without sun moon and stars,and the first day

without a heaven?What man is found such an idiot as to suppose that God planted trees in

Paradise in Eden like a husbandman etc?I believe that every man must hold these things

for images,under which a hidden sense lies concealed.[ Origen:Huet.Origeniana,167:

quoted from Dunlop ’s Sid .p.176 .]

Yet millions of “such idiots ” are found in our age of enlightenment and not only in the third century.When

Paul ’s unequivocal statement in Galatians,iv.22-25 that the story of Abraham and his two sons is all “an

allegory.” and that “Agar is Mount Sinai ” is added to this,then little blame indeed can be attached to

either Christian or Heathen who declines to accept the Bible in any other light than that of a very

ingenious allegory.

Rabbi Simeon Ben-“Jochai ” the compiler of the Zohar never imparted the most important points of his

doctrine otherwise than orally and to a very limited number of disciples.Therefore without the final

initiation into the Mercavah the study of the Kabalah will be ever incomplete and the Mercavah can be

taught only “in darkness,in a deserted place and after many and terrific trials.” Since the death of that

great Jewish Initiate this hidden doctrine has remained for the outside world an inviolate secret.

Page 47.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Among the venerable sect of the Tanaim or rather the Tananim the wise men there were

those who taught the secrets practically and initiated some disciples into the grand and final

Mystery.But the Mishna Hagiga,2 nd Section say that the table of contents of the Mercaba

“must only be delivered to wise old ones.”The Gemara is still more dogmatic.“The more

important secrets of the Mysteries (Page 48)were not even revealed to all priests.Alone the

initiates had them divulged.” And so we find the same great secresy prevalent in every ancient

religion.[ Isis Unveiled ii.350 .]

What says the Kabalah itself?Its great Rabbis actually threaten him who accepts their sayings verbatim.

We read in the Zohar :

Woe to the man who sees in the Thorah i.e.,Law only simple recitals and ordinary words!

Because if in truth it only contained these we would even today be able to compose a Thorah

much more worthy of admiration.For if we find only the simple words we would only have to

address ourselves to the legislators of the earth.[ The materialistic “law-givers ”the critics and

Sadducees who have tried to tear to shreds the doctrines and teachings of the great Asiatic

Masters past and present -no scholars in the modern sense of the word -would do well to

ponder over these words.No doubt that doctrines and secret teachings had they been

invented and written in Oxford and Cambridge would be more brilliant outwardly.Would they

equally answer to universal truths and facts is the next question however .] to those in whom

we most frequently meet with the most grandeur.It would be sufficient to imitate them and

make a Thorah after their words and example.But it is not so;each word of the Thorah

contains an elevated meaning and a sublime mystery....The recitals of the Thorah are the

vestments of the Thorah.Woe to him who takes this garment for the Thorah itself ....The

simple notice only of the garments or recitals of the Thorah they know of no other thing they

see not that which is concealed under the vestment.The more instructed men do not pay

attention to the vestment but to the body which it envelops.[ iii.fol.1526 quoted in Myer ’s


Ammonius Saccas taught that the Secret Doctrine of the Wisdom-Religion was found complete in the

Books of Thoth (Hermes),from which both Pythagoras and Plato derived their knowledge and much of

their Philosophy;and these Books were declared by him to be “identical with the teachings of the Sages

of the remote East.” Professor A.Wilder remarks:

As the name Thoth means a college or assembly it is not altogether improbable that the books

were so named as being the collected oracles and doctrines of the sacerdotal fraternity of

Memphis.Rabbi Wise has suggested the same hypothesis in relation to the divine utterances

recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures.[ New-Platonism and Alchemy.p.6 ]

This is very probable.Only the “divine utterances ” have never been so far understood by the profane.

Philo Judaeus,a non-initiate attempted to give their secret meaning and -failed.

But Books of Thoth or Bible,Vedas or Kabalah,all enjoin the same secresy as to certain mysteries of

nature symbolised in them.“Woe be to him who divulges nlawf lly the words whispered into the ear of

Manushi by the First Initiator.”

Page 48.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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The “Dark Sayings ” of the “Testaments ” (Page 49)Who that “Initiator ” was is made plain in the Book of


From them [the angels ] I heard all things,and understood what I saw that which will not take

place in this generation [Race ] but in a generation which is to succeed at a distant period [ the

6 th and 7 th Races ] on account of the elect [the Initiates ].[ i.2.]

Again it is said with regard to the judgment of those who when they have learned “every secret of the

angels,” reveal them that:

They have discovered secrets,and they are those who have been judged;but not thou my

son [Noah ] ...thou art pure and good and free from the reproach of discovering [revealing ]

secrets.[ IXIV.10.]

But there are those in our century who having “discovered secrets ” unaided and owing to their own

learning and acuteness only and who being nevertheless,honest and straightforward men undismayed

by threats or warning since they have never pledged themselves to secresy feel quite startled at such

revelations.One of these is the learned author and discoverer of one “Key to the Hebrew-Egyptian

Mystery.” As he says,there are “some strange features connected to the promulgation and condition ” of

the Bible.

Those who compiled this book were men as we are.They knew saw handled and realized

through the key measure [ The key is shown to be “in the source of measures originating the

British inch and the ancient cubit ”as the author tries to prove.] the law of the living ever active

God .[ The word as a plural might have better solved the mystery.God is ever-present ;if he

were ever-active he could no longer be an infinite God -nor ever-present in his limitation.]

They needed no faith that He was that He worked planned and accomplished as a mighty

mechanic and architect.[The author is evidently a Mason of the way of thinking of General

Pike.So long as the American and English Masons will reject the “Creative Principle ”of the

“Grand Orient ”of France they will remain in the dark.]What was it then that reserved to them

alone this knowledge while first as men of God and second as Apostles of Jesus the Christ

they doled out a blinding ritual service and an empty teaching of faith and no substance as

proof properly coming through the exercise of just those senses which the Deity has given all

men as the essential means of obtaining any right understanding?Mystery and parable,and

dark saying,and cloaking of the true meanings are the burden of the Testaments,Old and

New.Take it that the narratives of the Bible were purposed inventions to deceive the ignorant

masses,even while enforcing a most perfect code of moral obligations:How is it possible to

justify so great frauds,as part of the Divine economy when to that economy the attribute of

simple and perfect truthf lness must in the nature of things,be (Page 50)ascribed?What has,

or what by possibility ought mystery to have with the promulgation of the truths of God?[

So rce of Measures,pp.308 309 ]

Nothing whatever most certainly if those mysteries had been given from the first.And so it was with

regard to the first semi-divine pure and spiritual Races of Humanity.They had the “truths of God ” and

lived up to them and their ideals.They preserved them so long as there was hardly any evil and hence

scarcely a possible abuse of that knowledge and those truths.But evolution and the gradual fall into

Page 49.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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materiality is also one of the “truths ” and also one of the laws of “God.” And as mankind progressed and

became with every generation more of the earth earthly the individuality of each temporary Ego began

to assert itself.It is personal selfishness that develops and urges man on to abuse of his knowledge and

power.And selfishness is a human building whose windows and doors are ever wide open for every kind

of iniquity to enter into man ’s soul.Few were the men during the early adolescence of mankind and

fewer still are they now who feel disposed to put into practice Pope ’s forcible declaration that he would

tear out his own heart if it had no better disposition than to love only himself and laugh at all his

neighbours.Hence the necessity of gradually taking away from man the divine knowledge and power

which became with every new human cycle more dangerous as a double-edged weapon whose evil side

was ever threatening one ’s neighbour and whose power for good was lavished freely only upon self.

Those few “elect ” whose inner natures had remained unaffected by their outward physical growth thus

became in time the sole guardians of the mysteries revealed passing the knowledge to those most fit to

receive it and keeping it inaccessible to others.Reject this explanation from the Secret Teachings,and

the very name of Religion will become synonymous with deception and fraud.

Yet the masses could not be allowed to remain without some sort of moral restraint.Man is ever craving

for a “beyond ”and cannot live without an idea of some kind as a beacon and a consolation.At the same

time no average man even in our age of universal education could be entrusted with truths too

metaphysical too subtle for his mind to comprehend without the danger of an imminent reaction setting

in and faith in Gods and Saints making room for an unscientific blank Atheism.No real philanthropist

hence no Occultist would dream for a moment of a mankind without one title of Religion.

The Greatest Crime Ever Perpetrated -(Page 51)Even the modern day Religion in Europe confined to

Sundays,is better than none.But if as Bunyan put it “Religion is the best armour that a man can have ”

it certainly is the “worst cloak ” ;and it is that “cloak ” and false pretence which the Occultists and the

Theosophists fight against.The true ideal Deity the one living God in Nature can never suffer in man ’s

worship if that outward cloak woven by man ’s fancy and thrown upon the Deity by the crafty hand of the

priest greedy of power and domination is drawn aside.The hour has struck with the commencement of

this century to dethrone the “highest God ” of every nation in favour of One Universal Deity -The God of

Immutable Law not charity;the God of Just Retribution not mercy which is merely an incentive to evil-

doing and to a repetition of it.The greatest crime that was ever perpetrated upon mankind was

committed on that day when the first priest invented the first prayer with a selfish object in view.A God

who may be propitiated by iniquitous prayers to “bless the arms ” of the worshipper and send defeat and

death to thousands of his enemies -his brethren;a Deity that can be supposed not to turn a deaf ear to

chants of laudation mixed with entreaties for a “fair propitious wind ”for self and as naturally disastrous to

the selves of other navigators who come from an opposite direction -it is this idea of God that has

fostered selfishness in man and deprived him of his self-reliance.Prayer is an ennobling action when it

is an intense feeling an ardent desire rushing forth from our very heart for the good of other people and

when entirely detached from any selfish personal object;the craving for a beyond is natural and holy in

man but on the condition of sharing that bliss with others.One can understand and well appreciate the

words of the “heathen ”Socrates,who declared in his profound though untaught wisdom that:

Our prayers should be for blessings on all in general for the Gods know best what is good for


But official prayer -in favour of a public calamity or for the benefit of one individual irrespective of losses

Page 50.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

--------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL

to thousands -is the most ignoble of crimes,besides being an impertinent conceit and a superstition.

This is the direct inheritance by spoliation from the Jehovites -the Jews of the Wilderness and of the

Golden Calf.

It is “Jehovah ” as will be presently shown that suggested the necessity of veiling and screening this

substitute for the unpronounceable name and that led to all this “mystery parables,dark sayings (Page

52)and cloaking.” Moses had at any rate initiated his seventy Elders into the hidden truths,and thus the

writers of the Old Testament stand to a degree justified.Those of the New Testament have failed to do

even so much or so little.They have disfigured the grand central figure of Christ by their dogmas,and

have led people ever since into millions of errors and the darkest crimes,in His holy name.

It is evident that with the exception of Paul and Clement of Alexandria who had been both initiated into

the Mysteries,none of the Fathers knew much of the truth themselves.They were mostly uneducated

ignorant people;and if such as Augustine and Lactantius,or again the Venerable Bede and others,were

so painfully ignorant until the name of Galileo [ In his Pne matologie,in Vol.iv.pp.105-112 the Marquis

de Mirville claims the knowledge of the heliocentric system -earlier than Galileo -for Pope Urban VIII.

The author goes further.He tries to show that famous Pope not as the persecutor but as one persecuted

by Galileo and calumniated by the Florentine Astronomer into the bargain.If so so much the worse for

the Latin Church since her Popes,knowing of it still preserved silence upon this most important fact

either to screen Joshua or their own infallibility.One can understand well that the Bible having been so

exalted over all the other systems,and its alleged monotheism depending upon the silence preserved

nothing remained of course but to keep quiet over its symbolism thus allowing all its blunders to be

fathered on its God.] of the most vital truths taught in the Pagan temples -of the rotundity of the earth for

example leaving the heliocentric system out of question -how great must have been the ignorance of

the rest!Learning the accusations of dealing with the Devil lavished on the Pagan Philosophers.

But truth must out.The Occultists,referred to as “the followers of the accursed Cain ” by such writers as

De Mirville are now in a position to reverse the tables.That which was hitherto known only to the ancient

and modern Kabalists in Europe and Asia is now published and shown as being mathematically true.

The author of the Key to the Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery or the So rce of Meas res has now proved to

general satisfaction it is to be hoped that the two great God-names,Jehovah and Elohim stood in one

meaning of their numerical values,for a diameter and a circumference value respectively;in other

words,that they are numerical indices of geometrical relations;and finally that Jehovah is Cain and vice


This view says the author

Helps also to take the horrid blemish off from the name of Cain as a put-up-job to destroy his

character;for even without these showings,by the very text he [Cain ] was Jehovah.So the

theological schools had better be alive to making the amend honorable if such a thing is

possible to the good name and fame of the God they worship

Asiatic Religions Proclaim Their Esoterism Openly -(Page 53)[ Op.cit .App.vii.p.296.The writer

feels happy to find this fact now mathematically demonstrated.When it was stated in Isis Unveiled that

Jehovah and Saturn were one and the same with Adam Kadmon Cain Adam and Eve Able Seth.etc.

Page 51.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

--------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL

and that all were convertible symbols in the Secret Doctrine (see Vol ii.pp.446 448 464 et seq .):that

they answered in short to secret numerals and stood for more than one meaning in the Bible as in other

doctrines -the author ’s statements remained unnoticed.Isis had failed to appear under a scientific form

and by giving it too much in fact gave very little to satisfy the enquirer.But now if mathematics and

geometry besides the evidence of the Bible and Kabalah are good for anything the public must find itself

satisfied.No fuller more scientifically given proof can be found to show that Cain is the transformation of

an Elohim (the Sephira Binah)into Jah-Veh (or God-Eve)androgyne and that Seth is the Jehovah male

than in the combined discoveries of Seyffarth Knight etc.and finally in Mr.Ralston Skinner ’s most

erudite work.The further relations of these personifications of the first human races,in their gradual

development will be given later on in the text.]

This is not the first warning received by the “theological schools.” which however no doubt knew it from

the beginning as did Clemens of Alexandria and others.But if it be so they will profit still less by it as the

admission would involve more for them than the mere sacredness and dignity of the established faith.

But it may also be asked why is it that the Asiatic religions,which have nothing of this sort to conceal

and which proclaim quite openly the Esoterism of their doctrines,follow the same course?It is simply

this:While the present and no doubt enforced silence of the Church on this subject relates merely to the

external or theoretical form of the Bible -the unveiling of the secrets of which would have involved no

practical harm had they been explained from the first -it is an entirely different question with Eastern

Esoterism and Symbology.The grand central figure of the Gospels would have remained as unaffected

by the symbolism of the Old Testament being revealed as would that of the Founder of Buddhism had

the Brahmanical writings of the P ranas,that preceded his birth all been shown to be allegorical.Jesus

of Nazareth moreover would have gained more than he would have lost had he been presented as a

simple mortal left to be judged on his own precepts and merits,instead of being fathered on Christendom

as a God whose many utterances and acts are now so open to criticism.On the other hand the symbols

and allegorical sayings that veil the grand truths of Nature in the Vedas,the Brahmanas,the Upanishads

and especially in the Lamaist Chagpa Thogmed and other works,are quite of a different nature and far

more complicated in their secret meaning.While the Biblical glyphs have nearly all a triune foundation

those of the Eastern books are worked on the septenary principle.They are (Page 54)as closely related to

the mysteries of Physics and Physiology as to Psychism and the transcendental nature of cosmic

elements and Theogony;unriddled they would prove more than injurious to the uninitiated;delivered into

the hands of the present generations in their actual state of physical and intellectual development in the

absence of spirituality and even of practical morality they would become absolutely disastrous.

Nevertheless the secret teachings of the sanctuaries have not remained without witness;they have been

made immortal in various ways.They have burst upon the world in hundreds of volumes full of the quaint

head-breaking phraseology of the Alchemist;they have flashed like irrepressible cataracts of Occult

mystic lore from the pens of poets and bards.Genius alone had certain privileges in those dark ages

when no dreamer could offer the world even a fiction without suiting his heaven and his earth to biblical

text.To genius alone it was permitted in those centuries of mental blindness,when the fear of the “Holy

Office ” threw a thick veil over every cosmic and psychic truth to reveal unimpeded some of the grandest

truths of Initiation.Whence did Ariosto in his Orlando F rioso,obtain his conception of that valley of the

Moon where after our death we can find the ideas and images of all that exists on earth?How came

Dante to imagine the many descriptions given in his Inferno -a new Johannine Apolcalypse a true Occult

Revelation in verse -his visit and communion with the Souls of the Seven Spheres?In poetry and satire

Page 52.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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every Occult truth has been welcomed -none has been recognised as serious.The Comte de Gabalis is

better known and appreciated than Porphyry and Iamblichus.Plato ’s mysterious Atlantis is proclaimed a

fiction while Noah ’s Deluge is to this day on the brain of certain Archaeologists who scoff at the

archetypal world of Marcel Palingenius ’ Zodiac and would resent as a personal injury being asked to

discuss the four worlds of Mercury Trismegistus -the Archetypal the Spiritual the Astral and the

Elementary with three others behind the opened scene.Evidently civilised society is still but half

prepared for the revelation.Hence the Initiates will never give out the whole secret until the bulk of

mankind has changed its actual nature and is better prepared for truth.Clemens Alexandrinus was

positively right in saying “It is requisite to hide in a mystery the wisdom spoken ” -which the “Sons of

God ”teach.

That Wisdom as will be seen relates to all the primeval truths delivered to the first Races,the “Mind-

born ”by the “Builders ”of the Universe themselves.

The Wisdom-Religion -(Page 55)There was in every ancient country having claims to civilisation an

Esoteric Doctrine a system which was designated WISDOM [ The writings extant in olden times often

personified Wisdom as an emanation and associate of the Creator.Thus we have the Hindu Buddha the

Babylonian Nebo the Thoth of Memphis,the Hermes of Greece:also the female divinities,Neitha Metis,

Athena and the Gnostic potency Achamoth or Sophia.The Samaritan Pentate ch denominated the

Book of Genesis,Akamouth or Wisdom and two remnants of old treatises,the Wisdom of Solomon and

the Wisdom of Jesus,relate to the same matters.The Book of Mashalim -the Disco rses of Proverbs of

Solomon -thus personifies Wisdom as the auxiliary of the Creator.In the Secret Wisdom of the East that

auxiliary is found collectively in the first emanations of Primeval Light the Seven Dhyani-Chohans,who

have been shown to be identical with the “Seven Spirits of the Presence ” of the Roman Catholics.] and

those who were devoted to its prosecution were first denominated sages,or wise men...Pythagoras

termed this system çãíùóéò ôùí äíôùí the Gnosis or Knowledge of things that are.Under the noble

designation of WISDOM the ancient teachers,the sages of India the magians of Persia and Babylon

the seers and prophets of Israel the hierophants of Egypt and Arabia and the philosophers of Greece

and the West included all knowledge which they considered as essentially divine;classifying a part as

esoteric and the remainder as exterior.The Rabbis called the exterior and secular series the Mercavah

as being the body or vehicle which contained the higher knowledge.[New Platonism and Alchemy,p.6 .]

Later on we shall speak of the law of silence imposed on eastern chelâs.

Page 53.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Some Reasons for Secrecy

(Page 56)The fact that the Occult Sciences have been withheld from the world at large and denied by the

Initiates to Humanity has often been made matter of complaint.It has been alleged that the Guardians of

the Secret Lore were selfish in withholding the “treasures ” of Archaic Wisdom;that it was positively

criminal to keep back such knowledge -“if any ” -from the men of Science etc.

Yet there must have been some very good reasons for it since from the very dawn of History such has

been the policy of every Hierophant and “Master.”Pythagoras,the first Adept and real Scientist in pre-

Christian Europe is accused of having taught in public the immobility of the earth and the rotary motion

of the stars around it while he was declaring to his privileged Adepts his belief in the motion of the Earth

as a planet and in the heliocentric system.The reasons for such secresy however are many and were

never made a mystery of.The chief cause as given in Isis Unveiled .It may now be repeated.

From the very day when the first mystic,taught by the first Instructor of the “divine Dynasties ”

of the early races,was taught the means of communication between this world and the worlds

of the invisible host between the sphere of matter and that of pure spirit he concluded that to

abandon this mysterious science to the desecration willing or unwilling of the profane rabble -

was to lose it.An abuse of it might lead mankind to speedy destruction;it was like surrounding

a group of children with explosive substances,and furnishing them with matches.The first

divine Instructor initiated but a select few and these kept silence with the multitudes.They

recognised their “God ”and each Adept felt the great “SELF ”within himself.The Atman the

Self the mighty Lord and Protector once that man knew him as the “ I am ”the “Ego Sum ”the

“Asmi ”showed his full power to him who could recognise the “still small voice.” From the days

of the primitive man described by the first Vedic poet down to our modern age there has not

been a philosopher worthy of that name who did not carry in the silent sanctuary of his heart

the grand and mysterious truth.If initiated he learnt it as a sacred science;if otherwise then

like Socrates,repeating to himself as well as his fellow-men the noble injunction “ O man

know thyself ” he succeeded in recognising his God within himself.

The Key of Practical Theurgy -

(Page 57)“Ye are Gods,”the king-psalmist tells us,and we find Jesus reminding the scribes

that this expression was addressed to other mortal men claiming for themselves the same

privilege without any blasphemy.And as a faithful echo Paul while asserting that we are all

“the temple of the living God ” cautiously remarked elsewhere that after all these things are

only for the “wise ” and it is “unlawful ”to speak of them.[ ii.317 318.Many verbal alterations

from the original text of Isis Unveiled were made by her quotations therefrom and

these are followed throughout.]

Some of the reasons for this secresy may be given.

Page 54.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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The fundamental law and master-key of practical Theurgy in its chief applications to the serious study of

cosmic and sidereal of psychic and spiritual mysteries was,and still is,that which was called by the

Greek Neoplatonist “Theophania.” In its generally-accepted meaning this is “communication between the

Gods (or God)and those initiated mortals who are spiritually fit to enjoy such an intercourse.”

Esoterically however it signifies more than this.For it is not only the presence of a God but an actual -

howbeit temporary -incarnation the blending so to say of the personal Deity the Higher Self with man -

its representative or agent on earth.As a general law the Highest God the Over-soul of the human being

(Atma-Buddhi),only overshadows the individual during his life for purposes of instruction and revelation;

or as Roman Catholics -who erroneously call that Over-soul the “Guardian Angel ” -would say “It stands

outside and watches.” But in the case of the theophanic mystery it incarnates itself in the Theurgist for

purposes of revelation.When the incarnation is temporary during those mysterious trances or “ecstasy ”

which Plotinus defined as

The liberation of the mind from its finite consciousness,becoming one and identified with the


this sublime condition is very short.The human soul being the offspring or emanation of its God the

“Father and the Son ” become one “the divine fountain flowing like a stream into its human bed.”

[ Proclus claims to have experienced this sublime ecstasy six times during his mystic life:Porphyry

asserts that Appollonius of Tyana was thus united four times to his deity -a statement which we believe

to be a mistake since Apollonius was a Nirmanakaya (divine incarnation -not Avatara)-and he

(Porphyry)only once when over sixty years of age.Theophany (or the actual appearance of a God to

man),Theopathy (or “assimilation of divine nature ”),and Theopneusty (inspiration or rather the

mysterious power to hear orally the teachings of a God)have never been rightly understood.] In

exceptional cases,however the mystery becomes complete;the (Page 58)Word is made Flesh in real

fact the individual becoming divine in the full sense of the term since his personal God has made of him

his permanent life-long tabernacle -“the temple of God ”as Paul says.

Now that which is meant here by the personal God of Man is,of course not his seventh Principle alone

as per se and in essence that is merely a bean of the infinite Ocean of Light.In conjunction with our

Divine Soul the Buddhi it cannot be called a Duad as it otherwise might since though formed from

Atma and Buddhi (the two higher Principles),the former is no entity but an emanation from the Absolute

and indivisible in reality from it.The personal God is not the Monad but indeed the prototype of the latter

what for want of a better term we call the manifested Karanatma [ Karana Sharira is the “causal ” body

and is sometimes said to be the “personal God.” And so it is,in one sense.] (Causal Soul),one of the

“seven ” and chief reservoirs of the human Monads or Egos.The latter are gradually formed and

strengthened during their incarnation-cycle by constant additions of individuality from the personalities in

which incarnates that androgynous,half-spiritual half-terrestrial principle partaking of both heaven and

earth called by the Vedantins Jiva and Vijnanamaya Kosha and by the Occultists the Manas (mind);

that in short which uniting itself partially with the Monad incarnates in each new birth.In perfect unity

with its (seventh)Principle the Spirit unalloyed it is the divine Higher Self as every student of

Theosophy knows.After every new incarnation Buddhi-Manas culls,so to say the aroma of the flower

called personality the purely earthly residue of which its dregs -is left to fade out as a shadow.This is

the most difficult -because so transcendentally metaphysical -portion of the doctrine.

As is repeated many a time in this and other works,it is not the Philosophers,Sages,and Adepts of

Page 55.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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antiquity who can ever be charged with idolatry.It is they in fact who recognising divine unity were the

only ones,owing to their initiation into the mysteries of Esotericism to understand correctly the

õðóíóéá(hyponea),or under-meaning of the anthropomorphism of the so-called Angels,Gods,and

Spiritual Beings of every kind.Each worshipping the one Divine Essence that pervades the whole world

of Nature reverenced but never worshipped or idolised any of these “Gods,” whether high or low -not

even his own personal Deity of which he was a Ray and to whom he appealed.[ This would be in one

sense Self-worship.]

The Ladder of Being -

(Page 59)The holy Triad emanates from the One and is the Tetraktys;the gods,daimons,and

souls are an emanation of the Triad.Heroes and men repeat the hierarchy in themselves.

Thus said Metrodorus of Chios,the Pythagorean the latter part of the sentence meaning that man has

within himself the seven pale reflections of the seven divine Hierarchies;his Higher Self is,therefore in

itself but the refracted beam of the direct Ray.He who regards the latter as an Entity in the usual sense

of the term is one of the “infidels and atheists,” spoken of by Epicurus,for he fastens on that God “the

opinions of the multitude ” -an anthropomorphism of the grossest kind.[“The Gods exist ” said Epicurus,

“but they are not what the hoi polloi (the multitude)suppose them to be.He is not an infidel or atheist

who denies the existence of Gods whom the multitude worship but he is such who fastens on the Gods

the opinions of the multitude.” ] The Adept and the Occultist know that “what are styled the Gods are only

the first principles ” (Aristotle).None the less they are intelligent conscious,and living “Principles,” the

Primary Seven Lights manifested from Light nmanifested -which to us is Darkness.They are the Seven

-exoterically four -Kumaras or “Mind-Born Sons ” of Brahma.And it is they again the Dhyan Chohans,

who are the prototypes in the aeonic eternity of lower Gods and hierarchies of divine Beings,at the

lowest end of which ladder of being are we -men.

Thus perchance Polytheism when philosophically understood may be a degree higher than even the

Monotheism of the Protestant say who limits and conditions the Deity in whom he persists in seeing the

Infinite but whose supposed actions make of that “Absolute and Infinite ” the most absurd paradox in

Philosophy.From this standpoint Roman Catholicism itself is immeasurably higher and more logical than

Protestantism though the Roman Church has been pleased to adopt the exotericism of the heathen

“multitude ”and to reject the Philosophy of pure Esotericism.

Thus every mortal has his immortal counterpart or rather his Archetype in heaven.This means that the

former is indissolubly united to the latter in each of his incarnations,and for the duration of the cycle of

births;only it is by the spiritual and intellectual Principle in him entirely distinct from the lower self never

through the earthly personality.Some of these are even liable to break the union altogether in case of

absence in the moral individual of binding viz.,of spiritual ties.Truly as Paracelsus puts it in his quaint

tortured (Page 60)phraseology man with his three (compound)Spirits is suspended like a foetus by all

three to the matrix of the Macrocosm;the thread which holds him united being the “Thread-Soul ”

Sutratma and Taijasa (the “Shining ” )of the Vedantins.And it is through this spiritual and intellectual

Principle in man though Taijasa -the Shining “because it has the luminous internal organ as its

associate ” -that man is thus united to his heavenly prototype never through his lower inner self or Astral

Body for which there remains in most cases nothing but to fade out.

Page 56.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Occultism or Theurgy teaches the means of producing such union.But it is the actions of man -his

personal merit alone -that can produce it on earth or determine its duration.This lasts from a few

seconds -a flash -to several hours,during which time the Theurgist or Theophanist is that

overshadowing “God ” himself;hence he becomes endowed for the time being with relative omniscience

and omnipotence.With such perfect (divine)Adepts as Buddha [ Esoteric,as exoteric,Buddhism rejects

the theory that Gautama was an incarnation or Avatara of Vishnu but teaches the doctrine as herein

explained.Every man has in him the materials,if not the conditions,for theophanic intercourse and

Theopneusty the inspiring “God ”being however in every case his own Higher Self or divine prototype .]

and others such a hypostatical state of avataric condition may last during the whole life;whereas in the

case of full Initiates,who have not yet reached the perfect state of Jivanmukta [ One entirely and

absolutely purified and having nothing in common with earth except his body.] Theopneusty when in full

sway results for the high Adept in a full recollection of everything seen heard or sensed.

Taijasa has fruition of the supersensible .[ Mand kyopanishad,4.]

For one less perfect it will end only in a partial indistinct remembrance;while the beginner has to face in

the first period of his psychic experiences a mere confusion followed by a rapid and finally complete

oblivion of the mysteries seen during this super-hypnotic condition.The degree of recollection when one

returns to his waking state and physical senses,depends on his spiritual and psychic purification the

greatest enemy of spiritual memory being man ’s physical brain the organ of his sensuous nature.

The above states are described for a clearer comprehension of terms used in this work.There are so

many and such various conditions and states that even a Seer is liable to confound one with the other.

Three Ways Open to the Adept -(Page 61)To repeat:the Greek,rarely-used word “Theophania ” meant

more with the Neoplatonists than it does with the modern maker of dictionaries.The compound word

Theophania ” (from “theos,” “God ” and “phainomai ” “to appear),” does not simply mean “ a manifestation

of God to man by act al appearance ” -an absurdity by the way -but the actual presence of a God in

man a divine incarnation.When Simon the Magician claimed to be “God the Father ” what he wanted to

convey was just that which has been explained namely that he was a divine incarnation of his own

Father whether we see in the latter an Angel a God or a Spirit;therefore he was called “that power of

God which is called great ” [ Acts viii 10 (Revised Version).] or that power which causes the Divine Self

to enshrine itself in its lower self -man.

This is one of the several mysteries of being and incarnation.Another is that when an Adept reaches

during his lifetime that state of holiness and purity that makes him “equal to the Angels,” then at death his

apparitional or astral body becomes as solid and tangible as was the late body and is transformed into

the real man.[ See the explanations given on the subject in “The Elixir of Life ” by G.M.(From a Chela ’s

Diary),Five Years of Theosophy.] The old physical body falling off like the cast-off serpent ’s skin the

body of the “new ” man remains either visible or at the option of the Adept disappears from view

surrounded as it is by the Akashic shell that screens it.In the latter case there are three ways open to the


(1)He may remain in the earth ’s sphere (Vayu or Kama-loka),in that ethereal locality concealed from

human sight save during flashes of clairvoyance.In this case his astral body owing to its great purity and

Page 57.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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spirituality having lost the conditions required for Akashic light (the nether or terrestrial ether)to absorb

its semi-material particles,the Adept will have to remain in the company of disintegrating shells -doing

no good or useful work.This,of course cannot be.

(2)He can by a supreme effort of will merge entirely into and get united with his Monad.By doing so

however we would (a)deprive his Higher Self of posthumous Samadhi -a bliss which is not real Nirvana

-the astral however pure being too earthly for such state;and (b)he would thereby open himself to

Karmic law;the action being in fact the outcome of personal selfishness -of reaping the fruits produced

by and for oneself -alone.

(3)The Adept has the option of renouncing conscious Nirvana and (Page 62)rest to work on earth for the

good of mankind.This he can do in a two-fold way:either as above said by consolidating his astral body

into physical appearance he can reassume the self-same personality;or he can avail himself of an

entirely new physical body whether that of a newly-born infant or -as Shânkarâcharya is reported to

have done with the body of a dead Rajah -by entering a deserted sheath ” and living in it as long as he

chooses.This is what is called “continuous existence.” The Section entitled “The Mystery about Buddha ”

will throw additional light on this theory to the profane incomprehensible or to the generality simply

absurd .Such is the doctrine taught everyone having the choice of either fathoming it still deeper or of

leaving it unnoticed.

The above is simply a small portion of what might have been given in Isis Unveiled had the time come

then as it has now.One cannot study and profit by Occult Science unless one gives himself up to it -

heart soul and body.Some of its truths are too awful too dangerous,for the average mind.None can

toy and play with such terrible weapons with impunity.Therefore it is,as St.Paul has it “unlawful ” to

speak of them.Let us accept the reminder and talk only of that which is “lawful.”

The quotation on p.56 relates,moreover only to psychic or spiritual Magic.The practical teachings of

Occult Science are entirely different and few are the strong minds fitted for them.As to ecstasy and

such like kinds of self-illumination this may be obtained by oneself and without any teacher or initiation

for ecstasy is reached by an inward command and control of Self over the physical Ego;as to obtaining

mastery over the forces of Nature this requires a long training or the capacity of one born a “natural

Magician.” Meanwhile those who possess neither of the requisite qualifications are strongly advised to

limit themselves to purely spiritual development.But even this is difficult as the first necessary

qualification is an unshakable belief in one ’s own powers and the Deity within oneself;otherwise a man

would simply develop into an irresponsible medium.Throughout the whole mystic literature of the ancient

world we detect the same idea of spiritual Esoterism that the personal God exists within nowhere

outside the worshipper.That personal Deity is no vain breath or a fiction but an immortal Entity the

Initiator of the Initiates,now that the heavenly or Celestial Initiators of primitive humanity -the Shishta of

the preceding cycles -are no more among us.Like an undercurrent rapid and clear it runs without

mixing its crystalline purity with the muddy troubled waters of dogmatism an enforced anthropomorphic

Deity and religious intolerance.

Man is God -(Page 63)We find this idea in the tortured and barbarous phraseology of the Codex

Nazarae s,and in the superb Neoplatonic language of the Fourth Gospel of the later Religion in the

oldest Veda and in the Avesta in the Abhidharma,in Kapila ’s Sankhya,and the Bhagavad Gitâ.We

Page 58.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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cannot attain Adeptship and Nirvana Bliss and the “Kingdom of Heaven ” unless we link ourselves

indissolubly with our Rex Lux the Lord of Splendour and of Light our immortal God within us.“Aham eva

param Brahman ”-“ I am verily the Supreme Brahman ”-has ever been the one living truth in the heart

and mind of the Adepts,and it is this which helps the Mystic to become one.One must first of all

recognize one ’s own immortal Principle and then only can one conquer or take the Kingdom of Heaven

by violence.Only this has to be achieved by the higher -not the middle nor the third -man the last one

being of dust.Nor can the second man the “Son ”-on this plane as his “Father ”is the Son on a still

higher plane -do anything without the assistance of the first the “Father.”But to succeed one has to

identify oneself with one ’s divine Parent.

The first man is of the earth earthy;the second [inner our higher ] man is the Lord from

heaven....Behold I show you a mystery.[ I.Cor.,xv.47.50 .]

Thus says Paul mentioning but the dual and trinitarian man for the better comprehension of the non-

initiated.But this is not all for the Dephic injunction has to be fulfilled:man must know himself in order to

become a perfect Adept.How few can acquire the knowledge however not merely in its inner mystical

but even in its literal sense for there are two meanings in this command of the Oracle.This is the

doctrine of Buddha and the Bodhisattvas pure and simple.

Such is also the mystical sense of what was said to Paul to the Corinthians about their being the “temple

of God ”for this meant Esoterically:

Ye are the temple of [the or your ] God and the Spirit of [a or your ] God dwelleth in you.[ I

Cor .iii.16.Has the reader ever meditated upon the suggestive words,often pronounced by

Jesus and his Apostles?“Be ye therefore perfect as your perfect ” (Matt .v.48),

says the Great Master.The words are “as perfect as your Father which is in heaven ”being

interpreted as meaning God.Now the utter absurdity of any man becoming as perfect as the

infinite all-perfect omniscient and omnipresent Deity is too apparent.If you accept it in such

a sense Jesus is made to utter the greatest fallacy.What was Esoterically meant is,“Your

Father who is above the material and astral man the highest Principle (save the Monad)

within man his own personal God or the God of his own personality of whom he is the

‘prison ’ and the ‘temple.’ “”If thou wilt be perfect (i.e .an Adept and Initiate)go and sell that

thou hast ”(Matt .xix.21).Every man who desired to become a neophyte a chela then as

now had to take the vow of poverty.The “Perfect ” was the name given to the Initiates of every

denomination.Plato calls them by that term.The Essenes had their “Perfect.”and Paul plainly

states that they the Initiates,can only speak before other Adepts.“We speak wisdom among

them [only ] that are perfect ”(I.Cor .ii.6).]

(Page 64)This carries precisely the same meaning as the “ I am verily Brahman ”of the Vedantin.Nor is the

latter assertion more blasphemous than the Pauline -if there were any blasphemy in either which is

denied.Only the Vedantin who never refers to his body as being himself or even a part of himself or

aught else but an illusory form for others to see him in constructs his assertion more openly and

sincerely than was done by Paul.

The Delphic command “Know thyself ” was perfectly comprehensible to every nation of old.So it is now

save to the Christians,since with the exception of the Mussulmans,it is part and parcel of every Eastern

Page 59.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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religion including the Kabalistically instructed Jews.To understand its full meaning however

necessitates,first of all belief in Reincarnation and all its mysteries;not as laid down in the doctrine of

the French Reincarnationists of the Allan Kardec school but as they are expounded and taught by

Esoteric Philosophy.Man must in short know who he was,before he arrives at knowing what he is.And

how many are there among Europeans who are capable of developing within themselves an absolute

belief in their past and future reincarnations,in general even as a law let alone mystic knowledge of

one ’s immediately precedent life?Early education tradition and training of thought everything is

opposing itself during their whole lives to such a belief.Cultured people have been brought up in that

most pernicious idea that the wide difference found between the units of one and the same mankind or

even race is the result of chance;that the gulf between man and man in their respective social positions,

birth intellect physical and mental capacities -every one of which qualifications has a direct influence on

every human life -that all this is simply due to blind hazard only the most pious among them finding

equivocal consolation in the idea that it is “the will of God.” They have never analysed never stopped to

think of the depth of the opprobrium that is thrown upon their God once the grand and most equitable

law of the manifold re-births of man upon this earth is foolishly rejected.Men and women anxious to be

regarded as Christians,often truly and sincerely trying to lead a Christ-like life have never paused to

reflect over the words of their own Bible.

Jesus Taught Reincarnation -(Page 65)“Art thou Elias?” the Jewish priests and Levites asked the

Baptist.[ John,i.21.] Their Saviour taught His disciples this grand truth of the Esoteric Philosophy but

verily if His Apostles comprehended it no one else seems to have realised its true meaning.No;not

even Nicodemus,who to the assertion:“Except a man be born again [John,iii “Born ” from above viz.,

from his Monad or divine EGO the seventh Principle which remains till the end of the Kalpa the nucleus

of and at the same time the overshadowing Principle as the Karanatma (Causal Soul)of the personality

in every rebirth.In this sense the sentence “born anew ” means “descends from above ” the last two

words having no reference to heaven or space neither of which can be limited or located since one is a

state and the other infinite hence having no cardinal points.(See New Testament,Revised Version

loc.cit.)] he cannot see the Kingdom of God ” answers:“How can a man be born when he is old?” and is

forthwith reproved by the remark:“Art thou a Master in Israel and knowest not these things?-as no one

had a right to call himself a “Master ” and Teacher without having been initiated into the mysteries (a)of a

spiritual re-birth through water fire and spirit and (b)of the re-birth from flesh.[ This can have no

reference to Christian Baptism,since there was none in the days of Nicodemus and he could not

therefore know anything of it even though a “Master.”] Then again what can be a clearer expression as

to the doctrine of manifold re-births than the answer given by Jesus to the Sadducees,“who deny that

there is any resurrection ” i.e.,any re-birth since the dogma of the resurrection in the flesh is now

regarded as an absurdity even by the intelligent clergy:

They who shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world [Nirvana ] [ This word translated in

the New Testament “world ”to suit the official interpretation means rather an “age ”(as shown

in the Revised Version )or one of the periods during the Manvantara a Kalpa or Aeon.

Esoterically the sentence would read:“He who shall reach through a series of births and

Karmic law the state in which Humanity shall find itself after the Seventh Round and the

Seventh Race when comes Nirvana Moksha and when man becomes ‘equal unto the

Angels ’ of Dhyan Chohans,is a ‘son of the resurrection ’ and ‘can die no more ’:then there will

be no marriage as there will be no difference of sexes ”-a result of our present materiality and

animalism .]....neither marry ...Neither can they die any more

Page 60.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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which shows that they had already died and more than once.And again:

Now that the dead are raised even Moses shewed ...He calleth the Lord the God of

Abraham and the God of Isaac,and the God of Jacob for he is not a God of the dead but of

the living.[ L ke,xx.27-38.]

The sentence “now that the dead are raised ” evidently applied to the then actual re-births of the Jacobs

and the Isaacs,and not to their (Page 66)future resurrection;for in such case they would have been still

dead in the interim and could not be referred to as “the living.”

But in the most suggestive of Christ ’s parables and “dark sayings ” is found in the explanation given by

him to his Apostles about the blind man:

Master who did sin this man or his parents,that he was born blind?Jesus answered Neither

hath this [blind physical ] man sinned nor his parents;but that the works of [his ] God should be

made manifest in him.[ John ix.2.3.]

Man is the “tabernacle ” the “building ” only of his God;and of course it is not the temple but its inmate -

the vehicle of “God ” [The conscious Ego of Fifth Principle Manas,the vehicle of the divine Monad or

“God ”.] that had sinned in a previous incarnation and had thus brought the Karma of cecity upon the new

building.Thus Jesus spoke truly;but to this day his followers have refused to understand the words of

wisdom spoken.The Saviour is shown by his followers as though he were paving by his words and

explanation the way to a preconceived programme that had to lead to an intended miracle.Verily the

Grand Martyr has remained thenceforward and for eighteen centuries,the Victim crucified daily far more

cruelly by his clerical disciples and lay followers than he ever could have been by his allegorical enemies.

For such is the true sense of the words “that the works of God should be made manifest in him ” in the

light of theological interpretation and a very undignified one it is,if the Esoteric explanation is rejected.

Doubtless the above will be regarded as fresh blasphemy.Nevertheless there are a number of Christians

whom we know -whose hearts go out as strongly to their ideal of Jesus,as their souls are repelled from

the theological picture of the official Saviour -who will reflect over our explanation and find in it no

offence but perchance a relief.

Page 61.

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The Dangers of Practical Magic

(Page 67)MAGIC is a dual power:nothing is easier than to turn it into Sorcery;an evil tho ght suffices for

it.Therefore while theoretical Occultism is harmless,and may do good practical Magic,or the fruits of

the Tree of Life and Knowledge [ Some Symbologists relying on the correspondence of numbers and the

symbols of certain things and personages,refer these “secrets ” to the mystery of generation.But it is

more than this.The glyph of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil ” has no doubt a phallic and sexual

element in it as has the “Woman and the Serpent ” ;but it has also a psychical and spiritual significance.

Symbols are meant to yield more than one meaning.] or otherwise the “Science of Good and Evil ” is

fraught with dangers and perils.For the study of theoretical Occultism there are no doubt a number of

works that may be read with profit besides such books as the Finer Forces of Nat re,etc.the Zohar,

Sepher Jetzirah,The Book of Enoch,Franck ’s Kabalah,and many Hermetic treatises.These are scarce

in European languages,but works in Latin by the mediaeval Philosophers,generally known as

Alchemists and Rosicrucians,are plentiful.But even the perusal of these may prove dangerous for the

unguided student.If approached without the right key to them and if the student is unfit owing to mental

incapacity for Magic,and is thus unable to discern the Right from the Left Path let him take our advice

and leave this study alone;he will only bring on himself and on his family unexpected woes and sorrows,

never suspecting whence they come nor what are the powers awakened by his mind being bent on

them.Works for advanced students are many but these can be placed at the disposal of only sworn or

“pledged ” chelas (disciples),those who have pronounced the ever-binding oath and who are therefore

helped and protected.For all other purposes,well-intentioned as such works may (Page 68)be they can

only mislead the unwary and guide them imperceptibly to Black Magic or Sorcery -if to nothing worse.

The mystic characters,alphabets and numerals found in the divisions and sub-divisions of the Great

Kabalah are perhaps,the most dangerous portions in it and especially the numerals.We say

dangerous,because they are the most prompt to produce effects and results and this with or without the

experimenter ’s will even without his knowledge.Some students are apt to doubt this statement simply

because after manipulating these numerals they have failed to notice any dire physical manifestation or

result.Such results would be found the least dangerous:it is the moral causes produced and the various

events developed and brought to an unforeseen crisis,that would testify to the truth of what is now stated

had the lay students only the power of discernment.

The point of departure of that special branch of the Occult teaching known as the “Science of

Correspondences,”numerical or literal or alphabetical has for its epigraph with the Jewish and

Christian Kabalists,the two mis-interpreted verses which say that God ordered all things in

number measure and weight;[ Wisdom,xi.21.Douay version ]


He created her in the Holy Ghost and saw her and numbered her and measured her.[

Ecclesiasticus,i.9.Douay version.]

But the Eastern Occultists have another epigraph:“Absol te Unity,x,within number and plurality.” Both

the Western and the Eastern students of the Hidden Wisdom hold to this axiomatic truth.Only the latter

Page 62.

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are perhaps more sincere in their confessions.Instead of putting a mask on their Science they show her

face openly even if they do veil carefully her heart and soul before the inappreciative public and the

profane who are ever ready to abuse the most sacred truths for their own selfish ends.But Unity is the

real basis of the Occult Sciences -physical and metaphysical.This is shown even by Eliphas Levi the

learned Western Kabalist inclined as he is to be rather jesuitical.He says:

Absolute Unity is the supreme and final reason of things.Therefore that reason can be neither

one person nor three persons;it is Reason and preeminently Reason (raison par excellence ).

[ Dogme et Rit el de la Ha te Magie,i,361 .]

Names are Symbols -(Page 69)The meaning of this Unity in Plurality in “God ” or Nature can be solved

only by the means of transcendental methods,by numerals,as by the correspondences between soul

and the Soul.Names,in the Kabalah,as in the Bible such as Jehovah Adam Kadmon Eve Cain Abel

Enoch are all of them more intimately connected by geometrical and astronomical relations,with

Physiology (or Phallicism)than with Theology or Religion.Little as people are as yet prepared to admit it

this will be shown to be a fact.If all those names are symbols for things hidden as well as for those

manifested in the Bible as in the Vedas,their respective mysteries differ greatly.Plato ’s motto “God

geometrises ” was accepted by both Aryans and Jews;but while the former applied their Science of

Correspondences to veil the most spiritual and sublime truths of Nature the latter used their acumen to

conceal only one -to them the most divine -of the mysteries of Evolution namely that of birth and

generation and then they deified the organs of the latter.

Apart from this,every cosmogony from the earliest to the latest is based upon interlinked with and most

closely related to numerals and geometric figures.Questioned by an Initiate these figures and numbers

will yield numerical values based on the integral values of the Circle -“the secret habitat of the ever-

invisible Deity ” as the Alchemists have it -as they will yield every other Occult particular connected with

such mysteries,whether anthropographical anthroplogical cosmic,or psychical.“In reuniting Ideas to

Numbers,we can operate upon Ideas in the same way as upon Numbers,and arrive at the Mathematics

of Truth ”writes an Occultist who shows his great wisdom in desiring to remain unknown.

Any Kabalist well acquainted with the Pythagorean system of numerals and geometry can

demonstrate that the metaphysical views of Plato were based upon the strictest mathematical

principles.“True mathematics,”says the Magicon “is something with which all higher sciences

are connected;common mathematics is but a deceitful phantasmagoria whose much praised

infallibility only arises from this -that materials,conditions and references are made to


The cosmological theory of numerals which Pythagoras learned in India and from the

Egyptian Hierophants is alone able to reconcile the two units,matter and spirit and cause

each to demonstrate the other mathematically.The sacred numbers of the universe in their

esoteric combination can alone solve the great problem and explain the theory of radiation

and the cycle of the emanations.The lower orders,before they develop into higher ones,must

emanate from the (Page 70)higher spiritual ones,and when arrived at the turning-point be

reabsorbed into the infinite.[Isis Unveiled,i 6,7.]

It is upon these true Mathematics that the knowledge of the Kosmos and of all mysteries rests,and to

Page 63.

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one acquainted with them it is the easiest thing possible to prove that both Vaidic and Biblical structures

are based upon “God-in-Nature ” and “Nature-in-God ” as the radical law.Therefore this law -as

everything else immutable and fixed in eternity -could find a correct expression only in those purest

transcendental Mathematics referred to by Plato especially in Geometry as transcendentally applied.

Revealed to men -we fear not and will not retract the expression -in this geometrical and symbolical

garb Truth has grown and developed into additional symbology invented by man for the wants and

better comprehension of the masses of mankind that came too late in their cyclic development and

evolution to have shared in the primitive knowledge and would never have grasped it otherwise.If later

on the clergy -crafty and ambitious of power in every age -anthropomorphised and degraded abstract

ideals,as well as the real and divine Beings who do exist in Nature and are the Guardians and

Protectors of our manvantaric world and period the fault and guilt rests with those would-be leaders,not

with the masses.

But the day has come when the gross conceptions of our forefathers during the Middle Ages can no

longer satisfy the thoughtful religionist.The mediaeval Alchemist and Mystic are now transformed into the

sceptical Chemist and Physicist;and most of them are found to have turned away from truth on account

of the purely anthropomorphic ideas,the gross Materialism of the forms in which it is presented to them.

Therefore future generations have either to be gradually initiated into the truths underlying Exoteric

Religions,including their own or to be left to break the feet of clay of the last of the gilded idols.No

educated man or woman would turn away from any of the now called “superstitions,” which they believe

to be based on nursery tales and ignorance if they could only see the basis of fact that underlies every

“superstition.” But let them once learn for a certainty that there is hardly a claim in the Occult Sciences

that is not founded on philosophical and scientific facts in Nature and they will pursue the study of those

Sciences with the same if not with greater ardour than that they have expended in shunning them.This

cannot be achieved at once for to benefit mankind such truths have to be revealed gradually and with

great caution the public mind not being prepared for them.

The Three Mothers -(Page 71)However much the Agnostics of our age may find themselves in the

mental attitude demanded by Modern Science people are always apt to cling to their old hobbies so long

as the remembrance of them lasts.They are like the Emperor Julian -called the Apostate because he

loved truth too well to accept aught else -who though in his last Theophany he beheld his beloved Gods

as pale worn-out and hardly discernible shadows,nevertheless clung to them.Let then the world cling

to its Gods,to whatever plane or realm they may belong.The true Occultist would be guilty of high

treason to mankind were he to break forever the old deities before he could replace them with the whole

and unadulterated truth -and this he cannot do as yet.Nevertheless,the reader may be allowed to learn

at least the alphabet of that truth.He may be shown at any rate what the Gods and Goddesses of the

Pagans,denounced as demons by the Church are not if he cannot learn the whole and final truth as to

what they are.Let him assure himself that the Hermetic “Tres Matres,” and the “Three Mothers ” of the

Sepher Jetzirah are one and the same thing;that they are no Demon-Goddesses,but Light Heat and

Electricity and then perchance the learned classes will spurn them no longer.After this,the Rosicrucian

Illuminati may find followers even in the Royal Academies,which will be more prepared perhaps,than

they are now to admit the grand truths of archaic Natural Philosophy especially when their learned

members shall have assured themselves that in the dialect of Hermes,the “Three Mothers ” stand as

symbols for the whole of the forces or agencies which have a place assigned to them in the modern

system of the “correlation of forces.” [ “Synesius mentions books of stone which he found in the temple of

Memphis,on one of which was engraved the following sentence:‘One nat re delights in another one

nature overcomes another one nature overrules another and the whole of them are one ’.” “The inherent

Page 64.

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restlessness of matter is embodied in the saying of Hermes:‘Action is he life of Phta ’:and Orpheus calls

nature ÷ïëõìç÷áíïò ìáôçñ ‘the mother that makes many things,’ or the ingenious,the contiving the

inventive mother.”-Isis Unveiled.i.257.]Even the polytheism of the “superstitious ”Brâhman and idolater

shows its raison d ’être,since the three Shaktis of the three great Gods,Brahma Vishnu and Shiva are

identical with the “Three Mothers ”of the monotheistic Jew.

The whole of the ancient religious and mystical literature is symbolical.The Books of Hermes,the Zohar,

the Ya-Yakav,the Egyptian Book of the Dead,(Page 72)the Vedas,the Upanishads,and the Bible are as

full of symbolism as are the Nabathean revelations of the Chaldaic Qu-tâmy;it is a loss of time to ask

which is the earliest;all are simply different versions of the one primeval Record of prehistoric knowledge

and revelation.

The first four chapters of Genesis contain the synopsis of all the rest of the Pentate ch,being only the

various versions of the same thing in different allegorical and symbolical applications.Having discovered

that the Pyramid of Cheops with all its measurements is to be found contained in its minutest details in

the structure of Solomon ’s Temple;and having ascertained that the biblical names Shem Ham and

Japhet are determinative

of pyramid measures,in connection with the 600-year period of Noah and the 500-year period

of Shem Ham and Japhet:...the term “Sons of Elohim ”and “Daughters ”of H-Adam [are ] for

one thing astronomical terms,[ So rce of Measures.p.x.]

the author of the very curious work already mentioned -a book very little known in Europe we regret to

say -seems to see nothing in his discovery beyond the presence of Mathematics and Metrology in the

Bible .He also arrives at most unexpected and extraordinary conclusions,such as are very little

warranted by the facts discovered.His impression seems to be that because the Jewish biblical names

are all astronomical therefore the Scriptures of all the other nations can be “only this and nothing more.”

But this is a great mistake of the erudite and wonderfully acute author of The So rce of Measures,if he

really thinks so.The “Key to the Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery ” unlocks but a certain portion of the hieratic

writings of these two nations,and leaves those of other peoples untouched.His idea is that the Kabalah

“is only that sublime Science upon which Masonry is based ” ,in fact he regards Masonry as the

substance of the Kabalah,and the latter as the “rational basis of the Hebrew text of Holy Writ.” About this

we will not argue with the author.But why should all those who may have found in the Kabalah

something beyond “the sublime Science ”upon which Masonry is alleged to have been built be held up to

public contempt?

In its exclusiveness and one-sidedness such a conclusion is pregnant with future misconceptions and is

absolutely wrong.In its uncharitable criticism it throws a slur upon the “Divine Science ”itself.

The Bible and Word -Juggling -(Page 73)The Kabalah is indeed “of the essence of Masonry ”but it is

dependent on Metrology only in one of its aspects the less Esoteric,as even Plato made no secret that

the Deity was ever geometrising.For the uninitiated however learned and endowed with genius they

may be the Kabalah which treats only of “the garment of God ”or the veil and cloak of truth

Page 65.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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is built from the ground upward with a practical application to present uses.[ Masonic Review,

July 1886 ]

Or in other words represents an exact Science only on the terrestrial plane.To the initiated the Kabalistic

Lord descends from the primeval Race generated spiritually from the “Mind-born Seven.”Having

reached the Earth the Divine Mathematics -a synonym for Magic in his day as we are told by Josephus -

veiled her face.Hence the most important secret yet yielded by her in our modern day is the identity of

the old Roman measures and the present British measures of the Hebrew-Egyptian cubit and the

Masonic inch.[See So rce of Measures pp.47 -50 et pass.]

The discovery is most wonderful and has led to further and minor unveilings of various riddles in

reference to Symbology and biblical names.It is thoroughly understood and proven as shown by

Nachanides,that in the days of Moses the initial sentence in Genesis was made to read B ’rash ithbara

Elohim,or “In the head-source [ or Mûlaprakriti -the Rootless Root ] developed [or evolved ] the Gods

[Elohim ] the heavens and the earth;”whereas it is now owing to the Massora and theological cunning

transformed into B ’rashith bara Elohim,or “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth ”-

which word juggling alone has led to materialistic anthropomorphism and dualism.] How many more

similar instances may not be found in the Bible the last and latest of the Occult works of antiquity?There

is no longer any doubt in the mind of the Occultist that notwithstanding its form and outward meaning

the Bible -as explained by the Zohar or Midrash,the Yetsirah (Book of Creation)and the Commentary

on the Ten Sephiroth (by Azariel Ben Manachem of the X11th century)-is part and parcel of the Secret

Doctrine of the Aryans,which explains in the same manner the Vedas and all other allegorical books.The

Zohar in teaching that the Impersonal One Cause manifests in the Universe through Its Emanations,the

Sephiroth -that Universe being in its (Page 74)totality simply the veil woven from the Deity ’s own

substance -is undeniably the copy and faithful echo of the earliest Vedas .Taken by itself without the

additional help of the Vaidic and of Brahmanical literature in general the Bible will never yield the

universal secrets of Occult Nature.The cubits inches,and measures of this physical plane will never

solve the problems of the world on the spiritual plane -for Spirit can neither be weighed nor measured.

The working out of these problems is reserved for the “mystics and the dreamers ”who alone are capable

of accomplishing it.

Moses was an initiated priest versed in all the mysteries and the Occult knowledge of the Egyptian

temples -hence thoroughly acquainted with primitive Wisdom.It is in the latter that the symbolical and

astronomical meaning of that “Mystery of Mysteries,”the Great Pyramid has to be sought.And having

been so familiar with the geometrical secrets that lay concealed for long aeons in her strong bosom -the

measurements and proportions of the Kosmos,our little Earth included -what wonder that he should

have made use of his knowledge?The Esoterism of Egypt was that of the whole world at one time.

During the long ages of the Third Race it had been the heirloom in common of the whole of mankind

received from their Instructors,the “Sons of Light ”the primeval Seven.There was a time also when the

Wisdom-Religion was not symbolical for it became Esoteric only gradually the change being

necessitated by misuse and by the Sorcery of the Atlanteans.For it was the “misuse ”only and not the

use of the divine gift that led the men of the Fourth Race to Black Magic and Sorcery and finally to

become “forgetful of Wisdom ” ;while those of the Fifth Race the inheritors of the Rishis of the Treta

Yuga used their powers to atrophise such gifts in mankind in general and then as the “Elect Root ”

dispersed.Those who escaped the “Great Flood ”preserved only its memory and a belief founded on the

knowledge of their direct fathers of one remove that such a Science existed and was now jealously

guarded by the “Elect Root ”exalted by Enoch.But there must again come a time when man shall once

Page 66.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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more become what he was during the second Yuga (age),when his probationary cycle shall be over and

he shall gradually become what he was -semi-corporeal and pure.Does not Plato the Initiate tell us in

the Phaedrus all that man once was and that which he may yet again become:

Before man ’s spirit sank into sensuality and became embodied through the loss of his wings,

he lived among the Gods in the airy spiritual world where everything is true and pure.[ See

Cary's translation pp.322 323.]

Moses and the Jews -(Page 75 )Elsewhere he speaks of the time when men did not perpetuate

themselves,but lived as pure spirits.

Let those men of Science who feel inclined to laugh at this,themselves unravel the mystery of the origin

of the first man.

Unwilling that his chosen people -chosen by him -should remain as grossly idolatrous as the profane

masses that surrounded them Moses utilised his knowledge of cosmogonical mysteries of the Pyramid

to build upon it the Genesiacal Cosmogony in symbols and glyphs.This was more accessible to the

minds of the hoi polloi than the abstruse truths taught to the educated in the sanctuaries.He invented

nothing but the outward garb added not one iota;but in this he merely followed the example of older

nations and Initiates.If he clothed the grand truths revealed to him by his Hierophant under the most

ingenious imagery he did it to meet the requirements of the Israelites;that stiff-necked race would accept

no God unless He were as anthropomorphic as those of the Olympus;and he himself failed to foresee

the times when highly educated statesmen would be defending the husks of the fruit of wisdom that grew

and developed in him on Mount Sinai when communing with his own personal God -his divine Self.

Moses understood the great danger of delivering such truths to the selfish for he understood the fable of

Prometheus and remembered the past.Hence he veiled them from the profanation of public gaze and

gave them out allegorically.And this is why his biographer says of him that when he descended from


Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone ...And he put a veil upon his face.[ Exod s.

xxxiv.29 33.]

And so he “put a veil ”upon the face of his Pentate ch;and to such an extent that using orthodox

chronology only 3376 years after the event people begin to acquire a conviction that it is “ a veil indeed.”

It is not the face of God or even of a Johovah shining through;not even the face of Moses,but verily the

faces of the later Rabbis.

No wonder if Clemens wrote in the Stromateis that:

Similar then to the Hebrew enigmas in respect to concealment are those of the Egyptians

also.[ Op,cit.,V,vii.]

Page 67.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Old Wine in New Bottles

(Page 76)IT is more than likely that the Protestants in the days of the Reformation knew nothing of the

true origin of Christianity or to be more explicit and correct of Latin Ecclesiasticism.Nor is it probable

that the Greek Church knew much of it the separation between the two having occurred at a time when

in the struggle for political power the Latin Church was securing at any cost the alliance of the highly

educated the ambitious and influential Pagans,while these were willing to assume the outward

appearance of the new worship provided they were themselves kept in power.There is no need to

remind the reader here of the details of that struggle well-known to every educated man.It is certain that

the highly cultivated Gnostics and their leaders -such men as Saturnilus,an uncompromising ascetic,as

Marcion Valentinus,Basilides,Menander and Cerinthus -were not stigmatised by the (now)Latin

Church because they were heretics,nor because their tenets and practices were indeed “ob t rpit dinem

portentosam nimi m et horribilem,”“monstrous,revolting abominations,” as Baronius says of those of

Carpocrates ;but simply because they knew too much of fact and truth.Kenneth R.H.Mackenzie

correctly remarks;

They were stigmatised by the later Roman Church because they came into conflict with the

purer Church of Christianity -the possession of which was usurped by the Bishops of Rome

but which original continues in its docility towards the founder in the Primitive Orthodox Greek

Church.[ The Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia nder “Gnosticism.”]

Unwilling to accept the responsibility of gratuitous assumptions,the writer deems it best to prove this

inference by more than one personal and defiant admission of an ardent Roman Catholic writer evidently

entrusted with the delicate task by the Vatican.

Copies That Ante-Dated Originals -(Page 77)The Marquis de Mirville makes desperate efforts to

explain to the Catholic interest certain remarkable discoveries in Archaeology and Palaeography though

the Church is cleverly made to remain outside of the quarrel and defence.This is undeniably shown by

his ponderous volumes addressed to the Academy of France between 1803 and 1865.Seizing the

pretext of drawing the attention of the materialistic “Immortals ”to the “epidemic of Spiritualism ”the

invasion of Europe and America by a numberless host of Satanic forces,he directs his efforts towards

proving the same by giving the full Genealogies and the Theogony of the Christian and Pagan deities,

and by drawing parallels between the two.All such wonderful likenesses and identities are only “seeming

and superficial ”he assures the reader.Christian symbols,and even characters,Christ the Virgin

Angels and Saints,tells them were all personated centuries beforehand by the fiends of hell in order to

discredit eternal truth by their ungodly copies.By their knowledge of futurity the devils anticipated events,

having discovered the secrets of the Angels.”Heathen Deities,all the Sun-Gods,named Sotors -

Saviours -born of immaculate mothers and dying a violent death were only Ferouers [In the Fero ers

and Devs of Jacobi (Letters F.and D.)the word “ferouer ”is explained in the following manner:The

Ferouer is a part of the creature (whether man or animal)of which it is the type and which it survives.It is

the Nous of the Greeks,therefore divine and immortal and thus can hardly be the Devil or the satanic

copy De Mirville would represent it (See Memoires de l ’Academie des Inscriptions Vol.XXXV11 P.623

and chap.xxxix.p.749).Foucher contradicts him entirely.The Ferouer was never the “principle of

sensations,”but always referred to the most divine and pure portion of Man ’s Ego -the spiritual principle.

Anquetil says the Ferouer is the purest portion of man ’s soul.The Persian Dev is the antithesis of the

Page 68.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Ferouer for the Dev has been transformed by Zoroaster into the Genius of Evil (whence the Christian

Devil),but even the Dev is only finite:for having become possessed of the soul of man by s rpation it

will have to leave it at the great day of Retribution.The Dev obsesses the soul of the defunct for three

days during which the soul wanders about the spot at which it was forcibly separated from its body the

Ferouer ascends to the region of eternal Light.It was an unfortunate idea that made the noble Marquis

de Mirville imagine the Ferouer to be a “satanic copy ” of a divine original.By calling all the Gods of the

Pagans -Apollo Osiris,Brahma Ormazd Bel etc.the “Ferouers of Christ and of the chief Angels,”he

merely exhibits the God and the Angels he would honour as inferior to the Pagan Gods,as man is inferior

to his Soul and Spirit:since the Ferouer is the immortal part of the mortal being of which it is the type and

which it survives.Perchance the poor author is unconsciously prophetic:and Apollo Brahma Ormazd

Osiris,etc.are destined to survive and replace -as eternal cosmic verities -the evanescent fictions

about the God Christ and Angels of the Latin Church!]-as they were called by the Zoroastrians -the

demon-ante-dated copies (copies anticipées )of the Messiah to come

The danger of recognition of such facsimiles had indeed lately become dangerously great.It had lingered

threateningly in the air hanging like a sword of Damocles over the Church since the days of Voltaire

Dupuis and other writers on similar lines.The discoveries (Page 78)of the Egyptologists,the finding of

Assyrian and Babylonian pre-Mosaic relics bearing the legend of Moses [ See George Smith's Babylon

and other works ]and especially the many rationalistic works published in England such as S pernat ral

Religion made recognition unavoidable.Hence the appearance of Protestant and Roman Catholic

writers deputed to explain the inexplicable;to reconcile the face of Divine Revelation with the mystery

that the divine personages,rites,dogmas and symbols of Christianity were so often identical with those

of the several great heathen religions.The former -the Protestant defenders -tried to explain it on the

ground of “prophetic,precursory ideas ” ;the Latinists,such as De Mirville by inventing a double set of

Angels and Gods,the one divine and true the other -the earlier -“copies ante-dating the originals ”and

due to a clever plagiarism by the Evil One.The Protestant stratagem is an old one that of the Roman

Catholics is so old that it has been forgotten and is as good as new.Dr.Lundy ’s Mon mental Christianity

and A Miracle in Stone belong to the first attempts.De.Mirville ’s Pne matologie to the second.In India

and China every such effort on the part of the Scotch and other missionaries ends in laughter and does

no harm;the plan devised by the Jesuits is more serious.De Mirville ’s volumes are thus very important

as they proceed from a source which has undeniably the greatest learning of the age at its service and

this coupled with all the craft and casuistry that the sons of Loyola can furnish.The Marquis de Mirville

was evidently helped by the acutest minds in the service of Rome.

He begins by not only admitting the justice of every imputation and charge made against the Latin

Church as to the originality of her dogmas,but by taking a seeming delight in anticipating such charges;

for he points to every dogma of Christianity as having existed in Pagan rituals in Antiquity.The whole

Pantheon of Heathen Deities is passed in review by him and each is shown to have had some point of

resemblance with the Trinitarian personages and Mary.There is hardly a mystery a dogma or a rite in

the Latin Church that is not shown by the author as having been “parodied by the Curvati ”-the “Curved ”

the Devils.All this being admitted and explained the Symbologists ought to be silenced.And so they

would be if there were no materialistic critics to reject such omnipotency of the Devil in this world.For if

Rome admits the likenesses,she also claims the right of judgment between the true and the false

Avatâra the real and the unreal God between the original and the copy -though the copy precedes the

original by millenniums.

Page 69.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Which Were the Thieves?-(Page 79)Our author proceeds to argue that whenever the missionaries try

to convert an idolater they are invariably answered:

We had our Crucified before yours.What do you come to show us?[This is as fanciful as it is

arbitrary.Where is the Hindu or Buddhist who would speak of his “Crucified ’?] Again what

should we gain by denying the mysterious side of this copy under the plea that according to

Weber all the present P ranas are remade from older ones,since here we have in the same

order of personages a positive precedence which no one would ever think of contesting.[Op.

cit.,iv.237 ]

And the author instances Buddha Krishna Apollo etc.Having admitted all this he escapes the difficulty

in this wise:

The Church Fathers,however who recognised their own property under all such sheep ’s

clothing ...knowing by means of the Gospel ...all the ruses of the pretended spirits of light;

the Fathers,we say meditating upon the decisive words,“all that ever came before me are

robbers ”(John,x.8),did not hesitate in recognising the Occult agency at work the general

and superhuman direction given beforehand to falsehood the universal attribute and

environment of all these false Gods of the nations;“omnes dii genti m daemonia (elilim ).”

(Psalm xcv.)[ Loc cit.,250.]

With such a policy everything is made easy.There is not one glaring resemblance not one fully proven

identity that could not thus be made away with.The above-quoted cruel selfish self-glorifying words,

placed by John in the mouth of Him who was meekness and charity personified could never have been

pronounced by Jesus.The Occultists reject the imputation indignantly and are prepared to defend the

man as against the God by showing whence come the words,plagiarised by the author of the Fourth

Gospel.They are taken bodily from the “Prophecies ”in the Book of Enoch .The evidence on this head of

the learned biblical scholar Archbishop Laurence and of the author of the Evol tion of Christianity who

edited the translation may be brought forward to prove the fact.On the last page of the Introduction to

the Book of Enoch is found the following passage:

The parable of the sheep rescued by the good Shepherd from hireling guardians and ferocious

wolves,is obviously borrowed by the fourth Evangelist from (Page 80)Enoch,Ixxxix,in which

the author depicts the shepherds as killing and destroying the sheep before the advent of the

Lord and this discloses the true meaning of that hitherto mysterious passage in the Johannine

parable -“All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers ”-language in which we now

detect an obvious reference to the allegorical shepherds of Enoch.

“Obvious ”truly and something else besides.For if Jesus pronounced the words in the sense attributed

to him then he must have read the Book of Enoch -a purely Kabalistic,Occult work,and he therefore

recognised the worth and value of a treatise now declared apocryphal by his Churches.Moreover he

could not have been ignorant that these words belonged to the oldest ritual of Inititation.

[“Q ” :Who knocks at the door?

A.:The good cowherd.

Page 70.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Q.:Who preceded thee?

A.:The three robbers.

Q.:Who follows thee?

A.:The three murderers,” etc.etc.”

Now this is the conversation that took place between the priest-initiators and the candidates

for initiation during the mysteries enacted in the oldest sanctuaries of the Himalayan

fastnesses.The ceremony is still performed to this day in one of the most ancient temples in a

secluded spot of Nepaul.It originated with the Mysteries of the first Krishna passed to the

First Tirthankara and ended with Buddha and is called the Kurukshetra rite being enacted as

a memorial of the great battle and death of the divine Adept.It is not Masonry but an initiation

into the Occult teachings of that Hero-Occultism pure and simple.]

And if he had not read it and the sentence belongs to John or whoever wrote the Fourth Gospel then

what reliance can be placed on the authenticity of other sayings and parables attributed to the Christian


Thus,De Mirville ’s illustration is an unfortunate one.Every other proof brought by the Church to show the

infernal character of the ante-and-anti-Christian copyists may be easily disposed of.This is perhaps

unfortunate but it is a fact nevertheless -Magna est veritas et prevalebit.

The above is the answer to the Occultists to the two parties who charge them incessantly the one with

“Superstition.”and the other with “Sorcery.”To those of our Brothers who are Christians,and twit us with

the secresy imposed upon the Eastern Chelas,adding invariably that their own “Book of God ’ is “an open

volume ”for all “to read understand and be saved .” we would reply by asking them to study what we

have just said in this Section and then to refute it -if they can.There are very few in our days who are

still prepared to assure their readers that the Bible had

God for its author salvation for its end and truth without any mixture of error for its matter.

Character of the Bible -(Page 81)Could Locke be asked the question now he would perhaps be

unwilling to repeat again that the Bible is

all pure all sincere nothing too much nothing wanting.

The Bible,if it is not to be shown to be the very reverse of all this,sadly needs an interpreter acquainted

with the doctrines of the East as they are to be found in its secret volumes;nor is it safe now after

Archbishop Laurence's translation of the Book of Enoch to cite Cowper and assure us that the Bible a light to every age

It gives,but borrows none.

for it does borrow and that very considerably;especially in the opinion of those who ignorant of its

symbolical meaning and of the university of the truths underlying and concealed in it are able to judge

Page 71.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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only from its dead letter appearance.It is a grand volume a master-piece composed of clever ingenious

fables containing great verities;but it reveals the latter only to those who like the Initiates,have a key to

its inner meaning;a tale sublime in its morality and didactics truly -still a tale and an allegory;a repertory

of invented personages in its older Jewish portions,and of dark sayings and parables in its later

additions,and thus quite misleading to anyone ignorant of its Esotericism.Moreover it is Astrolatry and

Sabaean worship pure and simple that is to be found in the Pentate ch when it is read exoterically and

Archaic Science and Astronomy to a most wonderful degree when interpreted -Esoterically.

Page 72.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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The Book of Enoch The Origin and the Foundation of Christianity

(Page 82)WHILE making a good deal of the Mercavah the Jews or rather their synagogues,rejected the

Book of Enoch,either because it was not included from the first in the Hebrew Canon or else as

Tertullian thought it was disavowed

by the Jews like all other Scripture which speaks of Christ [Book of Enoch,Archbishop

Laurence ’s translation.Introduction p.v.]

But neither of these reasons was the real one.The Synedrion would have nothing to do with it simply

because it was more of a magic than a purely kabalistic work.The present day Theologians of both Latin

and Protestant Churches class it among apocryphal productions.Nevertheless the New Testament

especially in the Acts and Epistles,teems with ideas and doctrines,now accepted and established as

dogmas by the infallible Roman and other Churches,and even with the whole sentences taken bodily

from Enoch or the “pseudo-Enoch ” who wrote under that name in Aramaic or Syro-Chaldaic,as

asserted by Bishop Laurence the translator of the Ethiopian text.

The plagiarisms are so glaring that the author of The Evol tion of Christianity who edited

Bishop Laurence ’s translation was compelled to make some suggestive remarks in his

Introduction.On internal evidence [ The Book of Enoch was unknown to Europe for a

thousand years when Bruce found in Abyssinia some copies of it in Ethiopic;it was translated

by Archbishop Laurence in 1821 from the text in the Bodleian Library Oxford .] this book is

found to have been written before the Christian period (whether two or twenty centuries does

not matter).As correctly argued by the Editor it is

either the inspired forecast of a great Hebrew prophet predicting with miraculous accuracy the

future teaching of Jesus of Nazareth or the Semitic romance from which the latter borrowed

His conceptions of the triumphant return of the Son of man to occupy a judicial throne in the

midst of rejoicing saints and trembling sinners,expectant of everlasting happiness or eternal

fire;and whether these celestial visions be accepted as human or Divine they have exercised

so vast an influence on the destinies of mankind for nearly two thousand years that candid and

impartial seekers after religious truth can no longer delay enquiry into the relationship of the

Book of Enoch with the revelation or the evolution of Christianity.[Op.cit.,p.xx.]

The Book of Enoch and Christianity -

(Page 83)The Book of Enoch

a lso records the supernatural control of the elements,through the action of individual angels

presiding over the winds,the sea hail frost dew the lightening ’s flash and reverberating

thunder.The names of the principal fallen angels are also given among whom we recognise

some of the invisible powers named in the incantations [magical ] inscribed on the terracotta

cups of Hebrew-Chaldee conjurations.[ Loc.cit.]

Page 73.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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We also find on these cups the word “Halleluiah ”showing that

a word with which ancient Syro-Chaldeans conjured has become through the vicissitudes of

language the Shibboleth of modern Revivalists.[Op.cit.,p.xiv.note.]

The Editor proceeds after this to give fifty-seven verses from various parts of the Gospels and Acts,with

parallel passages from the Book of Enoch and says:

The attention of theologians has been concentrated on the passage in the Epistle of Jude

because the author specifically names the prophet;but the cumulative coincidence of

language and ideas in Enoch and the authors of the New Testament Scripture as disclosed in

the parallel passages which we have collated clearly indicates that the work of the Semitic

Milton was the inexhaustible source from which Evangelists and Apostles,or the men who

wrote in their names,borrowed their conceptions of the resurrection judgement immortality

perdition and of the universal reign of righteousness,under the eternal dominion of the Son of

man.This evangelical plagiarism culminates in the Revelation of John which adapts the

visions of Enoch to Christianity with modifications in which we miss the sublime simplicity of

the great master of apocalyptic prediction who prophesied in the name of the antediluvian


In fairness to truth the hypothesis ought at least to have been suggested that the Book of Enoch in its

present form is simply a transcript -with numerous pre-Christian and post-Christian additions and

interpolations -from far older texts.Modern research went so far as to point out that Enoch is made in

Chapter Ixxi to divide the day and night into eighteen parts and to represent the longest day in the year

as consisting of twelve out of these eighteen parts,while a day of sixteen (Page 84)hours in length could

not have occurred in Palestine.The translator Archbishop Laurence remarks thus:

The region in which the author lived must have been situated not lower than forty-one degrees

north latitude where the longest day is fifteen hours and a half nor higher perhaps than forty-

nine degrees,where the longest day is precisely sixteen hours.This will bring the country

where he wrote as high up at least as the northern districts of the Caspian and Euxine Seas ..

.the author of the Book of Enoch was perhaps a member of one of the tribes which

Shalmaneser carried away and placed “in Halah and in Habor by the river Goshen and in the

cities of the Medes.”[Op.cit.,p.xiii.]

Further on it is confessed that:

It cannot be said that internal evidence attests the superiority of the Old Testament to the

Book of Enoch ...The Book of Enoch teaches the pre-existence of the Son of man the Elect

One the Messiah who “from the beginning existed in secret [The Seventh Principle the First

Emanation.] and whose name was invoked in the presence of the Lord of Spirits before the

sun and the signs were created.”The author also refers to the “other Power who was upon

Earth over the water on that day ” -an apparent reference to the language of Genesis i.2.[ Op

cit.,p.xxxvii and xI.] [We maintain that it applies as well to the Hindu Nârâyana -the “mover

on the waters.” ] We have thus the Lord of Spirits,the Elect One and a third Power seemingly

Page 74.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

--------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
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foreshadowing the Trinity [as much as the Trimûrti ] of futurity;but although Enoch ’s ideal

Messiah doubtless exercised an important influence on primitive conceptions of the Divinity of

the Son of man we fail to identify his obscure reference to another “Power ” with the

Trinitarianism of the Alexandrine school;more especially as “angels of power ” abound in the

visions of Enoch.[Op cit.,pp x1 and 1i .]

An Occultist would hardly fail to identify the said “Power.” The Editor concludes his remarkable reflections

by adding:

Thus far we learn that the Book of Enoch was published before the Christian Era by some

great Unknown of Semitic [?] race who believing himself to be inspired in a post-prophetic

age borrowed the name of an antediluvian patriarch [ Who stands for the “Solar ”or

Manvantaric Year.] to authenticate his own enthusiastic forecast of the Messianic kingdom.

And as the contents of his marvellous book enter freely into the composition of the New

Testament it follows that if the author was not an inspired prophet who predicted the

teachings of Christianity he was a visionary enthusiast whose illusions were accepted by

Evangelists and Apostles as revelation -alternative conclusions which involve the Divine or

human origin of Christianity.[ Op Cit.,pp.xli xlii.]

Enoch Records The Races -(Page 85)The outcome of all of which is,in the words of the same Editor:

The discovery that the language and ideas of alleged revelation are found in a pre-existent

work,accepted by Evangelists and Apostles as inspired but classed by modern theologians

among apocryphal productions.[ Op.cit.,p.xlviii.]

The accounts also for the unwillingness of the reverend librarians of the Bodleian Library to publish the

Ethopian text of the Book of Enoch .

The prophecies of the Book of Enoch are indeed prophetic,but they were intended for and cover the

records of the five Races out of the seven -everything relating to the last two being kept secret.Thus

the remark made by the Editor of the English translation that:

Chapter xcii.records a series of prophecies extending from Enoch ’s own time to about one

thousand years beyond the present generation [Op.cit.,p.xxiii.]

is faulty.The prophecies extend to the end of our present Race not merely to a “thousand years ” hence.

Very true that:

In the system of [Christian ] chronology adopted a day stands [occasionally ] for a hundred

and a week for seven hundred years.[Loc.cit.]

But this is an arbitrary and fanciful system adopted by Christians to make Biblical chronology fit with facts

or theories,and does not represent the original thought.The “days ” stand for the undetermined periods

of the Side-Races,and the “weeks ” for the Sub-Races,the Root-Races being referred to by an

expression that is not even found in the English translation.Moreover the sentence at the bottom of page

Page 75.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Subsequently in the fourth week ...the visions of the holy and the righteous shall be seen

the order of generation after generation shall take place [xcii.9.]

is quite wrong.It stands in the original:“the order of generation after generation has taken place on the

earth ” etc.;that is,after the first human race procreated in the truly human way had sprung up in the

Third Root-Races:a change which entirely alters the meaning.Then all that is given in the translation -

as very likely also in the Ethiopic text since the copies have been sorely tampered with -as about things

which were to happen in the future is,we are informed in the past tense of the original Chaldean MSS.

and is not prophecy but a narrative of what had already come to pass.When Enoch begins -“to speak

from a book ”[Op.cit.,xcii.4.] he is reading the account (Page 86)given by a great Seer and the

prophecies are not his own but are from the Seer.Enoch or Enoichion means “internal eye ”or Seer.

Thus every Prophet and Adept may be called “Enoichion ” without becoming a pseudo-Enoch.But here

the Seer who compiled the present Book of Enoch is distinctly shown as reading out from a book:

I have been born the seventh in the first week [the seventh branch or Side-Race of the first

Sub-Race after physical generation had begun namely in the third Root-Race ] ...But after

me in the second week [second Sub-Race ] great wickedness shall arise [arose rather ] and in

that week the end of the first shall take place in which mankind shall be safe.But when the

first is completed iniquity shall grow up.[Op.cit.,xcii 4-7 ]

As translated it has no sense.As it stands in the Esoteric text it simply means,that the First Root-Race

shall come to an end during the second Sub-Race of the Third Root-Race in the period of which time

mankind will be safe;all this having no reference whatever to the biblical Deluge.Verse 10 th speaks of

the sixth week [sixth Sub-Race of the Third Root Race ] when

All those who are in it shall be darkened the hearts of all of them shall be forgetful of wisdom [

the divine knowledge will be dying out ] and in it shall a man ascend.

This “man ”is taken by the interpreters,for some mysterious reasons of their own to mean

Nebuchadnezzar;he is in reality the first Hierophant of the purely human Race (after the allegorical fall

into generation)selected to perpetuate the dying Wisdom of the Devas (Angels or Elohim).He is the first

“Son of Man ” -the mysterious appellation given to the divine Initiates of the first human school of the

Manushi (men),at the very close of the Third Root-Race.He is also called the “Saviour ” as it was He

with the other Hierophants who saved the Elect and the Perfect from the geological conflagration

leaving to perish in the cataclysm of the Close [ At the close of every Root-Race there comes a

cataclysm in turn by fire or water.Immediately after the “Fall into generation ”the dross of the third Root-

Race -those who fell into sensuality by falling off from the teaching of the Divine Instructors -were

destroyed after which the Fourth Root-Race originated at the end of which took place the last Deluge.

(See the “Sons of God ”mentioned in Isis Unveiled.593 et seq.)] those who forgot the primeval wisdom

in sexual sensuality.

And during its completion [of the “sixth week,” or the sixth Sub-Race ]he shall burn the house

of dominion [the half of the globe or the then inhabited continent ] with fire and all the race of

the elect root shall be dispersed.[ Op.cit.,xcii xx .]

Page 76.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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The Book of Enoch Symbolical -(Page 87)The above applies to the Elect Initiates,and not at all to the

Jews,the supposed chosen people or to the Babylonian captivity as interpreted by the Christian

theologians.Considering that we find Enoch or his perpetuator mentioning the execution of the “degree

upon sinners ” in several different weeks,[ Op.cit.,xcii 7 11 13 15.] saying that “every work of the

ungodly shall disappear from the whole earth ” during this fourth time (the Fourth Race),it surely can

hardly apply to the one solitary Deluge of the Bible still less to the Captivity.

It follows,therefore that as the Book of Enoch covers the five Races of the Manvantara with a few

allusions to the last two it does not contain “Biblical prophecies,” but simply facts taken out of the Secret

Books of the East.The Editor moreover confesses that:

The preceding six verses,viz .13 th 15 th 16 th 17 th and 18 th are taken from between the 14 th

and 15 th verses of the nineteenth chapter where they are to be found in the MSS.[ Op.cit .

note p.152 ]

By this arbitrary transposition he has made confusion still more confused.Yet he is quite right in saying

that the doctrines of the Gospels and even of the Old Testament have been taken bodily from the Book

of Enoch,for this is as evident as the sun in heaven.The whole of the Pentate ch was adapted to fit in

with the facts given and this accounts for the Hebrews refusing to give the book place in their Canon

just as the Christians have subsequently refused to admit it among their canonical works.The fact that

the Apostle Jude and many of the Christian Fathers referred to it as a revelation and a sacred volume is,

however an excellent proof that the early Christians accepted it;among these the most learned -as,for

instance Clement of Alexandria -understood Christianity and its doctrines in quite a different light from

their modern successors,and viewed Christ under an aspect that Occultists only can appreciate.The

early Nazarenes and Chrestians,as Justin Martyr calls them were the followers of Jesus,of the true

Chrestos and Christos of Initiation;whereas,the modern Christians,especially those of the West may be

Papists,Greeks,Calvinists,or Lutherans,but can hardly be called Christians,i.e.,the followers of Jesus,

the Christ.

Thus the Book of Enoch is entirely symbolical.It relates to the history of the human Races and of their

early relation to Theogony the symbols being interblended with astronomical and cosmic mysteries.

(Page 88)One chapter is missing however in the Noachian records (from both the Paris and

the Bodleian MSS.),namely Chapter 1viii in Sect X;this could not be remodelled and

therefore it had to disappear disfigured fragments alone having been left out of it.The dream

about the cows,the black,red and white heifers,relates to the first Races,their division and

disappearance.Chapter 1xxxviii in which one of the four Angels “went to the white cows and

taught them a mystery ”after which the mystery being born “became a man ”refers to (a)the

first group evolved of primitive Aryans (b)to the “mystery of the Hermaphrodite ”so called

having reference to the birth of the first human Races as they are now.The well-known rite in

India one that has survived in that patriarchal country to this day known as the passage or

rebirth through the cow -a ceremony to which those of lower castes who are desirous of

becoming Brahmans have to submit -has originated in this mystery.Let any Eastern Occultist

read with careful attention the above-named chapter in the Book of Enoch,and he will find that

the “Lord of the Sheep ”in whom Christians and European Mystics see Christ is the

Hierophant Victim whose name in Sanskrit we dare not give.Again that while the Western

Page 77.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

--------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales--------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales, UK. CF24-1DL

Churchmen see Egyptians and Israelites in the “sheep and wolves,”all these animals relate in

truth to the trials of the Neophyte and the mysteries of initiation whether in India or Egypt and

to that most terrible penalty incurred by the “wolves ”-those who reveal indiscriminately that

which is only for the knowledge of the Elect and the “Perfect.”

The Christians who thanks to later interpolations,[Those interpolations and alternations are

found in almost every case where figures are given -especially whenever the numbers eleven

and twelve come in -as these are all made (by the Christians)to relate to the numbers of

Apostles,and Tribes,and Patriarchs.The translator of the Ethiopic text -Archbishop Laurence

-attributes them generally to “mistakes of the transcriber ”whenever the two texts the Paris

and the Bodleian MSS.differ.We fear it is no mistake in most cases.] have made out in that

chapter a triple prophecy relating to the Deluge Moses and Jesus,are mistaken as in reality it

bears directly on the punishment and loss of Atlantis and the penalty of indiscretion.(The

“Lord of the sheep ”is Karma and the “Head of the Hierophants ”also the Supreme Initiator on

earth.)He says to Enoch who implores him to save the leaders of the sheep from being

devoured by the beasts of prey:

I will cause a recital to be made before me many they have delivered up to

destruction and ...what they will do;whether they will act as I have commanded them or not.

Occultists Do Not Reject the Bible -

(Page 89)Of this,however they shall be ignorant;neither shalt thou make any explanation to

them neither shalt thou reprove them;but there shall be an account of all the destruction done

by them in their respective seasons.[Op.cit.,1xxxviii.99 100.]

...He looked in silence rejoicing they were devoured swallowed up and carried off and

leaving them in the power of every beast for food..[ Loc.cit.,94.This passage as will be

presently shown has led to a very curious discovery.]

Those who labour under the impression that the Occultists of any nation reject the Bible in its original

text and meaning are wrong.As well reject the Books of Thoth the Chaldaean Kabalah or the Book of

Dzyan itself.Occultists only reject the one-sided interpretations and the human element in the Bible

which is an Occult and therefore a sacred volume as much as the others.And terrible indeed is the

punishment of all those who transgress the permitted limits of secret revelations.From Prometheus to

Jesus,and from Him to the highest Adept as to the lowest disciple every revealer of mysteries has had

to become a Chrestos,a “man of sorrow ”and a martyr.“Beware ” said one of the greatest Masters,“of

revealing the Mystery to those without ”-to the profane the Sadducee and the unbeliever.All the great

Hierophants in history are shown ending their lives by violent deaths -Buddha [ In the profane history of

Gautama Buddha he dies at the good old age of eighty and passes off from life to death peacefully with

all the serenity of a great saint as Barthelemy St.Hilaire has it.Not so in the Esoteric and true

interpretation which reveals the real sense of the profane and allegorical statement that makes Gautama

the Buddha die very unpoetically from the effects of too much pork,prepared for him by Tsonda.How

one who preached that the killing of animals was the greatest sin and who was a perfect vegetarian

could die from eating pork,is a question that is never asked by our Orientalists,some of whom made [as

now do many charitable missionaries in Ceylon ] great fun at the alleged occurrence.The simple truth is

Page 78.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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that the said rice and pork are purely allegorical.Rice stands for “forbidden fruit ”like Eve's "apple"and

means Occult knowledge with the Chinese and Tibetans;and “pork “for Brahmanical teachings -Vishnu

having assumed in his first Avatâra the form of a boar in order to raise the earth on the surface of the

waters of space.It is not therefore from “pork ”that Buddha died but for having divulged some of the

Brahmanical mysteries,after which seeing the bad effects brought on some unworthy people by the

revelation he preferred instead of availing himself of Nirvana to leave his earthly form remaining still in

the sphere of the living in order to help humanity to progress.Hence his constant reincarnations in the

hierarchy of the Dalai and Teshu Lamas,among other bounties.Such is the Esoteric explanation.The life

of Gautama will be more fully discussed later on.]Pythagoras,Zoroaster most of the great Gnostics,the

founders of their respective schools;and in our own more modern epoch a number of Fire-Philosophers

of Rosicrucians and Adepts.All of these are shown -whether plainly or under the veil of allegory -as

paying the penalty for the revelations they had made.This may seem to the profane reader only


(Page 90)To the Occultist the death of every “Master ”is significant and appears pregnant with meaning.

Where do we find in history that “Messenger ”grand or humble an Initiate or a Neophyte who when he

was made the bearer of some hitherto concealed truth or truths,was not crucified and rent to shreds by

the “dogs ”of envy malice and ignorance?Such is the terrible Occult law;and he who does not feel in

himself the heart of a lion to scorn the savage barking and the soul of a dove to forgive the poor ignorant

fools,let him give up the Sacred Science.To succeed the Occultist must be fearless;he has to brave

dangers,dishonour and death to be forgiving and to be silent on that which cannot be given.Those who

have vainly laboured in that direction must wait in these days -as the Book of Enoch teaches -“until the

evildoers be consumed ”and the power of the wicked annihilated.It is not lawful for the Occultist to seek

or even to thirst for revenge:let him

Wait until sin pass away for their [the sinners ] names shall be blotted out of the holy books

[the astral records ] their seed shall be destroyed and their spirits slain.[Op.cit .cv.21.]

Esoterically Enoch is the “Son of man ”the first;and symbolically the first Sub-Race of the Fifth Root

Race.[ In the Bible [Genesis,iv and v ] there are three distinct Enochs [Kanoch or Chanoch ] -the son of

Cain the son of Seth and the son of Jared;but they are all identical and two of them are mentioned for

the purpose of misleading.The years of only the last two are given the first one being left without further

notice.] And if his name yields for purposes of numerical and astronomical glyphs the meaning of the

solar year or 365 in conformity to the age assigned to him in Genesis,it is because being the seventh

he is,for Occult purposes,the personified period of the two preceding Races with their fourteen Sub-

Races.Therefore he is shown in the Book as the great grandfather of Noah who in his turn is the

personification of the mankind of the Fifth struggling with that of the Fourth Root-Race -the great period

of the revealed and profaned Mysteries,when the “sons of God ”coming down on Earth took for wives

the daughters of men and taught them the secrets of the Angels;in other words,when the “mind-born ”

men of the Third Race mixed themselves with those of the Fourth and the divine Science was gradually

brought down by men to Sorcery.

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Hermetic and Kabalistic Doctrines

(Page 91)THE cosmogony of Hermes is as veiled as the Mosaic system only it is upon its face far more in

harmony with the doctrines of the Secret Sciences and even of Modern Science.Says the thrice great

Trismegistus,“the hand that shaped the world out of formless pre-existent matter is no hand ” ;to which

Genesis is made to reply “The world was created out of nothing ” although the Kabbalah denies such a

meaning in its opening sentences.The Kabalists have never any more than have the Indian Aryans

admitted such an absurdity.With them Fire or Heat and Motion [ The eternal and incessant “inbreathing

and outbreathing of Parabrahman ”or Nature the Universe of Space whether during Manvantara or

Pralaya .] were chiefly instrumental in the formation of the world out of pre-existing Matter.The

Parabrahman and Mûlaprakriti of the Vedântins are the prototypes of the En Suph and Shekinah of the

Kabalists.Aditi is the original of Sephira and the Prajâpatis are the elder brothers of the Sephiroth.The

nebular theory of Modern Science with all its mysteries,is solved in the cosmogony of the Archaic

Doctrine;and the paradoxical though very scientific enunciation that “cooling causes contraction and

contraction causes heat;therefore cooling causes heat ” is shown as the chief agency in the formation of

the worlds,and especially of our sun and solar system.

All this is contained within the small compass of Sepher Jetsirah in its thirty-two wonderful Ways of

Wisdom signed “Jah Jehovah Sabaoth ” for whomsoever has the key to its hidden meaning.As to the

dogmatic or theological interpretation of the first verses in Genesis it is pertinently answered in the same

book,where speaking of the (Page 92)Three Mothers,Air Water and Fire the writer describes them as a

balance with

The good in one scale the evil in the other and the oscillating tongue of the Balance between

them.[Op.cit.,iii x.]

One of the secret names of the One Eternal and Ever-Present Deity was in every country the same and

it has preserved to this day a phonetic likeness in the various languages.The Aum of the Hindus,the

sacred syllable had become the ‘Aéøí with the Greeks,and the Aevum with the Romans -the Pan or All.

The “thirtieth way ” is called in the Sepher Jetzirah the “gathering understanding ”because

Thereby gather the celestial adepts judgments of the stars and celestial signs,and their

observations of the orbits are the perfection of science.[Op.cit.,30.]

The thirty-second and last is called therein the “serving understanding ” and it is so-called because it is

A disposer of all those that are serving in the work of the Seven Planets,according to their

Hosts.[Op.cit.,32 .]

The “work ” was Initiation during which all the mysteries connected with the “Seven Planets ” were

divulged and also the mystery of the “Sun-Initiate ” with his seven radiances or beams cut off -the glory

and triumph of the anointed the Christos;a mystery that makes plain the rather puzzling expression of


Page 80.

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For we shall find that very many of the dogmas that are held by such sects [of Barbarian and

Hellenic Philosophy ] as have not become utterly senseless,and are not cut out from the order

of nature [“by cutting off Christ ”[ Those who are aware of the term Christos was applied by

the Gnostics to the Higher Ego (the ancient Pagan Greek Initiates doing the same),will readily

understand the allusion.Christos was said to be cut off from the lower Ego Chrestos,after the

final and supreme Initiation when the two became blended in one;Chrestos being conquered

and resurrected in the glorified Christos -Franck,Die Kabbala,75:Dunlap Sod Vol.11.] or

rather Chrestos ] ...Correspond in their origin and with the truth as a whole.[ Stromateis,1.


In Isis Unveiled [ Op.cit.,II.viii.] the reader will find fuller information than can be given here on the Zohar

and its author the great Kabalist Simeon Ben Jochai.It is said there that on account of his being known

to be in possession of the secret knowledge and of the Mercaba which insured the reception of the

“Word ” his very life was endangered and he had to fly to the wilderness,where he lived in a cave for

twelve years surrounded by faithful disciples,and finally died there amid signs and wonders.[ Many are

the marvels recorded as having taken place at his death or we should rather say his translation;for he

did not die as others do but having suddenly disappeared while a dazzling light filled the cavern with

glory his body was again seen upon its subsidence.When this heavenly light gave place to the habitual

semi-darkness of the gloomy cave -then only says Ginsburg “the disciples of Israel perceived that the

lamp of Israel was extinguished.” His biographers tell us that there were voices heard from Heaven

during the preparation for his funeral and at his interment when the coffin was lowered into the deep

cave prepared for it a flame broke forth and a voice mighty and majestic pronounced these words:'This

is he who caused the earth to quake and the kingdoms to shake!']

The Kabalah and The Book of Enoch -(Page 93)His teachings on the origin of the Secret Doctrine or

as he also calls it the Secret Wisdom are the same as those found in the East with the exception that in

place of the Chief of a Host of Planetary Spirits he puts “God ”saying that this Wisdom was first taught

by God himself to a certain number of Elect Angels;whereas in the Eastern Doctrine the saying is

different as will be seen.

Some synthetic and Kabalistic studies on the sacred Book of Enoch and the Taro (Rota)are before us.

We quote from the MS.copy of a Western Occultist who is prefaced by these words:

There is but one Law one Principle one Agent one Truth and one Word.That which is above

is analogically as that which is below.All that which is,is the result of quantities and of


The axiom of Eliphas Levi and this triple epigraph show the identity of thought between the East and the

West with regard to the Secret Science which as the same MS tells us,is:

The key of things concealed the key of the sanctuary.This is the Sacred Word which gives to

the Adept the supreme reason of Occultism and its Mysteries.It is the Quintessence of

Philosophies and of Dogmas;it is the Alpha and Omega;it is the Light Life and Wisdom


Page 81.

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The Taro of the sacred Book of Enoch,or Rota is prefaced moreover with this explanation:

The antiquity of this book is lost in the night of time.It is of Indian origin and goes back to an

epoch long before Moses ...It is written upon detached leaves,which at the first were of fine

gold and precious metals ...It is symbolical and its combinations adapt themselves to all the

wonders of the Spirit.Altered by its passage across the Ages,it is nevertheless preserved -

thanks to the ignorance of the curious -in its types and its most important primitive figures.

This is the Rota of Enoch now called Taro of Enoch to which de Mirville alludes,as we saw as the

means used for “evil Magic.”the (Page 94)“metallic plates [or leaves ] escaped from destruction during the

Deluge ”and which are attributed by him to Cain.They have escaped the Deluge for the simple reason

that this Flood was not “Universal.”And it is said to be “of Indian origin ” because its origin is with the

Indian Aryans of the first Sub-Race of the Fifth Root-Race before the final destruction of the last

stronghold of Atlantis.But if it originated with the forefathers of the primitive Hindus,it was not in India

that it was first used.Its origin is still more ancient and must be traced beyond and into the Himaleh

[ Pockocke may be was not altogether wrong in deriving the German Heaven Himmel from Himalaya;

nor can it be denied that it is the Hindu Kailasa (Heaven)that is the father of the Greek Heaven (Koilon),

and of the Latin Coelum.] the Snowy Range.It was born in that mysterious locality which no one is able

to locate and which is the despair of both Geographers and Christian Theologians -the regions in which

the Brahman places his Kailasa the Mount Sumeru and the Pârvatî Pamîr transformed by the Greeks

into Paropamisus.

Round this locality which still exists the traditions of the Garden of Eden were built.From these regions

the Greeks obtained their Parnassus [ See Pockocke's India in Greece and his derivation of Mount

Parnassus from Parnasa the leaf and branch huts of the Hindu ascetics,half shrine and half habitation.

“Part of the Par-o-Pamisus (the hill of Bamian),is called Parnassus.“These mountains are called

Devanica because they are so full of Devas of Gods,called “Gods of the Earth:”Bhu Devas.They lived

according to the Puranas,in bowers or huts,called Parnasas,because they were made of leaves;

(Parnas),”p.302.] and thence proceeded most of the biblical personages,some of them in their day men

some demigods and heroes,some -though very few -myths,the astronomical double of the former.

Abram was one of them -a Chaldaean Brâhman [Rawlinson is justly very confident of an Aryan and

Vedic influence on the early mythology and history of Babylon and Chaldea .] says the legend

transformed later after he had repudiated his Gods and left his Ur (p r “town ”?)in Chaldaea into A-

brahms [This is a Secret Doctrine affirmation and may or may not be accepted.Only Abrahm Isaac and

Judah resemble terribly the Hindu Brahmâ Ikshvâku and Yadu.] (or A-braham ”no-brâhman ”who

emigrated.Abram becoming the “father of many nations ”is thus explained.The student of Occultism has

to bear in mind that every God and hero in ancient Pantheons (that of the Bible included),has three

biographies in the narrative so to say running parallel with each other and each connected with one of

the aspects of the hero -historical astronomical and perfectly mythical the last serving to connect the

other two together and smooth away the asperities and discordancies in the narrative and gathering into

one or more symbols the verities of the first two.Localities are made to correspond with astronomical and

even with psychic events.

Numbers and Measures -(Page 95)History was thus made captive by ancient Mystery to become later

on the great Sphynx of the nineteenth century.Only instead of devouring her too dull querists who will

unriddle her whether she acknowledges it or not she is desecrated and mangled by the modern

Page 82.

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Oedipus,before he forces her into the sea of speculations in which the Sphynx is drowned and perishes.

This has now become self-evident not only through the Secret Teachings,parsimoniously as they may

be given but by earnest and learned Symbologists and even Geometricians.The Key to the Hebrew

Egyptian Mystery in which a learned Mason of Cincinnati Mr.Ralston Skinner unveils the riddle of a

God with such ungodly ways about him as the Biblical Jah-ve is followed by the establishment of a

learned society under the presidentship of a gentleman from Ohio and four vice-presidents one of whom

is Piazzi Smith the well-known Astronomer and Egyptologist.The Director of the Royal Observatory in

Scotland and author of The Great Pyramid,Pharaonic by name,H manitarian by fact,its Marvels,

Mysteries,and its Teachings,is seeking to prove the same problem as the American author and Mason;

namely that the English system of measurement is the same as that used by the ancient Egyptians in

the construction of their Pyramid or in Mr.Skinner's own words that the Pharaonic “source of measures ”

originated the “British inch and the ancient cubit.” It “originated ”much more than this,as will be fully

demonstrated before the end of the next century.Not only is everything in Western religion related to

measures,geometrical figures,and time-calculations,the principal period-durations being founded on

most of the historical personages,[ It is said in The Gnostics and their Remains by C.W.King (p.13)with

regard to the names of Brahma and Abram:“This figure of the man Seir Anpin consists of 243 numbers,

being the numerical value of the letters in the name ‘Abram ’ signifying the different orders in the celestial

Hierarchies.In fact the names Abram and Brahma are equivalent in numerical value.”Thus to one

acquainted with Esoteric Symbolism it does not seem at all strange to find in the Loka-pâlas (the four

cardinal and intermediate points of the compass personified by eight Hindu Gods)Indra ’s elephant

names Abhra -(matanga)and his wife Abhramu.Abhra is in a way a Wisdom Deity since it is this

elephant ’s head that replaced that of Ganesha (Ganapati)the God of Wisdom cut off by Shiva.Now

Abhra means “cloud ”and it is also the name of the city where Abram is supposed to have resided -

when read backwards -“Arba (Kirjath)the city of four ...Abram is Abra with an appended m final and

Abra read backward is Arba ”(Key to the Hebrew Egyptian Mystery).The author might have added that

Abra meaning in Sanskrit “in or of the clouds,”the cosmo-astronomical symbol of Abram becomes still

plainer.All of these ought to be read in their originals in Sanskrit.] but the latter are also connected with

heaven and earth truly only with the Indo-Aryan heaven and earth not with those of Palestine.

The prototypes of nearly all the biblical personages are to be sought (Page 96)for in the early Pantheon of

India.It is the “Mind-born ”Sons of Brahma or rather of the Dhyâni-Pitara (the “Father -Gods ”),the “Sons

of Light ” who have given birth to the “Sons of Earth ”-the Patriachs.For if the Rig Veda and its three

sister Vedas have been “milked out from fire air and sun ” or Agni Indra and Surya as Man -Smriti tells

us,the Old Testament was most undeniably “milked out ”of the most ingenious brains of Hebrew

Kabalists partly in Egypt and partly in Babylonia -“the seat of Sanskrit literature and Brahman learning

from her origin.”as Colonel Vans Kennedy truly declared.One of such copies was Abram or Abraham

into whose bosom every orthodox Jew hopes to be gathered after death that bosom being localised as

“heaven in the clouds ”or Abhra.[ Before these theories and speculations -we are willing to admit they

are such -are rejected the following few points ought to be explained.(1)Why after leaving Egypt was

the patriarch ’s name changed by Jehovah from Abram to Abraham.(2)Why Sarai becomes on the same

principle Sarah (Gen.,xvii.).(3)Whence the strange coincidence of names?(4)Why should Alexander

Polyhistor say that Abraham was born at Kamarina or Uria a city of soothsayers and invented

Asrronomy?(5)“The Abrahamic recollections go back at least three millenniums beyond the grandfather

of Jacob “says Bunsen (Egypt ’s Place in History.v.35.)]

From Abraham to Enoch ’s Taro there seems to be a considerable distance yet the two are closely

related by more than one link,Gaffarel has shown that the four symbolical animals on the twenty-first key

Page 83.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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of the Taro at the third septenary are the Teraphim of the Jews invented and worshipped by Abram ’s

father Terah and used in the oracles of the Urim and Thummim.Moreover astronomically Abraham is

the sun-measure and a portion of the sun while Enoch is the solar year as much as are Hermes or Thot;

and Thot numerically “was the equivalent of Moses,or Hermes,”“the lord of the lower realms,also

esteemed as a teacher of wisdom ”the same Mason-mathematician tells us;and the Taro being

according to one of the latest bulls of the Pope “an invention of Hell ”the same “as Masonry and

Occultism ”the relation is evident.The Taro contains indeed the mystery of all such transmutations of

personages into sidereal bodies and vice versa .The “wheel of Enoch ”is an archaic invention the most

ancient of all for it is found in China.Eliphas Levi says there was not a nation but had it its real meaning

being preserved in the greatest secrecy.It was a universal heirloom.

As we see neither the Book of Enoch (his “Wheel ”),nor the Zohar nor any other kabalistic volume

contains merely Jewish wisdom.

The Doctrine Belongs to All

(Page 97)The doctrine itself being the result of whole millenniums of thought is therefore the

joint property of Adepts of every nation under the sun.Nevertheless,the Zohar teaches

practical Occultism more than any other work on that subject;not as it is translated and

commented upon by its various critics though but with the secret signs on its margins.These

signs contain the hidden instructions,apart from the metaphysical interpretations and apparent

absurdities so fully credited by Josephus,who was never initiated and gave out the dead letter

as he had received it.[ Isis Unveiled,ii.350.]

Page 84.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Various Occult Systems of Interpretations

-of Alphabets and Numerals

(Page 98)THE transcendental methods of the Kabalah must not be mentioned in a public work;but its

various systems of arithmetical and geometrical ways of unriddling certain symbols may be described.

The Zohar methods of calculation with their three sections,the Gematria Notaricon and Temura also

the Albath and Algath are extremely difficult to practice.We refer those who would learn more to

Cornelius Agrippa ’s works [ See Isis Unveiled ii.218-300.Gematria is formed by a metathesis from the

Greek word ãñáììáôåéáNotaricon may be compared to stenography;Temura is permutation -a way of

dividing the alphabet and shifting letters.] But none of those systems can ever be understood unless a

Kabalist becomes a real Master in his Science.The Symbolism of Pythagoras requires still more arduous

labour.His symbols are very numerous,and to comprehend even the general gist of his abstruse

doctrines from his Symbology would necessitate years of study.His chief figures are the square (the

Tetraktys)the equilateral triangle the point within a circle the cube the triple triangle and finally the

forty-seventh proposition of Euclid ’s Elements of which proposition Pythagoras was the inventor.But

with the exception none of the foregoing symbols originated with him,as some believe.Millenniums

before his day they were well known in India whence the Samian Sage brought them not as a

speculation but as a demonstrated Science says Porphyry quoting from the Pythagorean Moderatus.

The numerals of Pythagoras were hieroglyphical symbols by means whereof he explains all

ideas concerning the nature of things.[ De Vita Pythag.]

Numbers and Magic -(Page 99)The fundamental geometrical figure of the Kabalah as given in the Book

of N mbers,[ We are not aware that a copy of this ancient work is embraced in the catalogue of any

European library;but it is one of the “Books of Hermes,” and it is referred to and quotations are made

from it in the works of a number of ancient and mediaeval philosophical authors.Among these authorities

are Arnoldo di Villanova ’s Rosari m Philosoph.,Francesco Arnuphi ’s Op s de Lapide Hermes

Trismegistus ’ Tractat s de Transm tatione Metallor m and Tab la Smaragdina and above all the treatise

of Raymond Lully Ab Angelis Op s Divin m de Q inta Essentia.] that figure which tradition and the

Esoteric Doctrines tell us was given by the Deity Itself to Moses on Mount Sinai [Exod s,xxv.40.]

contains the key to the universal problem in its grandiose because simple combinations.This figure

contains in itself all the others.

The Symbolism of numbers and their mathematical interrelations is also one of the branches of Magic,

especially of mental Magic,divination and correct perception in clairvoyance.Systems differ but the root

idea is everywhere the same.As shown in the Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia by Kenneth R.H.Mackenzie:

One system adopts unity another trinity a third quinquinity;again we have sexagons,

heptagons,novems,and so on until the mind is lost in the survey of the materials alone of a

science of numbers.[S b voce “Numbers.”]

The Devanâgarî characters in which Sanscrit is generally written have all that the Hermetic,Chaldaean

and Hebrew alphabets have and in addition the Occult significance of the “eternal sound ”and the

meaning given to every letter in its relation to spiritual as well as terrestrial things.As there are only

Page 85.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet and ten fundamental numbers,while in the Devanâgarî there

are thirty-five consonants and sixteen vowels,making altogether fifty-one simple letters,with numberless

combinations in addition the margin for speculation and knowledge is in proportion considerably wider.

Every letter has is equivalent in other languages,and its equivalent in a figure or figures of the calculation

table.It has also numerous other significations,which depend upon the special idiosyncrasies and

characteristics of the person object or subject to be studied.As the Hindus claim to have received the

Devanagari characters from Sarasvati the inventress of Sanskrit the “language of the Devas ”or Gods

(in their exoteric pantheon),so most of the ancient nations claimed the same privilege for the origin of

their letters and tongue.The Kabalah (Page 100)calls the Hebrew alphabet the “letters of the Angels,”

which were communicated to the Patriarchs,just as the Devanagari was to the Rishis by the Devas.The

Chaldaeans found their letters traced in the sky by the “yet unsettled stars and comets,” says the Book of

N mbers ;while the Phoenicians had a sacred alphabet formed by the twistings of the sacred serpents.

The Natar Khari (hieratic alphabet)and secret (sacerdotal)speech of the Egyptians is closely related to

the oldest “Secret Doctrine Speech.”It is a Devanâgarî with mystical combinations and additions,into

which the Senzar largely enters.

The power and potency of numbers and characters are well known to many Western Occultists as being

compounded from all these systems,but are still unknown to Hindu students,if not to their Occultists.In

their turn European Kabalists are generally ignorant of the alphabetical secrets of Indian Esoterism.At

the same time the general reader in the West knows nothing of either;least of all how deep are the

traces left by the Esoteric numeral systems of the world in the Christian Churches.

Nevertheless this system of numerals solves the problem of cosmogony for whomsoever studies it while

the system of geometrical figures represents the numbers objectively.

To realise the full comprehension of the Deific and the Abstruse enjoyed by the Ancients,one has to

study the origin of the figurative representations of their primitive Philosophers.The Books of Hermes are

the oldest repositories of numerical Symbology in Western Occultism.In them we find that the number

ten [See Johannes Meursius,Denari s Pythagoricus.] is the Mother of the Soul Life and Light being

therein united.For as the sacred anagram Teruph shows in the Book of Keys (Numbers),the number 1

(one)is born from spirit and the number 10 (ten)from Matter:“the unity has made the ten the ten the

unity ”;and this is only the Pantheistic axiom in other words “God in Nature and Nature in God.”

The kabalistic Gematria is arithmetical not geometrical.It is one of the methods for extracting the hidden

meaning from letters,words and sentences.It consists in applying to the letters of a word the sense they

bear in numbers,in outward shape as well as in their individual sense.As illustrated by Ragon:

The figure I signified the living man (a body erect)man being the only living being enjoying

this faculty.A head being added to it the glyph (or letter)P was obtained meaning paternity

creative potency;the R signifying the walking man (with his foot forward)going iens,it rus

[ Ragon Maconnerie Occulte,p.426.note.]

Gods and Numbers -

(Page 101)The characters were also made supplementary to speech every letter being at once

Page 86.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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a figure representing a sound for the ear and idea to the mind;as,for instance the letter F

which is a cutting sound like that of air rushing quickly through space;fury fusee fugue all

words expressive of and depicting what they signify.[Ibid.,p.432 note.]

But the above pertains to another system that of the primitive and philosophical formation of the letters

and their outward glyphic form -not to Gematria.The Temura is another kabalistic method by which any

word could be made to yield its mystery out of its anagram.So in Sepher Jetzirah we read “One -the

spirit of the Alahim of Lives.” In the oldest kabalistic diagrams the Sephiroth (the seven and the three)are

represented as wheels or circles,and Adam Kadmon the primitive Man as an upright pillar.“Wheels and

seraphim and the holy creatures ”(Chioth)says Rabbi Akiba.In still another system of the symbolical

Kabalah called Albath -which arranges the letters of the alphabet by pairs in three rows -all the couples

in the first row bear the numerical value ten;and in the system of Simeon Ben Shetah (an Alexandrian

Neoplatonist under the first Ptolemy)the uppermost couple -the most sacred of all -is preceded by the

Pythagorean cypher:one and a nought -10.

All beings,from the first divine emanation or “God manifested ”down to the lowest atomic existence

“have their particular number which distinguishes each of them and becomes the source of their

attributes and qualities as of their destiny.”Chance as taught by Cornelius Agrippa is in reality only an

unknown progression;and time but a succession of numbers.Hence futurity being a compound of

chance and time these are made to serve Occult calculations in order to find the result of an event or

the future of one ’s destiny.Said Pythagoras:

There is a mysterious connection between the Gods and numbers,on which the science of

arithmancy is based.The soul is a world that is self-moving;the soul contains in itself and is,

the quaternary the tetraktys [the perfect cube ].

There are lucky and unlucky or beneficent and maleficent numbers.Thus while the ternary -the first of

the odd numbers (the one being the perfect and standing by itself in Occultism)-is the divine figure or

the triangle;the duad was disgraced by the Pythagoreans from the (Page 102)first.It represented Matter

the passive and evil principle -the number of Maya illusion.

While the number one symbolized harmony order or the good principle (the one God

expressed in Latin by Solus,from which the word Sol the Sun the symbol of the Deity),

number two expressed a contrary idea.The science of good and evil began with it.All that is

double false opposed to the only reality was depicted by the binary.It also expressed the

contrasts in Nature which are always double:night and day light and darkness,cold and heat

dampness and dryness,health and sickness,error and truth male and female etc....The

Romans dedicated to Pluto the second month of the year and the second day of that month to

expiations in honour of the Manes.Hence the same rite established by the Latin Church and

faithfully copied.Pope John XIX instituted in 1003 the Festival of the Dead which had to be

celebrated on the 2 nd of November the second month of autumn.[ Extracted from Ragon

Maconnerie Occulte.p.427 note .]

On the other hand the triangle a purely geometrical figure had great honour shewn it by every nation

and for this reason:

Page 87.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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In geometry a straight line cannot represent an absolutely perfect figure any more than two

straight lines.Three straight lines,on the other hand produce by their junction a triangle or

the first absolutely perfect figure.Therefore it symbolized from the first and to this day the

Eternal -the first perfection.The word for deity in Latin as in French begins with D in Greek

the delta or triangle Ä,whose three sides symbolize the trinity or the three kingdoms,or

again divine nature.In the middle is the Hebrew Yod the initial of Jehovah [see Eliphas Levi ’s

Dogme et Rit el,i.154 ] the animating spirit or fire the generating principle represented by the

letter G the initial of “God ”in the northern languages,whose philosophical significance is

generation.[ Summarised from Ragon ibid .p.428 note.]

As stated correctly by the famous Mason Ragon the Hindu Trimurti is personified in the world of ideas by

Creation Preservation and Destruction or Brahma Vishnu and Shiva;in the world of matter by Earth

Water and Fire or the Sun and symbolised by the Lotus,a flower that lives by earth water and the sun.

[ Ragon mentions the curious fact that the first four numbers in German are named after the elements.

“Ein or one means the air the element which ever in motion penetrates matter throughout and whose

continual ebb and tide is the universal vehicle of life.“

Zwei two is derived from the old German Zweig signifying germ fecundity;it stands for earth the fecund

mother of all.“

Drei three is the trienos of the Greeks,standing for water whence the Sea-gods,Tritons:and trident the

emblem of Neptune -the water or sea in general being called Amphitrite (surrounding water).“

Vier four a number meaning in Belgiam fire ...It is in the quaternary that the first solid figure is found

the universal symbol of immortality the Pyramid ‘whose first syllable means fire.’ Lysis and Timaeus of

Loeris claimed that there was not a thing one could name that had not the quaternary for its root...The

ingenious and mystical idea which led to the veneration of the ternary and the triangle was applied to

number four and its figure:it was said to express a living being I the vehicle of the triangle 4 vehicle of

God or man carrying in him the divine principle.”

Finally “the Ancients represented the world by the number five.Diodorus explains it by saying that the

number represents earth fire water air and ether or spiritus.Hence the origin of Pente (five)and of Pan

(the God)meaning in Greek all.”(Compare Ragon.op.cit.,pp.428-430.)It is left with the Hindu

Occultists to explain the relation this Sanskrit word Pancha (five)has to the elements the Greek Pente

having for its root the Sanskrit term.] The Lotus,sacred to Isis had the same significance in Egypt

whereas in the Christian symbol the Lotus,not being found in either Judaea or Europe was replaced by

the water-lily.

The Universal Language -(Page 103)In every Greek and Latin Church in all the pictures of the

Annunciation the Archangel Gabriel is depicted with this trinitarian symbol in his hand standing before

Mary while above the chief altar or under the dome the Eye of the Eternal is painted within a triangle

made to replace the Hebrew Yod or God.

Page 88.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Truly says Ragon there was a time when numbers and alphabetical characters meant something more

than they do now -the images of a mere insignificant sound.

Their mission was nobler then.Each of them represented by its form a complete sense which

besides the meaning of the word had a double [ The system of the so-called Senzar

characters is still more wonderful and difficult since each letter is made to yield several

meanings,a sign placed at the commencement showing the true meaning .] interpretation

adapted to a dual doctrine.Thus when the sages desired to write something to be understood

only by the savants,they confabulated a story a dream or some other fictitious subject with

personal names of men and localities,that revealed by their lettered characters the true

meaning of the author by that narrative.Such were all their religious creations.[Ragon Op,

cit.,p.431 note.]

Every appellation and term had its raison d'être.The name of a plant or mineral denoted its nature to the

Initiate at the first glance.The essence of everything was easily perceived by him once that it was figured

by such characters.The Chinese characters have preserved much of this graphic and pictorial character

to this day though the secret of the full system is lost.Nevertheless,even now there are those among

that nation who can write a long narrative a volume on one page;and the symbols that are explained

historically allegorically and astronomically have survived until now.

Moreover there exists a universal language among the Initiates,which an Adept and even a disciple of

any nation may understand by reading it in his own language.We Europeans,on the contrary possess

only one graphic sign common to all &(and);there is a language richer in metaphysical terms than any

on earth whose every (Page 104)word is expressed by like common signs.The Litera Pythagorae so

called the Greek Y (the English capital Y)if traced alone in a message was as explicit as a whole page

filled with sentences,for it stood as a symbol for a number of things -for white and black Magic,for

instance.[The Y exoterically signifies only the two paths of virtue of vice and stands also for the

numeral 150 and with a dash over the letter Y for 150.000.]Suppose one man enquired of another:To

what School of Magic does so and so belong?And the answer came back with the letter traced with the

right branch thicker than the left then it meant “to right hand or divine Magic;”but if the letter was traced

in the usual way with the left branch thicker than the right then it meant the reverse the right or left

branch being the whole biography of a man.In Asia especially in the Devanâgarî characters,every letter

had several secret meanings.

Interpretations of the hidden sense of such apocalyptic writings are found in the keys given in the

Kabalah and they are among its more secret lore.St.Hieronymus assures us that they were known to

the School of the Prophets and taught therein which is very likely.Molitor the learned Hebraist in his

work on tradition says that:

The two and twenty letters of the Hebrew alphabet were regarded as an emanation or the

visible expression of the divine forces inherent in the ineffable name.

These letters find their equivalent in and are replaced by numbers,in the same way as in the other

systems.For instance the twelfth and the sixth letter of the alphabet yield eighteen in a name;the other

letter of that name added being always exchanged for that figure which corresponds to the alphabetical

letter;then all those figures are subjected to an algebraical process which transforms them again into

Page 89.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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letters;after which the latter yield to the enquirer “the most hidden secrets of divine Permanency (eternity

in its immutability)in the Futurity.”

Page 90.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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The Hexagon with the Central Point or The Seventh Key

(Page 105)Arguing the virtue in names (Baalshem),Molitor thinks it impossible to deny that the Kabalah -

its present abuses notwithstanding -has some very profound and scientific basis to stand upon.And if it

is claimed he argues,

That before the Name of Jesus every other Name must bend why should not the

Tetragrammaton have the same power?[ Tradition chap on “Numbers.”]

This is good sense and logic.For if Pythagoras viewed the hexagon formed of two crossed triangles as

the symbol of creation and the Egyptians,as that of the union of fire and water (or of generation),the

Essenes saw in it the seal of Solomon the Jews the Shield of David the Hindus the sign of Vishnu (to

this day);and if even in Russia and Poland the double triangle is regarded as a powerful talisman -then

so widespread a use argues that there is something in it.It stands to reason indeed that such an

ancient and universally revered symbol should not be merely laid aside to be laughed at by those who

know nothing of its virtues or real Occult significance.To begin with even the known sign is merely a

substitute for the one used by the Initiates.In a Tântrika work in the British Museum a terrible curse is

called down upon the head of him who shall ever divulge to the profane the real Occult hexagon known

as the “Sign of Vishnu ”“Solomon ’s Seal ”etc.

The great power of the hexagon -with its central mystic sign the T or the Svastika a septenary -is well

explained in the seventh key of Things Concealed for it says

(Page 106)The seventh key is the hieroglyph of the sacred septenary of royalty of the

priesthood [the Initiate ] of triumph and true result by struggle.It is magic power in all its force

the true “Holy Kingdom.”In the Hermetic Philosophy it is the quintessence resulting from the

union of the two forces of the great Magic Agent [Akâsha Astral Light.] ...It is equally Jakin

and Boaz bound by the will of the Adept and overcome by his omnipotence.

The force of this key is absolute in Magic.All religions have consecrated this sign in their rites.

We can only glance hurriedly at present at the long series of antediluvian works in their postdiluvian and

fragmentary often disfigured form.Although all of these are the inheritance from the Fourth Race -now

lying buried in the unfathomed depths of the ocean -still they are not to be rejected.As we have shown

there was but one Science at the dawn of mankind and it was entirely divine.If humanity on reaching its

adult period has abused it -especially the last Sub-Races of the Fourth Root-Race -it has been the fault

and sin of the practitioners who desecrated the divine knowledge not of those who remained true to its

pristine dogmas.It is not because the modern Roman Catholic Church faithful to her traditional

intolerance is now pleased to see in the Occultist and even in the innocent Spiritualist and Masons,the

descendants of “the Kischuph the Hamite the Kasdim,the Cephene the Ophite and the Khartumim ”-all

these being “the followers of Satan ”that they are such indeed.The State or National Religion of every

Page 91.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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country has ever and at all times very easily disposed of rival schools by professing to believe they were

dangerous heresies -the old Roman Catholic State Religion as much as the modern one.

The anathema however has not made the public any the wiser in the Mysteries of the Occult Sciences.

In some respects the world is all the better for such ignorance.The secrets of nature generally cut both

ways and in the hands of the undeserving they are more than likely to become murderous.Who in our

modern day knows anything of the real significance of and the powers contained in certain characters

and signs -talismans -whether for beneficent or evil purposes?Fragments of the Runes and the writing

of the Kischuph found scattered in old mediaeval libraries;copies from the Ephesian and Milesian letters

or characters;the thrice famous Book of Thoth,and the terrible treatises (still preserved)of Targes,the

Chaldaean and his disciple Tarchon the Etruscan -who flourished long before the Trojan War -are so

many names and appellations void of sense (though met with in classical literature)for the educated

modern scholar.Who in the nineteenth century believes in the art described in such treatises as those

of Targes,of evoking and directing thunderbolts?

Occult Weapons -

(Page 107)Yet the same is described in the Brâhmanical literature and Targes copied his “thunderbolts ”

from the Astra [This is a kind of magical bow and arrow calculated to destroy in one moment whole

armies;it is mentioned in the Ramayana,the P ranas and elsewhere.] those terrible engines of

destruction known to the Mahabharatan Aryans.A whole arsenal of dynamite bombs would pale before

this art -if it ever becomes understood by the Westerns.It is from an old fragment that was translated to

him that the late Lord Bulwer Lytton got his idea of Vril.It is a lucky thing indeed that in the face of the

virtues and philanthropy that grace our age of iniquitous wars,of anarchists and dynamiters,the secrets

contained in the books discovered in Numa ’s tomb should have been burnt.But the science of Circe and

Medea is not lost.One can discover it in the apparent gibberish of the Tantrika Sutras,the K ku-ma of

the Bhutani and the Sikhim Dugpas and “Red-caps ”of Tibet and even in the sorcery of the Nilgiri Mula

Kurumbas.Very luckily few outside the high practioners of the Left Path and of the Adepts of the Right -

in whose hands the weird secrets of the real meaning are safe -understand the “black ”evocations.

Otherwise the Western as much as the Eastern Dugpas might make short work of their enemies.The

name of the latter is legion for the direct descendants of the antediluvian sorcerers hate all those who

are not with them arguing that therefore they are against them.

As for the “Little Albert ”-though even this small half-esoteric volume has become a literary relic -and the

“Great Albert ”or the “Red Dragon ”together with the numberless old copies still in existence the sorry

remains of the mythical Mother Shiptons and the Merlins -we mean the false ones -all these are

vulgarised imitations of the original works of the same names.Thus the “Petite Albert ” is the disfigured

imitation of the great work written in Latin by Bishop Adalbert an Occultist of the eighth century

sentenced by the second Roman Concilium.His work was reprinted several centuries later and named

Alberti Parvi L cii Libell s de Mirabilib s Nat rae Arcanis.The severities of the Roman Church have ever

been spasmodic.While one learns of this condemnation which placed the Church as will be shown in

relation to the Seven Archangels,the Virtues or Thrones of God in the most embarrassing position for

long centuries,it remains a (Page 108)wonder indeed to find that the Jesuits have not destroyed the

archives with all their countless chronicles and annals,of the History of France and those of the Spanish

Escurial along with them.Both history and the chronicles of the former speak at length of the priceless

talisman received by Charles the Great from a Pope.It was a little volume on Magic -or Sorcery rather -

all full of kabalistic figures,signs mysterious sentences and invocations to the stars and planets.These

Page 92.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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were talismans against the enemies of the King (les ennemis de Charlemagne ),which talismans,the

chronicler tells us,proved of great help as “every one of them [the enemies ] died a violent death.”The

small volume Enchiridin m Leonis Papie,has disappeared and is very luckily out of print.Again the

Alphabet of Thoth can be dimly traced in the modern Tarot which can be had at almost every bookseller ’s

in Paris.As for its being understood or utilised the many fortune-tellers in Paris,who make a

professional living by it are sad specimens of failures of attempts at reading let alone correctly

interpreting the symbolism of the Tarot without a preliminary philosophical study of the Science.The real

Tarot in its complete symbology can be found only in the Babylonian cylinders,that any one can inspect

and study in the British Museum and elsewhere.Any one can see these Chaldaean antediluvian

rhombs,or revolving cylinders,covered with sacred signs;but the secrets of these divining “wheels,”or

as de Mirville calls them “the rotating globes of Hecate ”have to be left untold for some time to come.

Meanwhile there are the “turning-tables ”of the modern medium for the babes,and the Kabalah for the

strong.This may afford some consolation.

People are very apt to use terms which they do not understand and to pass judgments on prima facie

evidence.The difference between White and Black Magic is very difficult to realise fully as both have to

be judged by their motive upon which their ultimate though not their immediate effects depend even

though these may not come for years.Between the “right and the left hand [Magic ] there is but a cobweb

thread ”says an Eastern proverb.Let us abide by its wisdom and wait till we have learned more.

We shall have to return at greater length to the relation of the Kabalah to Gupta Vidya and to deal further

with esoteric and numerical systems,but we must first follow the line of Adepts in post Christian times.

Page 93.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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The Duty of the True Occultist Toward Religions

(Page 109)HAVING disposed of pre-Christian Initiates and their Mysteries -though more has to be said

about the latter -a few words must be given to the earliest post-Christian Adepts irrespective of their

personal belief and doctrines,or their subsequent places in History whether sacred or profane.Our task

is to analyse this adeptship with its abnormal thaumaturgical or as now called psychological powers;to

give each of such Adepts his due by considering firstly what are the historical records about them that

have reached us at this late day and secondly to examine the laws of probability with regard to the said


And at the outset the writer must be allowed a few words in justification of what has to be said.It would

be most unfair to see in these pages,any defiance to or disrespect for the Christian religion -least of all

a desire to wound anyone ’s feelings.The Theosophist believes in neither Divine nor Satanic miracles.At

such a distance of time he can only obtain prima facie evidence and judge of it by the results claimed.

There is neither Saint nor Sorcerer Prophet nor Soothsayer for him;only Adepts,or proficients in the

production of feats of a phenomenal character to be judged by their words and deeds.The only

distinction he is now able to trace depends on the results achieved -on the evidence whether they were

beneficent or maleficent in their character as affecting those for or against whom the powers of the Adept

were used.With the division so arbitrarily made between proficients in “miraculous ”doings of this or that

Religion by their respective followers and advocates,the Occultist cannot and must not be concerned.

The Christian whose Religion commands (Page 110)him to regard Peter and Paul as Saints,and divinely

inspired and glorified Apostles,and to view Simon and Apollonius as Wizards and Necromancers,helped

by and serving the ends of supposed Evil Powers -is quite justified in thus doing if he be a sincere

orthodox Christian.But so also is the Occultist justified if he would serve truth and only truth in rejecting

such a one-sided view.The student of Occultism must belong to no special creed or sect yet he is bound

to show outward respect to every creed and faith if he would become an Adept of the Good Law.He

must not be bound by the prejudged and sectarian opinions of anyone and he has to form his own

opinions and to come to his own conclusions in accordance with the rules of evidence furnished to him

by the Science to which he is devoted.Thus,if the Occultist is,by way of illustration a Buddhist then

while regarding Gautama Buddha as the grandest of all the Adepts that lived and the incarnation of

unselfish love boundless charity and moral goodness,he will regard in the same light Jesus -

proclaiming Him another such incarnation of every divine virtue.He will reverence the memory of the

great Martyr even while refusing to recognise in Him the incarnation on earth of the One Supreme Deity

and the “Very God of Gods ”in Heaven.He will cherish the ideal man for his personal virtues,not for the

claims made on his behalf by fanatical dreamers of the early ages,or by a shrewd calculating Church

and Theology.He will even believe in most of the “assorted miracles,”only explaining them in

accordance with the rules of his own Science and by his psychic discernment.Refusing them the term

“miracle ”-in the theological sense of an event “contrary to the established laws of nature ’ -he will

nevertheless view them as a deviation from the laws known (so far)to Science quite another thing.

Moreover the Occultist will on the prima facie evidence of the Gospels -whether proven or not -class

most of such works as beneficent divine Magic,though he will be justified in regarding such events as

casting out devils into a herd of swine [ Matthew,viii.30-34.] as allegorical and as pernicious to true faith

in their dead-letter sense.This is the view a genuine impartial Occultist would take.And in this respect

even the fanatical Mussulmans who regard Jesus of Nazareth as a great Prophet and show respect to

Him are giving a wholesome lesson in charity to Christians,who teach and accept that “religious

tolerance is impious and absurd ” [ Dogmatic Theology,iii.345.] and who will never refer to the prophet

Page 94.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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of Islam by any other term but that of a “false prophet.”

Christian and Non-Christian Adepts -(Page 111)It is on the principles of Occultism then that Peter and

Simon Paul and Apollonius,will now be examined.

These four Adepts are chosen to appear in these pages with good reason.They are the first in post-

Christian Adeptship -as recorded in profane and sacred writings -to strike the key-note of “miracles,”

that is of psychic and physical phenomena.It is only theological bigotry and intolerance that could so

maliciously and arbitrarily separate the two harmonious parts into two distinct manifestations of Divine

and Satanic Magic,into “godly ” and “ungodly ” works.

Page 95.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Post-Christian Adepts and Their Doctrines

(Page 112)WHAT does the world at large know of Peter and Simon for example?Profane history has no

record of these two while that which the so-called sacred literature tells us of them is scattered about

contained in a few sentences in the Acts .As to the Apocrypha their very name forbids critics to trust to

them for information.The Occultists,however claim that one-sided and prejudiced as they may be the

apocryphal Gospels contain far more historically true events and facts than does the New Testament the

Acts included.The former are crude tradition the latter [the official Gospels ] are an elaborately made up

legend.The sacredness of the New Testament is a question of private belief and of blind faith and while

one is bound to respect the private opinion of one ’s neighbour no one is forced to share it.

Who was Simon Magus,and what is known of him?One learns in the Acts simply that on account of his

remarkable magical Arts he was called “the Great Power of God.” Philip is said to have baptised this

Samaritan;and subsequently he is accused of having offered money to Peter and John to teach him the

power of working true “miracles,” false ones,it is asserted being of the Devil [ viii.9 10.] This is all if we

omit the words of abuse freely used against him for working “miracles ”of the latter kind.Origen mentions

him as having visited Rome during the reign of Nero [ Adv.Celsum.] and Mosheim places him along the

open enemies of Christianity;[ Eccles.Hist.,i.140.] but Occult tradition accuses him of nothing worse

than refusing to recognise “Simeon ” as Vicegerent of God whether that “Simeon ” was Peter or anyone

else being still left an open question with the critics.

Unfair Criticism -(Page 113)That which Irenaeus [Contra Haereses,1.xxiii.1-4.] and Epiphanius [

Comtra Haereses,ii 1-6.] say of Simon Magus -namely that he represented himself as the incarnated

trinity;that in Samaria he was the Father in Judaea the Son and had given himself out to the Gentiles as

the Holy Spirit -is simply backbiting.Times and events change;human nature remains the same and

unaltered under every sky and in every age.The charge is the result and product of the traditional and

now classical odi m theologic m.No Occultists -all of whom have experienced personally more or less,

the effects of theological rancour -will ever believe such things merely on the word of an Irenaeus,if

indeed he ever wrote the words himself.Further on it is narrated of Simon that he took about with him a

woman whom he introduced as Helen of Troy who had passed through a hundred reincarnations,and

who still earlier in the beginning of aeons,was Sophia Divine Wisdom an emanation of his own

(Simon ’s)Eternal Mind when he (Simon)was the “Father ” ;and finally that by her he had “begotten the

Archangels and Angels,by whom this world was created ”etc.

Now we all know to what a degree of transformation and luxuriant growth any bare statement can be

subjected and forced after passing through only half a dozen hands.Moreover all these claims may be

explained and even shown to be true at bottom Simon Magus was a Kabalist and a Mystic,who like so

many other reformers,endeavoured to found a new Religion based on the fundamental teachings of the

Secret Doctrine yet without divulging more than necessary of its mysteries.Why then should not Simon

a Mystic deeply imbued with the fact of serial incarnations (we may leave out the number “one hundred ”

as a very probable exaggeration of his disciples),speak of any one whom he knew psychically as an

incarnation of some heroine of that name and in the way he did -if he ever did so?Do we not find in our

own century some ladies and gentlemen not charlatans but intellectual persons highly honoured in

society whose inner conviction assures them that they were -one Queen Cleopatra another one

Page 96.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Alexander the Great a third Joan of Arc,and who or what not?This is a matter of inner conviction and is

based on more or less familiarity with Occultism and belief in the modern theory of reincarnation.The

latter differs from the one genuine doctrine of old as will be shown but there is no rule without its


(Page 114)As to the Magus being “one with God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Ghost ”this

again is quite reasonable if we admit that a Mystic and Seer has a right to use allegorical language;and

in this case moreover it is quite justified by the doctrine of Universal Unity taught in Esoteric Philosophy.

Every Occultist will say the same on (to him)scientific and logical grounds,in full accordance with the

doctrine he professes.Not a Vedantin but says the same thing daily:he is,of course Brahman and he is

Parabrahman once that he rejects the individuality of his personal spirit and recognizes the Divine Ray

which dwells in his Higher Self as only a reflection of the Universal Spirit.This is the echo in all times and

ages of the primitive doctrine of Emanations.The first Emanation from the Unknown is the “Father [Op

cit.,ii.337.] the second the “Son ”and all and everything proceeds from the One or that Divine Spirit

which is “unknowable.Hence the assertion that by her (Sophia or Minerva the Divine Wisdom)he

(Simon),when yet in the bosom of the Father himself the Father (or the first collective Emanation),begot

the Archangels -the “Son ”-who were the creators of this world.

The Roman Catholics themselves,driven to the wall by the irrefutable arguments of their opponents -the

learned Philologists and Symbologists who pick to shreds Church dogmas and their authorities,and point

out the plurality of the Elohim in the Bible -admit today that the first “creation ”of God the Tsaba or

Archangels,must have participated in the creation of the universe.Might not we suppose:

Although “God alone created the heaven and the earth ”...that however unconnected they

[the angels ] may have been with the primordial ex nihilo creation they may have received a

mission to achieve to continue and to sustain it?[ Op cit.,ii.337.]

exclaims De Mirville in answer to Renan Lacour Maury and the t tti q anti of the French Institute.With

certain alterations it is precisely this which is claimed by the Secret Doctrine.In truth there is not a single

doctrine preached by the many Reformers of the first and the subsequent centuries of our era that did

not base its initial teachings on this universal cosmogony.Consult Mosheim and see what he has to say

of the many “heresies ”he describes.Cerinthus,the Jew

Taught that the Creator of this world ...the Sovereign God of the Jewish people was a

Being ...who derived his birth from the Supreme God;

that this Being moreover

Fell by degrees from his native virtue and primitive dignity.

The Two Eternal Principles -(Page 115)Basildes,Carpocrates and Valentinus,the Egyptian Gnostics of

the second century held the same ideas with a few variations.Basilides preached seven Aeons (Hosts or

Archangels),who issued from the substance of the Supreme.Two of them Power and Wisdom begot

the heavenly hierarchy of the first class and dignity;this emanated a second;the latter a third and so on;

each subsequent evolution being of a nature less exalted than the precedent and each creating for itself

Page 97.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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a Heaven as a dwelling the nature of each of these respective Heavens decreasing in splendour and

purity as it approached nearer to the earth.Thus the number of these Dwellings amounted to 365;and

over all presided the Supreme Unknown called Abraxas,a name which in the Greek method of

numeration yields the number 365 which in its mystic and numerical meaning contains the number 355

or the man value [Ten is the perfect number of the Supreme God among the “manifested ”deities,for

number "I"is the symbol of the Universal Unit or male principle in Nature and a number "0"the feminine

symbol Chaos,the Deep the two forming thus the symbol of Androgyne nature as well as the full value

of the solar year which was also the value of Jehovah and Enoch.Ten with Pythagoras,was the symbol

of the Universe;also of Enos,the Son of Seth or the “Son of Man ” who stands as the symbol of the solar

year of 365 days and whose years are therefore given as 365 also.In the Egyptian Symbology Abraxas

was the Sun the “Lord of the Heavens.”The Circle is the symbol of the one Unmanifesting Principle the

plane of whose figure is infinitude eternally and this is crossed by a diameter only during Manvantaras.]

This was a Gnostic Mystery based upon that of primitive Evolution which ended with “man.”

Saturnilus of Antioch promulgated the same doctrine slightly modified.He taught two eternal principles,

Good and Evil which are simply Spirit and Matter.The seven Angels who preside over the seven Planets

are the Builders of our Universe -a purely Eastern doctrine as Saturnilus was an Asiatic Gnostic.These

Angels are the natural Guardians of the seven Regions of our Planetary System one of the most

powerful among these seven creating Angels of the third order being “Saturn ” the presiding genius of the

Planet and the God of the Hebrew people:namely Jehovah who was venerated among the Jews,and

to whom they dedicated the seventh day or Sabbath Saturday -“Saturn ’s day ” among the Scandinavians

and also among the Hindus.

Marcion who also held the doctrine of the two opposed principles of Good and Evil asserted that there

was a third Deity between the two -one of a “mixed nature ”-the God of the Jews,the Creator (with his

Host)of the lower or our World.Though ever at war with the Evil (Page 116)Principle this intermediate

Being was nevertheless also opposed to the Good Principle whose place and title he coveted.

Thus Simon was only the son of his time a religious Reformer like so many others,and an Adept among

the Kabalists.The Church to which a belief in his actual existence and great powers is a necessity -in

order the better to set off the “miracle ”performed by Peter and his triumph over Simon -extols

unstintingly his wonderful magic feats.On the other hand Scepticism represented by scholars and

learned critics,tries to make away with him altogether.Thus,after denying the very existence of Simon

they have finally thought fit to merge his individuality entirely in that of Paul.The anonymous author of

S pernat ral Religion assiduously endeavoured to prove that by Simon Magus we must understand the

Apostle Paul whose Epistles were secretly as well as openly calumniated and opposed by Peter and

charged with containing “dysnoetic learning.” Indeed this seems more than probable when we think of the

two Apostles and contrast their characters.

The Apostle of the Gentiles was brave outspoken sincere and very learned;the Apostle of

Circumcision cowardly cautious,insincere and very ignorant.That Paul had been partially at

least if not completely initiated into the theurgic mysteries,admits of little doubt.His

language the phraseology so peculiar to the Greek philosophers,certain expressions used

only by the Initiates,are so many sure earmarks to that supposition.Our suspicion has been

strengthened by an able article entitled “Paul and Plato ”by Dr.A.Wilder in which the author

puts forward one remarkable and for us,very precious observation.In the Epistles to the

Page 98.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Corinthians he shows Paul abounding with “expressions suggested by the initiations of

Sabazius and Eleusis,and the lectures of the (Greek)philosophers.He (Paul)designates

himself as idiotes -a person unskilful in the Word but not in the gnosis or philosophical

learning.‘We speak wisdom among the perfect or initiated ’ he writes,even the hidden

wisdom ‘not the wisdom of this world nor of the Archons of this world but divine wisdom in a

mystery secret -which none of the Archons of this world knew.’”[I.Cor.,ii.6-8.]

What else can the Apostle mean by those unequivocal words,but that he himself as

belonging to the Mystae (Initiated),spoke of things shown and explained only in the

Mysteries?The “divine wisdom in a mystery which none of the Archons of this world knew,

has evidently some direct reference to the Basileus of the Eleusinian Initiation who did know.

The Basileus belonged to the staff of the great Hierophant and was an Archon of Athens,and

as such was one of the chief Mystae belonging to the interior Mysteries,to which a very select

and small number obtained an entrance.[ Compare Taylor ’s Ele sinian and Bacchic

Mysteries.] The magistrates supervising the Eleusinia were called Archons.[ Isis Unveiled.ii.


We will deal however first with Simon the Magician.

Page 99.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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Simon and His Biographer Hippolytus

(Page 117)AS shown in our earlier volumes,Simon was a pupil of the Tanaim of Samaria and the

reputation he left behind him together with the title of “the Great Power of God ”testify in favour of the

ability and learning of his Masters.But the Tanaim were Kabalists of the same secret school as John of

the Apocalypse whose careful aim it was to conceal as much as possible the real meaning of the names

in the Mosiac Books.Still the calumnies so jealously disseminated against Simon Magus by the unknown

authors and compilers of the Acts and other writings,could not cripple the truth to such an extent as to

conceal the fact that no Christian could rival him in thaumaturgic deeds.The story told about his falling

during an aerial flight breaking both his legs and then committing suicide is ridiculous.Posterity has

heard but one side of the story.Were the disciples of Simon to have a chance we might perhaps find that

it was Peter who broke his legs.But as against this hypothesis we know that this Apostle was too prudent

ever to venture himself in Rome.On the confession of several ecclesiastical writers,no Apostle ever

performed such “supernatural wonders,” but of course pious people will say this only the more proves

that it was the Devil who worked through Simon.He was accused of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost

only because he introduced as the “Holy Spiritus ”the Men's (Intelligence)or “the Mother of all.” But we

find the same expression used in the Book of Enoch,in which in contradistinction to the “Son of Man ”

he speaks of the “Son of the Woman.”In the Codex of the Nazarenes,and in the Zohar as well as in the

Books of Hermes the same expression is used;and even in the apocryphal Evangeli m of the Hebrews

we read that Jesus admitted the female sex of the Holy Ghost by using the expression “My Mother the

Holy Pneuma.”

(Page 118)After long ages of denial however the actual existence of Simon Magus has been finally

demonstrated whether he was Saul Paul or Simon.A manuscript speaking of him under the last name

has been discovered in Greece and has put a stop to any further speculation.

In his Histoire des Trois Premiers Siecles de L ’Eglise,[ Op.cit.,ii.395.] Pressensé gives his

opinion on this additional relic of early Christianity.Owing to the numerous myths with which the history

of Simon abounds -he says -many Theologians (among Protestants,he ought to have added)have

concluded that it was no better than a clever tissue of legends.But he adds:

It contains positive facts,it seems,now warranted by the unanimous testimony of the Fathers

of the Church and the narrative of Hippolytus recently discovered.[ Quoted by De Mirville.Op

cit.,vi.41 and 42.]

This very far from being complimentary to the alleged founder of Western Gnosticism.While

recognizing great powers in Simon it brands him as a priest of Satan -which is quite enough to show

that it was written by a Christian.It also shows that like another servant “of the Evil One ”-as Manes is

called by the Church -Simon was a baptised Christian;but that both being too well versed in the

mysteries of true primitive Christianity were persecuted for it.The secret of such persecution was then

as it is now quite transparent to those who study the question impartially.Seeking to preserve his

independence Simon could not submit to the leadership or authority of any of the Apostles,least of all to

that of either Peter or John the fanatical author of the Apocalypse.Hence charges of heresy followed by

“anathema maranatha.”The persecutions by the Church were never directed against Magic,when it was

Page 100.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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orthodox;for the new Theurgy established and regulated by the Fathers,now known to Christendom as

“grace ”and “miracles,”was and is still when it does happen only Magic -whether conscious or

unconscious.Such phenomena as have passed to posterity under the name of “divine miracles ”were

produced though powers acquired by great purity of life and ecstacy.Prayer and contemplation added to

asceticism are the best means of discipline in order to become a Theurgist where there is no regular

initiation.For intense prayer for the accomplishment of some object is only intense will and desire

resulting in unconscious Magic.In our own day George Muller of Bristol has proved it.But “divine

miracles ”are produced by the same causes that generate effects of Sorcery.

Uneven Balances -(Page 119)The whole difference rests on the good or evil effects aimed at and on the

actor who produces them.The thunders of the Church were directed only against those who dissented

from the formulae and attributed to themselves the production of certain marvellous effects,instead of

fathering them on a personal God;and thus while those Adepts in Magic Arts who acted under her direct

instructions and auspices were proclaimed to posterity and history as saints and friends of God all others

were hooted out of the Church and sentenced to eternal calumny and curses from their day to this.

Dogma and authority have ever been the curse of humanity the great extinguishers of light and truth.[

Mr.St.George Lane-Fox has admirably expressed the idea in his eloquent appeal to the many rival

schools and societies in India.“ I feel sure ”he said “that the prime motive however dimly perceived by

which you as the promoters of these movements,were actuated was a revolt against the tyrannical and

almost universal establishment throughout all existing social and so-called religious institutions of a

usurped authority in some external form supplanting and obscuring the only real and ultimate authority

the indwelling spirit of truth revealed to each individual soul true conscience in fact that supreme source

of all human wisdom and power which elevates man above the level of the brute.”(To the Members of

the Aryan Samâj,the Theosophical Society,Brahmo and Hind Samaj and other Religio s and

Progressive Societies in India.)]

It was perhaps the recognition of a germ of that which later on in the then nascent Church grew into the

virus of insatiate power and ambition culminating finally in the dogma of infallibility that forced Simon

and so many others,to break away from her at her very birth.Sects and dissensions began with the first

century.While Paul rebukes Peter to his face John slanders under the veil of vision the Nicolaitans,and

makes Jesus declare that he hates them.[Revelation,ii.6.] Therefore we pay little attention to the

accusations against Simon in the MS.found in Greece.

It is entitled Philosoph mena .Its author regarded as Saint Hippolytus by the Greek Church is referred to

as an “unknown heretic ”by the Papists only because he speaks in it “very slanderously ” of Pope

Callistus,also a Saint.Nevertheless,Greeks and Latins agree in declaring the Philosoph mena to be an

extraordinary and very erudite work.Its antiquity and genuineness have been vouched for by the best

authorities of Tubingen.

Whoever the author may have been he expresses himself about Simon in this wise:

Simon a man well versed in magic arts,deceived many persons partly by the (Page 120)art of

Thrasymedes,[This “art ”is not common jugglery as some define it now:it ’s a kind of

psychological jugglery if jugglery at all where fascination and glamour are used as means of

producing illusions.It is hypnotism on a large scale.] and partly with the help of demons.[ The

Page 101.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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author asserts in this his Christian persuasion.]...He determined to pass himself off as a

god...Aided by his wicked arts,he turned to profit not only the teachings of Moses,but those

of the poets ...His disciples use to this day his charms.Thanks to incantations,to philtres,to

their attractive caresses [ Magnetic passes,evidently followed by a trance and sleep.] and

what they call “sleeps,”they send demons to influence all those whom they would fascinate.

With this object they employ what they call “familiar demons.”[ “Elementals ”used by the

highest Adept to do mechanical not intellectual work as a physicist uses gases and other


Further on the MS.reads:

The Magus (Simon)made those who wished to enquire of the demon write what their

question was on a leaf of parchment;this,folded in four was thrown into a burning brazier in

order that the smoke should reveal the contents of the writing to the Spirit (demon)(Philos.,IV.

IV.)Incense was thrown by handfuls on the blazing coals,the Magus adding on pieces of

papyrus,the Hebrew names of the Spirits he was addressing and the flame devoured all.

Very soon the divine Spirit seemed to overwhelm the Magician who uttered unintelligible

invocations,and plunged in such a state he answered every question -phantasmal apparitions

being often raised over the flaming brazier (ibid .iii.);at other times fire descended from

heaven upon objects previously pointed out by the Magician (ibid.);or again the deity evoked

crossing the room would trace fiery orbs in its flight.(ibid .ix.).[Quoted from De Mirville.


So far the above statements agree with those of Anastasius the Sinaïte:

People saw Simon causing statues to walk;precipitating himself into the flames without being

burnt;metamorphosing his body into that of various animals [lycanthropy ];raising at banquets

phantoms and spectres;ca sing the f rnit re in the rooms to move abo t,by invisible spirits .

He gave out that he was escorted by a number of shades to whom he gave the name of “souls

of the dead.”Finally he used to fly in the air ...(Anast.Patrol,Grecq e,vol.lxxxix.col.523

quaest.xx.).[ Ibid.,vi.45 .]

Suetonius says in his Nero,

In those days an Icarus fell at his first ascent near Nero ’s box and covered it with his blood.[


This sentence referring evidently to some unfortunate acrobat who missed his footing and tumbled is

brought forward as a proof that it was Simon who fell.[ Amédée Fleury.Rapports de St.Pa l avec

Sénèq e.ii.100.The whole of this is summarised from De Mirville.]

Stones as “Evidences.”-(Page 121)But the latter ’s name is surely too famous,if one must credit the

Church Fathers,for the historian to have mentioned him simply as “an Icarus.” The writer is quite aware

that there exists in Rome a locality names Simonium near the Church of SS.Cosmas and Daimanus

(Via Sacra),and the ruins of the ancient temple of Romulus,where the broken pieces of a stone on

Page 102.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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which it is alleged the two knees of the Apostle Peter were impressed in thanksgiving after his supposed

victory over Simon are shown to this day.But what does this exhibition amount to?For the broken

fragments of one stone the Buddhists of Ceylon show a whole rock on Adam ’s Peak with another imprint

upon it.A crag stands upon its platform a terrace of which supports a huge boulder and on the boulder

rests for nearly three thousand years the sacred footprint of a foot five feet long.Why not credit the

legend of the latter if we have to accept that of St.Peter?“Prince of Apostles,”or “Prince of Reformers,”

or even the “First-born of Satan ”as Simon is called all are entitled to legends and fictions.One may be

allowed to discriminate however.

That Simon could fly i.e.,raise himself in the air for a few minutes,is no impossibility.Modern mediums

have performed the same feat supported by a force that Spiritualists persist in calling “spirits.”But if

Simon did so it was with the help of a self-acquired blind power that heeds little the prayers and

commands of rival Adepts,let alone Saints.The fact is that logic is against the supposed fall of Simon at

the prayer of Peter.For had he been defeated publicly by the Apostle his disciples would have

abandoned him after such an evident sign of inferiority and would have become orthodox Christians.But

we find even the author of Philosoph mena,just such a Christian showing otherwise.Simon had lost so

little credit with his pupils and the masses,that he went on daily preaching in the Roman Campania after

his supposed fall from the clouds “far above the Capitolium ”in which fall he broke his legs only!Such a

lucky fall is in itself sufficiently miraculous,one would say.

Page 103.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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St.Paul the Real Founder of Present Christianity

(Page 122)We may repeat with the author of Phallicism:

We are all for construction -even for Christian,although of course philosophical construction.

We have nothing to do with reality in man ’s limited mechanical scientific sense or with

realism .We have undertaken to show that mysticism is the very life and soul of religion;[ But

we can never agree with the author “that rites and ritual and formal worship and prayers are of

absolute necessity of things,”for the external can develop and grow and receive worship only

at the expense of and to the detriment of the internal the only real and true.]...that the

Bible is only misread and misrepresented when rejected as advancing supposed fab lo s and

contradictory things;that Moses did not make mistakes,but spoke to the “children of men ”in

the only way in which children in their nonage can be addressed;that the world is indeed a

very different place from that which it is assumed to be;that what is derided as superstition is

the only true and the only scientific knowledge and moreover that modern knowledge and

modern science are to a great extent not only superstition,but superstition of a very

destructive and deadly kind.[ H.Jennings,op.cit.,pp.37.38.]

All this is perfectly true and correct.But it is also true that the New Testament the Acts and the Epistles -

however much the historical figure of Jesus may be true -all are symbolical and allegorical sayings,and

that “it was not Jesus but Paul who was the real founder of Christianity;”[See Isis Unveiled ii.574.] but it

was not the official Church Christianity at any rate.“The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch ”

the Acts of the Apostles tell us,[ xi.26.] and they were not so called before nor for a long time after but

simply Nazarenes.

This view is found in more than one writer of the present and the past centuries.But hitherto it has

always been laid aside as an unproven hypothesis,a blasphemous assumption;though as the author of

Pa l,the Fo nder of Christianity [Art by Dr.A.Wilder in Evol tion .] truly says:

Abrogation of Law by Initiates -

(Page 123)Such men as Irenaeus,Epiphanius and Eusebius have transmitted to posterity a

reputation for such untruth and dishonest practices that the heart sickens at the story of the

crimes of that period.

The more so since the whole Christian scheme rests upon their sayings.But we find now another

corroboration and this time on the perfect reading of biblical glyphs.In The So rce of Measures we find

the following:

It must be borne in mind that our present Christianity is Pa line,not Jesus.Jesus,in his life

was a Jew conforming to the law;even more He says:“The scribes and pharisees sit in

Moses ’ seat;whatsoever therefore they command you to do that observe and do.”And again:

“ I did not come to destroy but to fulfil the law ”Therefore he was under the law to the day of

Page 104.

The Secret Doctrine Volume 3 by H.P.Blavatsky

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his death and could not while in life abrogate one jot or title of it.He was circumcised and

commanded circumcision.But Paul said of circumcision that it availed nothing and he (Paul)

abrogated the law.Sa l and Pa l -that is,Saul under the law and Paul freed from the

obligations of the law -were in one man but parallelisms in the flesh of Jesus the man under

the law as observing it who thus died in Chrestos and arose freed from its obligations,in the

spirit world as Christos,or the triumphant Christ.It was the Christ who was freed but Christ

was the Spirit.Saul in the flesh was the function of and parallel of Chrestos.Paul in the flesh

was the function and parallel of Jesus become Christ in the spirit as an early reality to answer

to and act for the apotheosis;and so armed with all authority in the flesh to abrogate human

law.[ Op.cit.,p.262.]

The real reason why Paul is shown as “abrogating the law ” can be found only in India where to this day

the most ancient customs and privileges are preserved in all their purity notwithstanding the abuse<