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Early Years


Mr Morgan Edward Thomas

First Theosophist in Wales 1889


Early Cardiff Theosophy Flyer

Cardiff Lodge Meetings and Lectures were held at various venues in

the Cardiff area and a new lodge in Penarth was established in 1915.

Only being a few miles apart, care was taken that Cardiff and Penarth

programmes did not clash and many members attended both Lodges.

The two Lodges eventually merged back into one during the 1930s


Foundation of Cardiff Lodge 1911



Miss E Edwards (left) and her aunt at the

1923 European Theosophical Congress in Vienna

Miss Edwards was a founder member of the

St David’s Lodge, Bangor in 1921.


Early Years in North Wales


C Jinarajadasa Proclaims

India’s Loyalty to the Empire.

Cardiff October 1916


Life after Death & Reincarnation

The Aftermath of the Somme


Welsh Theosophists Protest Against

Internment of Annie Besant 1917


Welsh Theosophy moves into

 10 Park Place, Cardiff 1917


The Establishment of a Separate

Theosophical Society in Wales

The Welsh National Society

of the Theosophical Society

1922 - 1990



Cardiff Theosophists, Miss Elizabeth Claudia-Owen

and Miss M foy at the 1923 European Theosophical

Congress in Vienna. Miss Claudia-Owen was active in

Theosophy until the 1960s.



Cardiff Theosophists visit England in style

The 1923 Cardiff Lodge outing to Cheddar

Cardiff Lodge President, Peter Freeman is sitting on

the backrest at the very back of the coach


Annie Besant Visits Cardiff



Annie Besant (International President), Peter Freeman

(Cardiff Lodge President) and an army of Theosophists at

Shrewsbury Railway Station on their way to visit Shrewsbury Lodge.

Although in England, Shrewsbury Lodge had decided to

become part of the Wales Grouping.


Charitable Works for the Children

of Hungary & Wales 1924



Cardiff Theosophical Society outing on June 28th 1924

to Porthkerry Park marking the 3rd anniversary of the

foundation of Annie Besant’s Order of the Star in Wales.

The schoolboy in the cap (bottom left) is the Legendary

Cardiff Theosophist Charles James, aged 11 at the time.


Peter Freeman meets

Ramsey MacDonald

Cardiff 1924


Welsh Theosophists Learn

Esperanto 1926


Welsh Theosophy and

“The League of Prohibition

of Cruel Sports”



Wanda Dynowska, TS in Poland

Lectures in Cardiff 1927


The Reincarnation Campaign

1927 - 30




December 1927, outside the Cardiff Theosophical Headquarters

at Park Place. Cardiff Lodge President, Peter Freeman is standing

on the right. A passer by signs the petition for the reprieve against

execution of Doris Williams whose hanging for murder is imminent.

She was found guilty of murdering her illegitimate child after 2 trials.

The Home Secretary granted a reprieve on December 20th 1927.

The normal time between sentence and execution was about 3 weeks,

so campaigners had to be pretty quick off the mark.



Theosophists against

The Death Penalty 1928


Theosophical Order of Service 1929


The Theosophical Branch of the

League of Nations Union 1929


The National Publicity Committee 1930


Cardiff Lodge’s Hike of the Century

May 9th 1931


Tribute to Mr Davies of Deri



“Let the Light Shine”

Message of Hope 1932


Billboard Advertising 1935


Theosophists’ Wide Range

of Interests 1935 -36


Welsh Theosophy and the

Escalating World Crisis 1936


Welsh Theosophy presents

A Charter of Human Rights 1936


Cardiff Lodge President

Meets King Edward VIII

November 1936


1938 – 39 Welsh Theosophy

and the Build Up to War


Peter Freeman’s

Mission to Europe 1939


Letter to Welsh Theosophists

September 1939


Letter to Welsh Theosophists

As Britain Stands Alone, June 1940


Welsh Theosophy Asserts That

Fascism Can Be Defeated July 1940


Wales & The Blitz


During World War II 355 people were killed by bombing in Cardiff.

Large areas around the docks and part of city centre were destroyed.

Newport, Swansea and industrial targets along the South Wales Coast

were also bombed


Winston Churchill visits Swansea after the

devastating bombing raid of February 1941


Between 19-21 February 1941, Swansea endured three nights of

heavy bombing, which claimed 230 lives, injured over 400 people,

and destroyed not only a substantial section of the town centre,

but parts of Townhill, Manselton and Brynhyfryd.



Winston Churchill visiting Cardiff Royal Infirmary on April 14th 1941

after heavy bombing in Cardiff and Newport. The nurses’ hostel on

Newport Road, Cardiff was destroyed on January 2nd 1941 but there

were no injuries as all the nurses were on duty dealing with the

casualties of the Blitz. The infirmary itself was damaged and for a

time was reduced to operating as a casualty clearing station.



Hitler couldn’t stop Theosophy (but he a had a damned good try).

The 1941 European Theosophical Congress held in

Cardiff, 10 – 15th April, under very difficult circumstances.


T.S. European Congress

Cardiff 1941

Theosophical business as usual despite the war



Theosophy and Winston Churchill just around the corner.

Winston Churchill visited many parts of Cardiff on April 14th 1941 and

here he is with the Air Raid Wardens outside City Hall only 200 yards

from the European Theosophical Congress venue at Park Place.

Theosophists took the opportunity to come out to see the Prime Minister.


Wartime Permits required for

The 1941 T.S. European Congress


Theosophists’ Where to Stay Guide



This was the scene, on January 3rd 1941 after a bombing raid, outside

what later became Cardiff Theosophical Society Headquarters.

The Society Building at 206 Newport Road is just to the left of the picture.


The raid involving an estimated 100 bombers began at 6.57 PM on

January 2nd and the all clear was not sounded until 4.50 AM on January 3rd.

103 people were killed and 320 injured. The city suffered extensive damage



Severe Wartime Restrictions

for the 1942 - 45 Annual Conventions



After a six and a half year engagement, Charles and Ada James

finally tie the knot on Friday March 29th 1946 in the Netherlands

at the Groote Kerk te Haarlem (Haarlem Protestant Cathedral)

During the war Charles was a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps

in India and Ada (nee Maarschalk) spent the war in the Netherlands.

Charles had to ask his commanding officer for permission to marry.


A Boom in Study Groups

1948 -1953


(Refugee) Camp Adoption

Scheme 1954


Charles James Compiles

A Vegetarian Eating Out List 1955


The Death of Peter Freeman

May 1956


The Tape Recorder Saga of 1956


Lone Theosophist Behind

The Iron Curtain 1957


The 1960s and a Less Formal Society


Charles & Ada James

Revive the Study Group 1967


T.S. in Wales Moves to

Current Headquarters 1973


Emphasis on Serious Study 1983


“Winds of the Spirit”

Study Group 1983


Sunday Meditation Group

Started 1987 and still going




Charles and Ada James in 1993 at Cardiff Theosophical Society

Charles cuts his 80th Birthday Cake while

a rogue balloon floats towards him



The Divine Plan Study Group

1993 - 96


Healing Weekend 1995


Douglas Baker

Esoteric Healing March 1996


The Deity, Cosmos and Man

Study Group 1998 - 99


Charity Book Stall

Started 1999


Charles James 1913 -2000.

A driving force behind Theosophy in Cardiff



Cardiff Theosophists outside Chalice Well, Glastonbury in 2005



Good weather for the Theosophy Cardiff 2006 Garden Party



Braving the Elements

Cardiff Theosophists On Tour at Avebury, Wiltshire August 2007



The White Poppy Meditation is part of Cardiff Theosophical Society’s

contribution to the Theosophical Order of Service


The White Poppy Meditation

for World Peace

Armistice Day, Sunday November 11th 2007


Colwyn Bay Theosophist

makes it to 100

Ellen Edgar celebrated her 100th birthday on

February 15th 2008


Theosophy Cardiff leaves the

Welsh Regional Association (Formed 1993)

Letter of Separation, March 2008



Cardiff Theosophists visiting Caerleon in Gwent, South Wales

 July 2008


Theosophy Cardiff

President’s Report 2008


Welsh Regional Association

Windfall in 2009 Heralds a Revival

Of Theosophical Activity in

Bangor, Conwy & Swansea.



Theosophy Cardiff Garden Party July 2009

With the temperature in the 80s Fahrenheit, 23 party goers

enjoyed an afternoon in the garden



Theosophy Cardiff Resigns its Affiliation

To the Adyar Based Theosophical Society

March 2010

Letter of resignation sent to International President, Radha Burnier





Pages About Wales


Theosophy and the Great War


A General History of Wales


Chronology of Wales and the Celtic Tradition


A One Minute History of Cardiff


Cardiff History


History of Swansea / Abertawe


Saint David


Celtic Christianity


The Druids


Glossary of Welsh Mythology


Caldey Island

Ynys Byr


Llandaff Cathedral



Cardiff Castle


History of Llandudno

Birthplace of Dion Fortune


History of

Ebbw Vale / Glyn Ebwy


History of Welsh Coal Mining


Conwy Castle


History of Bangor


A Guide to Snowdon

The Highest Mountain in Wales at 3,650 ft.

On exceptionally clear days, Ireland, Northern Ireland,

Scotland, England and Wales are all visible

from the Summit of Snowdon, as well as 24 counties,

 29 lakes and 17 islands.


History of

Wrexham / Wrecsam


History of

Ruthin / Rhuthun



Cardiff Theosophical Society

206 Newport Road,

Cardiff, Wales, UK, CF24 -1DL



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No Aardvarks were harmed in the

preparation of this Website


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Tekels Park


Concerns about the fate of the wildlife as

Tekels Park is to be Sold to a Developer


Concerns are raised about the fate of the wildlife as

The Spiritual Retreat, Tekels Park in Camberley,

Surrey, England is to be sold to a developer.


Tekels Park is a 50 acre woodland park, purchased

 for the Adyar Theosophical Society in England in 1929.

In addition to concern about the park, many are

 worried about the future of the Tekels Park Deer

as they are not a protected species.


Anyone planning a “Spiritual” stay at the

Tekels Park Guest House should be aware of the sale.





A Text Book of Theosophy

Charles Webster Leadbeater


What Theosophy Is  From the Absolute to Man


The Formation of a Solar System  The Evolution of Life


The Constitution of Man  After Death  Reincarnation


The Purpose of Life  The Planetary Chains


The Result of Theosophical Study



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